Foamboard Signs

Foamboard Signs

Get the best out of the two worlds a professional, catchy, sharp look combined with super light weight

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Foam Board Signs

Foam board signs are an inexpensive solution for decorating the walls of your home or office. Foam board material is ecologically friendly so you can use it to decorate even children’s rooms or classrooms with no worries.

Foamboard is a lightweight material which has a foam core bonded between two clay-coated papers. Signs made of foam board are portable and easy to store when you’re done with them.

The boards are a great way to showcase artwork and high quality photographs. The color vividness and exceptional density of these graphic prints will take your breath away.

Among the common uses of foam board are school projects, trade show and expo promotional displays, point-of-purchase signage, art exhibits... you name it!

With advanced cutting technology, we’re able to cut the foam board with clear-cut edges. For printing, we use only high-quality UV inks. After printing, the graphics get a matte finish on a smooth cast coated surface. 

Note: The empty sheet of foam board comes in black or white colors, so the areas that are not printed on will display the base color of the board.  

We offer both single and double-sided printing on foam boards. The latter option offers more visibility and helps you attract attention from any viewing distance.

Choose your favorite family picture, a masterpiece, any natural scene or custom design to personalize your space!

Benefits of Foamboard


  • Lightweight
  • UV protected
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Double-sided


The foam board material is made up of a foam core sandwiched in between two clay-coated papers. We offer white and black foam board sheets with different thicknesses and sizes.


Square Signs offers double-sided printing on foam board signs. Create your custom design with our easy-to-use designing tool. Choose one of our templates or upload your own image to print. We use premium UV and digital printers which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays during the printing process. This makes the signs sun resistant and helps them retain their vivid colors for a long time.

Foamboard Signs Cutting


We provide cutting services for your foam board sign with the industry’s bleeding-edge equipment. Our cutting options differ depending on your signage requirements. For foam board signs, the best tools are the CNC mill and digital plotter machine. Among the digital plotters, the Pneumatic Oscillator is perfect for ensuring high precision and speed. These machines cut foam board signs in any custom size and shape thanks to a wide working area.

Foamboard Buying Options

Buying Options

Drilled holes - To make the installation process simpler, you can order foam board signs with pre-drilled holes. With these holes you can use any hardware to install the sign.

Double-Sided Prints- You can order foam board signs with printings on both sides to make the signs more visible and attractive.

Square or Rectangle Cut - Your foam board sign will be cut in standard square or rectangle shapes with sharp edges.

Rounded Cut - The edges of the square or rectangle shaped foam board sign will be rounded to give the sign a neater look.

Outline Cut - With this cutting option the sign will be cut in the exact shape of your design without extra borders.

Overline Cut - The sign will be cut in the shape of your design with a thin white border line around it.

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