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Ultra board signsUltra board signs
Custom ultra board printingCustom ultra board printing
Hair salon ultra board signHair salon ultra board sign
Restaurant ultra board signRestaurant ultra board sign
Ultra board signs
Ultra board signsUltra board signs

Ultra Board Signs

Ultra board signs are an excellent choice for indoor usage. They’re lightweight, durable and resistant to cracking.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

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Installation Of Ultra Board Signs

Choose a level surface along with the mounting method that best suits your needs and install it using these simple instructions.

Installation With Command Strips

Command strips are the best option for direct mounting without visible hardware.

Step 1: Remove the cover from the adhesive part on one side of the strips.

Step 2: Apply the strips with the exposed adhesives to the back of your display.

Step 3: Remove the cover from the other side of the adhesives on the strips.

Step 4: Attach your display to the wall by pressing the areas with strips against it.

Step 5: Grab the base of the display and gently pull it away from the wall.

Step 6: Unbind the command stips from each other and set the product aside.

Step 6: Allow the strips to bind to their respective surfaces for at least one hour.

Step 7: Attach your display back onto the surface by reattaching the strips.


Installation With Suction Cup & Hook

This option only works for mounting on glass and other similar surfaces. 

Step 1: Mark the area of application with two level dots.

Step 2: Apply the suction cups onto the designated spots.

Step 3: Squeeze the air out of them by pressing against the glass.

Step 4: Pass the hooks through the holes on the product to hang it.


Installation With Easel Backs

Choose easel backs to display the product on flat surfaces like countertops.

Step 1: Take the easel back and fold the wings to open the pre-dotted sections.

Step 2: Fold the circular easel stabilizers to secure the easel wings into their slots.

Step 3: Remove the tape covers from the stickers on the easel backs.

Step 4: Attach the easel backs to both sides of the display.

Step 5: Press and hold the easel backs for a few seconds to make sure they’re secure.

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