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Window Decals

Window Decals

Highly adhesive - awe-inspiring window promotional graphics to enhance the look of your brand. Drive more traffic with affordable but highly alluring decals.

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Installation of Window Decals

Dry mounting application

Dry mounting is the quickest way to attach your decals but making mistakes with this option is quite easy. Be sure to get the right measurements prior to application and get someone to help if necessary.

Step 1: Before applying the graphics, make sure the surface is clean for smooth application.

Step 2:Slowly peel off the backing paper of the decal.

Step 3:Now, apply the decal to your desired area.

Step 4:Flatten the decal with a squeegee or a plastic card to get rid of all the air bubbles.

Step 6:For a smoother finish, go over the decal a few times until you are satisfied with the result.

Dry application for large window decals

Required tools: Squeegee (you can also use a credit card or similar item but be careful not to damage the decal), scissors and masking tape.

Step 1:Put the decal on the surface, with the backing paper still on.

Step 2:Take the masking tape and place a strip down the center of the decal to hold it in place.

Step 3:Step back and check if you’re satisfied with the position to proceed with the application.

Step 4:Take one side of the decal and gently peel the backing paper off. Stop when you reach the center tape line.

Step 5:Use scissors to cut the loose backing paper.

Step 6:Carefully place the exposed decal against the surface and even it out with a squeegee. Take your time to carefully remove all the air bubbles.

Step 7:Once the first half is applied, remove the masking tape that you used to secure the decal in its place.

Step 8: Lift the unattached part and slowly peel off the remaining backing paper.

Step 9:Apply the rest of the decal to the surface with the same technique. Squeegee over the entire decal in all directions to get rid of air bubbles.

We are done!

Wet-mounting application

This type of application is perfect for a smooth finish. If you mess up during the process, the water will help to easily reposition the decal.

Step 1: Before the application, take a damp towel and thoroughly clean the area of application. For glass surfaces, use liquid glass cleaner to get rid of all dust particles. Afterwards, dry the area or else the material will not adhere to the surface.

Step 2:Take a spray bottle of soapy water and spray it onto the application surface.

Step 3:Take the decal and peel off the backing paper.

Step 4: Next, spray the soapy water onto the adhesive part of the decal to allow for repositioning during application if needed.

Step 5:Position the decal over your desired area of application.

Step 6:When satisfied with the position, start applying the decal to the surface.

Step 7:Flatten it out with a squeegee or a plastic card. Make sure there are no air bubbles under the decal.

Step 8: Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface and smooth down the decal one last time.

If during the process of application you want to reposition the decal, quickly peel it off and apply it back onto the desired area. Add more soap water if needed.

Download our PDF installation guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply window decals. Installation guides are available for all our products. Each guide provides precise information on the hardware and techniques required for application.

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