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Jessica Goldsworthy July 3, 2020 • 9 min read
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On 4th of July, we remember the roots of America and the values our forefathers fought to preserve. This year, we invite you to celebrate freedom and equality with a holiday party that’s fun and meaningful at the same time. 

These 4th of July decoration ideas will create an exciting atmosphere in any setting. Read on for 4th of July booth ideas including cool backyard and office arrangements. From step and repeat banners to rustic wooden ornaments, find your inspiration in the list below. If you’re wondering how to prepare your store for an event and promote sales at the same time, we’ve got you covered there, too!

Many of the 4th of July decoration ideas in this collection can be brought to life using our 4th of July sign templates. You can customize them with just a few clicks and order them in minutes. Without further ado, let’s see what we have for you.

4th of July Decorating Ideas for Outside Spaces

These 4th of July decorating ideas for outside areas will make the event unforgettable for everyone involved. Enjoy a BBQ in your backyard, spruce up your storefront or join a public celebration in style with these 4th of July sign ideas!

Backyard 4th of July Party Decorating Ideas

Are you planning on a family celebration? Here are 4th of July party decorating ideas for throwing a cool party.

Idea 1. Let freedom ring from your backyard

Use banner graphics with custom Independence Day designs to set up a festive look for your front or backyard. They come with multiple installation options you may adjust according to your needs and preferences. Use your favorite symbols to honor the spirit of the nation.

outdoor 4th of July decorating idea with a free-standing display

Idea 2. Hang thematic graphics for the door 

Use patriotic door decorating ideas. Get hanging signs printed with the colors of the flag to serve as jovial designs for both sides of your door. You may use quotes, symbols or a combination of both. Here is a nice example of how to do it.

hanging patriotic door decorating idea with 4th of July celebration messages

Idea 3. Create charm with rustic decor

Wooden signs are perfect for rustic 4th of July decoration ideas. You can get them printed with graphics or create your own DIY wooden signs for Independence Day. 

rustic 4th of July decoration idea made of wood with reddish prints

Idea 4. Don’t forget a bunting

Buntings with stars and stripes never go out of style. They add a classic flair and can take on creative shapes to make nice patriotic decor ideas for the railings.

4th of July decorating idea for outside with a patriotic bunting

Idea 5. Hang up map decor 

Whether you need 4th of July door decoration ideas or want to deck out the fence, a wooden map print makes for a great piece. Get it cut into the shape of the US map and add an inspiring quote to make it look unique.

patriotic decor idea in USA map shape displaying the words Land of the Free

Idea 6. Fill your table with US colors

Set your table with red for valor, white for purity and blue for justice. Use the flag as a table cover or a runner for the center. The colors can also adorn matching cups, dishes, cutlery, napkins and other 4th of July decoration ideas. 

4th of July decoration idea for the table with the American flag

Idea 7. Use thematic balloons

Balloons are a must for any celebration and the 4th of July is no exception. Arrange various sized sets in the colors of the flag and remember to add star-shaped mylar balloons to the mix. You can also use them to liven up the 4th of July booth ideas I’ll be sharing later on in the article. 

patriotic balloon decor idea for the front door

Idea 8. Hang graphics on the windows

Hang outdoor fabric graphics on your windows with the US map, symbols, quotes and anything else thematic. Match the graphics with the 4th of July decoration ideas for the doors to keep a consistent aesthetic. 4th of July American flag decoration idea for windows

Idea 9. Spell out “USA” 

Yard signs can be used for various 4th of July party decorating ideas for the outdoors. They’re weather-resistant and can be easily stored for use in the coming years. Spell out the letters “USA” on multiple yard stakes and accent it with other graphics prints.

star-shaped 4th of July decoration idea displaying the word USA

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Storefront 4th of July Decoration Ideas

Adorning your storefront and promoting events, sales or products can be accomplished with a range of 4th of July sign ideas. Check out the upcoming patriotic decoration ideas that are more suitable for shop interiors.

Idea 10. Promote your events

Independence Day is about freedom, fun and beer. Lots of beer. Here is a whimsical way to decorate your storefront with window decals as well as promote the event you’re hosting all in one shot. 

funny patriotic decoration idea for the storefront

Idea 11. Display special offers

Along with the 4th of July decoration ideas you’ve chosen for your storefront, adhesive graphics that highlight special holiday offers are a must. Feel free to use any design that’s relevant to your business.

window 4th of July decoration idea displaying 40% sale

Idea 12. Place signs on the pavement

Sandwich boards come with a lot of benefits for store holiday sales. They’re affordable, easy to transport, reposition and store. They allow you to change graphics and reuse them for any future event or promotion.

free standing 4th of July decorating idea for outside displaying Sales info

Idea 13. Make your storefront 

Adorn your storefront display with products arranged alongside thematic decor elements. Along with American flag decoration ideas, use adhesive window letters with special offers to boost sales. 

