Reflective Aluminum Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Provide 24/7 visibility - used for regulatory and warning signs. Rust proof Aluminum sign surface overlaid with durable- fade-resistant Reflective Vinyl.

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There are a variety of ways to install your Reflective Aluminum Sign. The sign can be wall mounted on concrete, brick, solid wall, another metal, fences and other surfaces using adhesives – command strips, standoffs, hanging clips or suction cups. Make sure you use drilled holes in the sign to hang it with ropes, chains, hooks or fix in place with other fasteners.

Reflective Aluminum sign installation with command Strips

Step 1: Take two strips and press them on each other until they snap.

Step 2: Remove the red liner from the back of the strip and apply it to the back of the sign.

Step 3: Remove the red liner from the other strip meant for the wall.

Step 4: Repeat the same action with the other strip(s).

Step 5: Adhere the sign to the surface and then remove it lifting from the bottom and easing away from the background. Thumb the fastener to the wall for 30 seconds and leave for an hour.

Step 6: Re-apply the sign and have it ready.

Reflective Aluminum Sign installation with zip ties

Step 1: Wrap the zip tie around the application surface clips looking outwards.

Step 2: Position the sign from top corners and slowly push the zip tie.

Step 3: Make sure that the sign is level and finally zip it in place.

Reflective Aluminum Sign installation with standoffs

Step 1: Check the spacing before drilling holes into the wall, mark them to drill.

Step 2: Drill out all the holes and insert the wall plugs.

Step 3: Screw the standoff body through the wall plug.

Step 4: Insert the Reflective Aluminum Sign through the Standoff head.

Reflective Aluminum Sign installation with hanging clips

Step 1: Make sure the hanging clips are meant for your sign and that the hanging system is strong enough to hold the sign.

Step 2: Connect the hanging clips to top corners of the sign.

Step 3: Hang the sign from the hanging system.

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