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Aria Kyan July 1, 2020 • 12 min read
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Election season is upon us again and the yard stakes are higher than ever. Let your voice be heard using the 30 campaign sign ideas below along with our easily customizable political sign templates to help you win the vote. The future of America depends on it so let’s get started.

Political Sign Design Ideas

The best political sign designs will create momentum for your campaign and boost name recognition for your candidate. An election campaign with trusty political sign ideas is going to garner more trust among voters. Here are 30 tips, examples and strategies for the 2020 race.

Idea 1: Use the Best Colors for Political Signs

Elections political sign design idea

It should come as no surprise that the best colors for political signs are red, white and blue. What we’d like to emphasize here are the nuances in each color. Different shades go a long way and give you a wide range to stand out and make a personal statement. Just make sure that the background and lettering have a high contrast to ensure readability. Bonus: we’ve included the best political sign color combinations at the end of this article.

Idea 2: Select the Best Font for Political Signs

Distinct and easy to read are the two most important factors when it comes to fonts. Don’t over analyze this aspect of the design though. Your message is more important than the font it comes in. Serif and Sans Serif fonts are both appropriate here and have quite a few varieties each.

Idea 3: Stand Out With Your Sign Size

Between 12” and 40” on each side is the average size for a political sign but we recommend going a little bigger than the standard. This way, they’re sure to be noticed and leave a big impression. Just don’t go too big or it may seem obnoxious and have the opposite effect.

Idea 4: Speak to Your Audience

motivational political campaign sign displayed at the yard

Calls to action like “let your voice be heard” are the best election sign ideas besides candidate names. The former inspires people to do something about their beliefs and the latter garners support and boosts name recognition for your party favorite.

Idea 5: Withstand the Climate

Since most political sign ideas are meant for the outdoors, it’s important to choose a medium that is weatherproof. Aluminum signs are the best options for durability under various weather conditions. Corrugated plastic signs, vinyl and mesh are good options as well. UV printing is not necessary as these are not meant to last for longer than a season but in sunny places it will help your sign retain its vibrancy.

Idea 6: Represent Your Symbols

Vote patriotic election sign design idea

The best symbols are ones that are well known. For example, stars represent the states of our union, so they are a dependable way to embellish your political yard sign ideas. Balance scales, the donkey and elephant, the Statue of Liberty and American flag are all suitable ways to decorate any campaign sign.

Idea 7: Shape the Future

The best overall design should be clear and compelling, yet creative. The shape of your sign can be bold if combined in a sophisticated fashion that keeps all the above suggestions in mind. A sign shaped like the USA, for example, will immediately stand out amongst the squares. If you’d like to get even more creative, we have examples and strategies coming up.

Political Campaign Sign Examples

Fresh campaign sign design ideas can be difficult to imagine after decades of standard slogans in rectangles. Here are some creative examples that will help you step out of the box.

Idea 8: Stay Contemporary

Backlit signs and digital billboards are among the most popular election sign ideas for any contemporary campaign. These will stand out in busy cities, during major events and get your message across in a flash. They’re definitely worth the investment for key events.

Idea 9: Be a Patriot

US flag banner for a political campaign

American flags are a must for election season so fabric banners will make a great asset. You may also go for other patriotic symbols like the bald eagle or apple pie. And of course, creative representations of the red, white and blue stars and stripes are featured among the most timeless political sign design ideas.

Idea 10: Add Art to Elections

Not all political sign ideas have to be seasonal. Some can represent lasting values and even double as artwork. Wooden pieces are outstanding for displaying political art. Whether modern or retro, they’re sure to become classics. Speaking of classics, let’s look at the next idea.

Idea 11: Collect Classic Pins

Political pins are a timeless tool for campaigns. They make perfect give-aways to potential voters and last a lifetime. Whether they represent a candidate or a value, they’re likely to become a keepsake in this generation’s box of collectibles.

Idea 12: Honor the Traditions

John Smith 7th Place candidate political sign example

The most common election displays are on yard signs, with the names of your candidate and the office they’re running for.  You can also recreate some sleek images from past campaigns that had a big impact on retractable banners and continue to garner response.

Idea 13: Model After Winners

Let’s look at some winning signs from the past. These are in order from the current president to the three prior for the objective purpose of researching winning political sign ideas. Look into static clings for this round instead of the obvious stickers if you want to take it a step further.

Idea 14: Use Persuasive Tactics

Don't Vote persuasive political sign example

Don’t vote! That’s right, I said it. How does that make you feel? Rebellious, perhaps? Reverse psychology is a tricky persuasive technique that could be just the thing you need this election season.  Try it out on sandwich boards to make it seem inviting.

Idea 15: Be Provocative

Provocative messages that imply your stance without saying it directly are a great way to rouse interest and get people to think deeper about a subject. George Washington’s face on styrene is enough to get people to recall the Constitution, for example.

