X Stand Banners

X-stand Banners

Make your brand impossible-to-walk-by at trade shows & events with this versatile, fully-customizable advertising tool.

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Specifications of X-stand Banners

Graphic Size: 24″x63″, 32″x72″ Printing: Digital prints with quality, sun-resistant UV inks
Banner material: 13 oz. Vinyl and 0.02" thick Carry bag:  Nylon Bag, with shoulder strap
Base Footprint: 25.5" x 28.25" (for 24″x63″) Setup Time: Easy! 1-3min
Frame Weight: 2.5 lbs Usage indoors: 10+ years
Features: Ideal to place in the corners of a booth, has high accent on Vinyl Graphics Usage outdoors: 3+ years
Construction: Aluminum Tripod Base, 2 Fiberglass Top Poles with hooks, Free-standing, self-supportive

What are X stand Banners?

X Banner Stand got its name, as when displayed, the construction has an X shape. The Banner Stand is designed to hold the Vinyl Graphics with the help of grommets. Due to its tripod base, it can be displayed in the corner of your booth or showroom taking minimal space but still provide highly visible graphics. With the accent on the graphics it’s a good option for large advertising campaigns to place them in many locations at a time. X- frame Stand is ideal for product or service promotions and launches.

Where to use X-banner Stands?

X-stand Banner is used for both interior and exterior applications. It’s a one of its kind type of a banner with a strong accent on the graphics used at conferences, tradeshows, expos and presentations. As the Vinyl Graphics can be easily changed, it is also used for seasonal promotions and events, temporary, directional or decorative signage. The lightweight construction allows to take it with you to business trips, presentation tours and elsewhere!

What is the difference between X-Stand Banner and Retractable Banner?

X Banner Stand has a tripod base and a separate Vinyl Graphics with punched grommet holes. X Stand has 4 arms with hooks, which keep the vinyl graphics under tension. It takes more space, but ideal to place at the corners of a booth. The Retractable Banner has a spring roll system and a supporting pole that holds the Vinyl Graphics under tension. Retractable Roll Ups can be one sided or double sided.

How to install X-banner Stand?

X- stand Banners are extremely lightweight and highly portable. No tools are needed to set them up or take down. It takes less than a minute to set the banner, checked with stopwatch! The X Banner comes in three parts. The tripod construction – the base, the graphics and two arms with hooks. Secure the tripod base on a level ground, insert the arms with hooks facing forward, and literally hang the Vinyl Graphics onto the hooks of the arms and legs.

How to maintain X-Banner Stand?

As X Banner Stand come with a carry case, it is recommended to pack up the banner when not in use. Roll up nicely for the Vinyl Banner not to wrinkle or crease. In case of wrinkles, we recommend to place the banner under direct sun for 1-2 hours to restore its initial look. In case you cleaned the Vinyl Banner with a damp cloth, make sure to let it dry completely before storage.

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