4th of July sign idea with printed special offer graphics for a shop storefront

***Did you know that there’s a joint International Independence Day celebration? It’s a multi-day event to mark Canada Day on July 1 and American Independence Day on July 4. The festivities are held in Windsor, Ontario in Canada and Detroit, Michigan in the US.

Public Celebration 4th of July Decoration Ideas 

Public celebrations are an inseparable part of Independence Day. Did you know that Harborfest. Boston's July 4th party, lasts a whole week? It attracts around 3 million people each year! While the gathering itself is one to remember, these unique 4th of July decorations will make it even more fun. 

Idea 14. Parade a sign instead of a flag

Bringing a US flag to July 4th parades is common but holding up an inspirational sign instead will make for a more interesting choice. Use it to display your favorite quote or a meaningful message.

woman holding 4th of July parade board

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Idea 15. Keep it traditional

While adding a unique and creative touch is cool, the 4th of July is also about keeping traditions. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to American flag decoration ideas. Deck the streets, buildings and public areas with fabric banners for durability and pizzazz. 

American flag decoration idea for 4th of July in the street

Idea 16. Create a photoshoot corner

Whether you’re organizing a beach party or a pub concert for the holiday, unique 4th of July decorations will lift up everyone’s spirits. Aside from American flag decoration ideas, make sure to use backdrop ideas for Independence Day so people can take festive photos. Include your brand name and holiday symbols as well as social media hashtags for people to share. 

4th of July party decorating idea in a large size for the photoshoot corner

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Have you decided on your favorite 4th of July decorating ideas for outside? To get started on the decorations I’ve suggested, here are tons of cool 4th of July templates you can select and modify to suit your needs.

4th of July Decoration Ideas for the Inside

A summer celebration doesn’t necessarily mean you have to party outdoors. Here, I’ve got cool 4th of July decoration ideas for your home, office and store. If you’d like to organize a photoshoot corner, read the following section for 4th of July booth ideas. 

Patriotic Home Decor Ideas 

Even if your party is mainly intended for the backyard, don’t forget to decorate the interior, too. These patriotic home decor ideas will help you create a celebratory mood in all corners of your home. They’ll keep the holiday spirit alive for guests who need to take a break from the summer heat. 

Idea 17. Display what the country means to you

The use of 4th of July sign ideas with quotes is common. What about creating the entire design out of the words that best describe America? Add a few symbols to make it even more appealing. Here, we’ve already created one for you to use! Customize the template to add or remove whichever words you like. 

patriotic home decor idea displaying different USA symbols and phrases

Idea 18. Highlight the national symbols

Hang star-shaped PVC signs with thematic colors as an alternative to the American flag. In fact, the tri-colored star can be used for a range of patriotic home decor ideas from door signs and wall decor to table pieces and backyard ornaments. 

Star-shaped 4th of July decoration idea with US flag colors hanging on a door

Idea 19. Put USA decor on the shelves

A printed sign that spells out the letters “USA” is a simple yet classy decor idea. Get creative and add a few more design details like a bald eagle ornament on your shelves.  

heart-shaped patriotic home decor idea displaying the USA name and flag

Idea 20. Show your love for our homeland

Taking care of the environment and being a responsible citizen is one way to express your love for the US. Patriotic decoration ideas like this reusable wooden piece are a nice addition. 

patriotic home decor in white displaying the words Land That I Love

Idea 21. Add comfort with throw pillows 

Throw pillows are must-have decorations that bring a sense of softness and warmth to a room. Get decorative pillow covers with thematic prints to give your sofa or armchair a charming holiday look. 

4th of July decorating idea for outside sofa with flag-colored throw pillows

Idea 22. Feature relevant quotes

Simple quotes printed on wood, acrylic signs or another material make for the best 4th of July decoration ideas. You can mount them on the wall, use them to decorate shelves… it’s all up to you! I’ve included some quotes for inspiration at the end of the article.

4th of July sign idea displaying a patriotic quote fixed to the wall

Idea 23. Use alternative flags

The flag is everywhere on Independence Day. What about using gator board printing to spell out “stars and stripes” instead? It makes for a chic piece of decor.

4th of July sign idea displaying the USA flag with star symbols and the word Stripes

***Did you know that John Adams, one of the founding fathers, thought that Independence Day should be celebrated on July 2nd

Independence Day Decoration Ideas for the Office

Are you planning an office celebration or just want to create a celebratory mood for your workspace? These 4th of July office decorating ideas are all you need!