Idea 16: Show Off Your Colors

In a sea of red, white and blue, a pop of color goes a long way on a pop-up display if you’re willing to risk it. You can go all out psychedelic or keep it to a minimum since even a dash of an unexpected color will make an impact in the memory bank of a potential voter.

Idea 17: Style in Black and White

I Will Vote black and white political sign design idea

The power of black and white should never be underestimated, either. It’s a sleek and sophisticated combination that will stand out in the rainbow chaos of campaign sign design ideas. Political quotes on white vinyl letters would look classy on any surface.

Idea 18: Take a Unique Stance

Reflective aluminum would be a standout choice for an ‘indeerpendent’ or ‘demoblican’ voter. A house divided against itself cannot stand, after all, and unity is a unique trait in today’s politics. Make your sign as unique as your off-centre political affiliations.

Idea 19: Inspire the People

Inspiring quotes are arguably some of the best ideas for political signs out there. That is, if there were any out there. Well, time to get inspired because our constitution is so good that any functioning adult is fit for presidency without being able to cause too much damage. Stick a decal of the U.S. Constitution on a wall as a giant reminder of this and cheer up.

Idea 20: Bring Back Humor

Don't Blame Me! humorous political sign design idea

Thankfully, funny political campaign sign examples are not as rare as inspiring ones. I'm sure you’ve seen campaign car decals and bumper stickers that made you laugh out loud once or twice. We’re not going to pick sides here but it sure is easy to make fun of the other guy/gal.

Idea 21: Get Animated

Political cartoons and animations are too good to just stay in magazines. Print them out as window decals and have a laugh with your morning coffee or cheer up the vibe in the campaign headquarters. Our election templates also include animated signs, fyi.

Idea 22: Create an Original

Your Vote Is Your Voice unique political sign idea

The design of your sign is just as important as how you present it. Magnetic signs are a great creative option for personal or campaign vehicles. They cover a lot of ground and leave no trace when you need to get them off.

Idea 23: Go Digital

Digital memes are an effective form of modern communication whether you like them or not. They get to the heart of pop culture and resonate especially with younger voters. It’s highly recommended that your campaign invests time into creating one that could go viral.

Political Sign Strategies

The best ideas for political signs incorporate several strategies that have been proven to work. Still, the margin of originality is narrow unless you’re willing to risk brave moves. Here are more ways you can empower your campaign in its march for conquest.

Idea 24: Make Them Laugh

Any Functioning Adult funny political sign example

Humor is a conduit for larger truth. It helps get your point across without hitting people over the head with things they can’t handle directly. Take the edge off politics and share a laugh that could lead to a shared vote.

Idea 25: Stay on Top of Trends

Yard signage and bumper stickers are among the best political sign designs with voters and campaign organizers alike. According to research, they are a noticeable way to spread your message, boost name recognition and increase vote shares for your candidate. Besides, if you don’t put up a yard sign, did your campaign even happen?

Idea 26: Consider Placement

Your Voice Your Vote highway political sign idea

Highways and busy intersections get the most eye-traffic so it’s important to give people political eye-candy as they pass. Making your signs and/or billboards clear is key, as you only have a split second to make an impression. Just make sure to check city codes and regulations first.

Idea 27: Make Merchandise

Hats, shirts, stickers and decals are great give-aways and conversation starters. They’re advertising tools that move and speak, an invaluable asset when it comes to political campaigning. This is a rare case where quantity actually matters more than quality.

Idea 28: Swing the Vote

Moderate, undecided and swing voters are the target audience for election advertisements. Street corner politics are a great way to engage and make connections with curious constituents and neighbors. Throw a BBQ and invite voters over for a good ol’ political discussion over food, especially if you’re in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Virginia, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin, all of which are regular swing states.

Idea 29: Be Honest

Politics Is Art honest political campaign sign idea

Concise, honest and indisputable facts will win the race. Don’t be afraid to use them on signs. The shorter and more to the point, the better. Wit and humor don’t hurt, either. Statistics may be prosaic but they’re another reliable way to get the truth out.

Idea 30: Exude Authority

Taking a position of authority is a valuable element in politics. When it comes to complicated issues, people are looking for reliable sources of information to base their decisions on. Displaying multiple signs for measures and propositions can persuade voters that you hold jurisdiction and leverage their position on key issues.


These high contrast color combinations are easy to read and will be seen from long distances, increasing effectiveness. Feel free to play with the tones, shades and tints to find your signature look

  1. White on Blue
  2. White on Green
  3. White on Red
  4. Blue on White
  5. Red on White
  6. Black on White
  7. Green on White
  8. Blue on Yellow
  9. Red on Yellow
  10. Black on Yellow
  11. Yellow on Black
  12. Yellow on Blue
  13. Yellow on Red
  14. Yellow on Green

The race is already on so let’s get started with your signs! Use our free design toolelection templates and assortment of signage types to propel your campaign towards victory this election season. Sign making may be the funnest part of election campaigning so enjoy it!