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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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X-Stand Banners

Attractive and durable tool to showcase your message with fade-resistant graphics and an easy-to-install mechanism for indoor and outdoor use.
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Custom Size:

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X-Stand Banners 

Get your message through with top-quality x-stand banners. Showcase special offers or list your services while displaying your x-stand banner at any venue. 

X-banners are lightweight and portable. As the name suggests, the support mechanism of custom x-stand banners resembles the shape of the letter X. Similar to retractable banners, you can keep the stand of your x-frame banner and replace the graphics later on. Remember to deselect the stand when ordering the image portion of your x-stand banner.

X-Stand Banner - An Easy-to-Set-up Promotional Tool

X-banner installation guide in three steps

An easy-to-install mechanism allows you to set up x-stand banners within a minute. x-banners don’t require any tools for installation. Check out our x-stand banner installation guide for details.

Order x-frame signs from Square Signs with shipping all across the USA and Canada.

Discount Chart of X-Stand Banners

Get two or more x-frame banners and benefit from discounted rates. The prices below correspond to 24”x63” size x-stand banners with the hardware and carry case.

Number of Pieces 

Discount Rate 

Price of Each 

Total Price

2 pcs

7% OFF

$77.36 $83.18

$154.72 $166.36

7 pcs

11% OFF

$74.03 $83.18

$518.21 $582.26

20 pcs

17% OFF

$69.04 $83.18

$1,380.8 $1,663.6

50 pcs

22% OFF

$64.88 $83.18

$3,244 $4,159

100 pcs

26% OFF

$61.55 $83.18

$6,155 $8,318

500 pcs

29% OFF

$59.06 $83.18

$29,530 $41,590

Applications of X-Frame Banners

X-banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Read on to learn about common applications of x-frame signs.

Event and Trade Show X-Stand Signs

X-stand banners are budget-friendly promotional solutions popular for trade shows. X-banners occupy little space and capture attention with HD graphics. 

Retail X-Stand Banners

Perfect for temporary use, x-banners are suitable for promotions and marketing campaigns. Share seasonal offers and product launches with attractive x-frame banners. 

Custom X-Stand Banners

Custom x-stand banners serve various purposes. In office lobbies for instance, personalized x-stand signs can present your company’s services or give directions.

Main Features of X- Banners

X-Frame Sign Material

X-stand signs are composed of durable graphics and a sturdy aluminum stand. The vinyl material of an x-stand banner comes in white rolls that can be printed in full color.

X-Banner Printing

We use genuine inks and top-quality UV-curing printers for x-banners to make them sun resistant. Create an x-banner design online using modifiable templates or upload your own image file.

X-Stand Sign Sizes

different size options of x-stand banners with graphics

Custom x-stand banners are available in two sizes: 24″x63″ and 32″x72″. Consider the large x-banner if you have a lot to present.

Comparison Chart Of X-Stand Banners

The table below presents how an x-stand banner compares to other products.


X-Stand Banners

Step And Repeat Banners

Pop Up Displays

Vinyl Banners







24″x63″, 32″x72″

96”x96”, 96”x108”, 96”x120”

89”W x 89”H x 12"D, 118”W x 89”H x 12"D

12”x12” - 120”x1,680”

Lifespan (Indoor/


10+ / 3+ years

3+ / 1+ years

15+ years / N/A 

5+ / 3+ years


X-Stand Banner FAQ

What are custom X-stand banners?

The x-stand banner is a promotional tool consisting of a switchable vinyl face and collapsible aluminum frame. The x-shaped stand of a tripod x-banner is easy to arrange and holds grommeted graphics. 

Where can I use these graphics?

Custom x-stand banners are popular tools at trade shows. X-banners are great for temporary indoor and outdoor use. X-frame banners are ideal for seasonal promotions. The lightweight construction allows you to take your x-stand banner anywhere! 

How to maintain X-stand banners?

Clean with a soft cloth and pack your tripod banner into its carry case when not in use. Roll your x-frame banners instead of folding to prevent the material from creasing.

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