Idea 24. Apply thematic graphics to cubicles

Getting fun stickers with American symbols is one of the best cubicle decoration ideas for Independence Day. Celebrate and cheer up your coworkers with these adornments. You can even get some extras for surprise gifts!

independence day decoration idea for the office cubicle

Idea 25.  Hang the flag above your desk

There’s no better day to honor the American flag. Independence Day decoration ideas for the office can pay homage to the land of the free. Nothing does it better at work than a flag above your desk.

hanging USA flag above a work desk

***Did you know that it wasn’t until 1960 that the flag got its final look? Before that, more stars were added to the design for each state that joined the union.

Idea 26. Use 4th of July wreaths

Independence Day decoration ideas for the office won’t be complete without a sign hanging from the outside of your office door. Use a traditional 4th of July wreath or get a more creative one with printed graphics. 

hanging 4th of July sign idea displaying the words Let Freedom Ring

Idea 27. Use stickers as giveaways

Besides 4th of July party decorating ideas, small giveaway decals for your staff are a nice way to celebrate Independence Day. They don’t require much investment and can come in any size and shape you desire. 

4th of July party decorating ideas with thematic stickers

4th of July Decoration Ideas for Brands

Your business should always be represented during important events and holidays like Independence Day. These patriotic decorating ideas will present your image with class. They'll attract attention, proclaim your values and enhance the celebration!

Idea 28. Make Use of Decorations to Advertise

Pop-up displays are a must for advertising and decorating at the same time. Special sales and promotions for the 4th of July can double as festive embellishments. Get designs that showcase your offers with vibrant symbols of America. Here is a nice example.

4th of July decorative display idea for showcasing Sales info

Idea 29. Use your products to depict the flag

Whether it’s clothes, beer or even soup cans doesn’t matter. Use thematic packaging to represent the USA on any of your products. This is one of the simplest 4th of July decoration ideas to encourage sales for the holiday.

Soda cans depicting the American flag for unique 4th of July decorations

Idea 30. Adorn Product Displays With Garlands

Your product displays should be appealing to your clients, especially on festive holidays. Use garlands with American symbols to create visual appeal and increase sales at the same time. Don’t be shy about using these over your windows. 

hanging patriotic decorative garlands

Idea 31. Use stickers for special products

Create custom stickers to mark special products on sale for the holiday. Use our design tool to customize your prints and get them cut in any shape or size. 

Independence Day special offer graphics on a store product display

Bonus: 4th of July Booth Ideas 

Create a nice corner to promote products or take photos to entertain guests. These 4th of July photo booth ideas will be a huge hit. Have a few accessories laying around for family, friends or coworkers to take pictures with and add to your memories.  Let’s get into the details!

Idea 32. Celebrate by honoring the roots of independence

July 4th is about honoring America’s freedom. Getting a banner printed with this quote from Benjamin Franklin is one of the most patriotic decorating ideas you can display. Create a photo booth with this text on your themed banner to commemorate the foundations of Independence Day.

4th of July booth idea in blue displaying Benjamin Franklin quote

Idea 33. Use photo booth props

Props like top-hats, mustaches and liberty crowns are classic 4th of July photo booth ideas. Choose trinkets with the colors and symbols of America to give your pictures fond holiday vibes. 

4th of July booth props with national colors and symbols

Idea 34. Use thematic photo frames

Instead of looking for 4th of July booth ideas, get a thematic frame that people can get behind for a cool 4th of July photoshoot. Everyone at your function will absolutely love this idea!

4th of July party photo frame idea with patriotic colors and symbols

Idea 35. Don’t forget Uncle Sam

Include Uncle Sam in your 4th of July booth ideas. BTW, did you know that the character is named after a real person named Samuel Wilson? He was a businessman who supplied beef to the army during the War of 1812.

Uncle Sam 4th of July booth idea placed outdoors

Quotes and Phrases for 4th of July Sign Ideas

A few key words can add lots of meaning to your patriotic decorating ideas. Here, I’ve gathered classic American quotes and phrases to use along with your graphics:

4th of July phrase and quote collection

American Flag Color Codes 

We offer a free design tool with lots of templates to bring your 4th of July decoration ideas to life. When using our platform, you can adjust colors using their official hex codes. Here are the color codes of the US flag. Enter them into our design tool to get a perfect match:

1. Blue #3C3B6E

2. White #FFFFFF

3. Red #B22234

American Flag color code changes in designe tool

Use our 4th of July sign templates to create unique signs and decor pieces. They’re fully customizable with a rich variety of options for backgrounds, elements, fonts and more! You may also use your own design. Just upload it to our platform, customize it to perfection and order in a few clicks. 

Happy July 4th!