Foamboard Signs

Foamboard Signs

Get the best out of the two worlds a professional, catchy, sharp look combined with super light weight

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Installation of Foamboard Signs

Foamboard Sign installation with Command Strips

If you feel the need, you can create a middle hinge for a level installation.

Step 1: Once you got everything in position, stick the strip or the tape from the back side of the sign.

Step 2: Slightly press to make sure it is firmly adhered onto the surface.

Step 3: Peel the second back tape off of the adhesive, stick to the marked location

Foamboard Sign installation with suction Cup & Hook

Step 1: Position the cup onto glossy surface (glass, metal), assure it is level.

Step 2: Position the suction cups to all corners or necessary angles.

Step 3: Burp the air out by pressing the central part of the suction cup.

Step 4: Put the hook back to its place and, finally, hang the sign.

Foamboard Sign installation with zip ties

Step 1: Wrap the zip tie around the application surface and the drilled holes with the locks looking outwards.

Step 2: Position the sign level and snap lock the zip ties.

Step 3: Cut the extra-long part for a more aesthetic look.

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