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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

Regardless of the weather, get your message across with wind and fade-resistant mesh banners designed for large scale outdoor advertising

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

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Specifications of Mesh Banners




Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks


9 oz/sqyd

Printing options:

Single-sided printing

Min. size:




Max. size:


Usage outdoors:

3-4 years, depending on weather conditions

Common Sizes:

24”x36”, 36”x54”, 48"x72", 60”x90”, can be customized

Usage indoors:

10+ years


Through grommets with zip ties, nylon ropes, bungees, hanging clips or pole pockets



What is a mesh banner?

Mesh banners are weather-resistant signs, generally used for outdoor advertising. Mesh banners have large graphics to draw the attention of the target audience from a great distance. They’re mostly used during open venue events and product promotions. The material itself is wind and sun resistant.

Where to use mesh banners?

Being an outdoor advertisement tool, mesh banners are perfectly suited for outdoor concerts, street advertising, outdoor festivals, celebrations and events. Mesh banners are recommended to have large fonts and vivid visual graphics to direct customers towards your venue from a long distance. Choose attractive visuals and short texts to make sure your customers receive your message in the most creative way!

What are the advantages of mesh banners?

These banners are wind and rain resistant, so they don’t shatter or tear, and they let through 70% of sunlight. They’re also sound resistant,  which means they can be displayed in front of speakers without damaging the technology. These banners are a good fit for theatrical decorations or TV backdrops.

How to install mesh banners?

Mesh banners come with grommets or pole pockets. Depending on the banner size,  the numbers of grommets which can be fixed on it can differ. We offer different hanging mechanisms and installation options, so please read them in the installation section.

How to maintain mesh banners?

You can forget about your sign once installed. Being an outdoor sign, mesh banners are good-to-go right after installation.

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