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Jessica Goldsworthy July 3, 2020 • 9 min read
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Do you want to celebrate Independence Day despite all the restrictions amid COVID-19? Decorating your house or workplace will help you create a festive atmosphere.

Read on for 12 trendy 4th of July decoration ideas for 2020. You’ll also get a bonus idea for decorating your car at the end of this article. Most of the designs can be created with our 4th of July sign templates so you can order them right away! Let’s see what we’ve got here for you.

4th of July Decorating Ideas for Outside Spaces

4th of July is an outdoor celebration if there ever was one. That’s why I’d like to share some patriotic decoration ideas for outdoor spaces first. Read on for inspiring tips on how to decorate your yard or storefront to rock Independence Day this year!

4th of July Booth Ideas

Create a nice corner to take photos with these 4th of July photo booth ideas. Have a few accessories laying around for family and friends to take pictures with and add to your memories. If you have decided to host an online event or go live, a booth will make a great backdrop. Let’s get into the details!

Idea 1. Let Freedom Ring From Your Backyard

Let Freedom Ring 4th of July backyard decor idea

Use telescopic telescopic banners with custom designs to turn the coolest 4th of July booth ideas into reality. They come with different installation methods so you can adjust them according to your needs and preferences. Use your favorite patriotic symbols to celebrate the spirit of the nation.

Idea 2. Celebrate by Honoring the Roots of Independence

patriotic 4th of July photo booth idea

July 4th is also about honoring those who planted the roots of liberty in America. Getting a banner printed with this quote from Benjamin Franklin is one of the most patriotic decorating ideas you can currently display. Create a photo booth with this text on your themed banner. Commemorate the foundations of the Independence Day celebration this year.

July 4th Table Decoration Ideas

Table decorations are front and center when creating a festive atmosphere involving food. Here are 4th of July table decoration ideas as classic as apple pie.

Idea 3. Get a Wooden Centerpiece

Happy 4th of July table decor idea

Wood is a great material to use for unique 4th of July decorations on your table. Get a patriotic design printed on wood and use the decor as a centerpiece.

Idea 4. Go Red, White and Blue

Independence Day patriotic table decor idea

Holiday festivities would be boring without the colors of the American flag that signify the great pillars of our nation. To fill your table with red for valor, white for purity and blue for justice, use the flag as a table runner or cover. The flag’s colors can also appear on matching cups, dishes, cutlery, napkins and anything else used to serve the food.

4th of July Door Decoration Ideas

Door decorations are a must when it comes to 4th of July decorating ideas for outside spaces. Decorate the doors of your home or business to make sure guests and customers take the jolly spirit inside with them.

Idea 5. Decorate Both Sides of Your Doors

Banners can be used as door decorations as well. Get them printed with the colors of the flag and a jovial design. Hang it on both sides of your door. The design can be of patriotic colors, quotes, symbols or all of the above. Here is a nice example of how to do it.

Happy 4th of July front door decor idea

Order these banners online with Square Signs. Customize their size, design, text and anything else to your liking with our free design tool.

Idea 6. Use Red, White and Blue Balloons

Balloons are a must for any celebration and the 4th of July is no exception. Choose the colors of the flag and even add star-shaped mylar balloons to the mix. Here is an example of how you can bring this idea to life.

patriotic front door decorative balloons

4th of July Window Decoration Ideas

As we have covered door decorations, I also want to share some ideas for your windows. Decorating the windows will work well for houses, apartments, stores or buildings of any kind.

Idea 7. Get Creative and Have Fun

This holiday is about patriotism, fun and beer... lots of beer. So here is a whimsical way to decorate your windows with window decals.

I'm Patriotic window decor idea

Idea 8. Stick a Patriotic Quote on Your Windows

While getting silly drunk, don’t forget about the origins of the holiday and the true reason the whole nation gets to celebrate. This decal with a quote inspired by Elmer Davis will help showcase your gratitude towards American heroes and their values.

Land of the Free Independence Day window decor idea

Have you decided on your favorite 4th of July decorating ideas for outside? In addition to the decorations I’ve suggested, here are other cool 4th of July templates you can select and order now!

Since your outside space has been decked out with plenty of 4th of July party decorating ideas at this point, it’s time to head on over and take a look at decorating ideas for inside.

4th of July Patriotic Decoration Ideas for Indoor Spaces

Besides the 4th of July party decorating ideas for outdoors, it’s also a good idea to have decorations indoors. This is especially appropriate for offices and business locations like supermarkets or salons. These ideas could work for decorating your home as well. Here are some ideas to get you inspired!

Independence Day Decoration Ideas for Office

Decorate your office to make the 4th of July mood last for several days. These Independence Day decoration ideas for the office will get you and your coworkers in the mood for the holiday!

Idea 9. Decorate Your Cubicle for the Holiday

Happy 4th of July office cubicle decor idea

Getting fun stickers with patriotic symbols is one of the best cubicle decoration ideas for Independence Day. Celebrate and lift your coworkers’ spirits with your decorations or even get some extras to gift to them as a surprise!

Idea 10. Represent the American Flag

US flag patriotic decor idea at office space

There’s no better day to honor the American flag. This is true when it comes to Independence Day decoration ideas for the office as well as the home. Flags in different sizes can be used to decorate the doors, windows, tables, cubicles and whatever else feels appropriate!

4th of July Retail Decoration Ideas

Your brand should always take advantage of and be at the heart of important events and holidays like Independence Day. Here are some patriotic decorating ideas for your business. They'll attract attention, proclaim your presence and enhance the celebration!

Idea 11. Make Use of Decorations to Advertise!

Pop-up displays are a must when it comes to advertising and decorating at the same time. Special offers and discounts for the 4th of July can double as festive embellishments. Get a design that both showcases your offer and includes symbols of liberty. Here is a nice example.

Happy 4th of July Sale huge retail decor

Idea 12. Decorate Product Displays With Garlands

Your product displays should be appealing to your customers, especially on holidays. Use garlands with the American flag or other suitable symbols to decorate and increase sales at the same time. Don’t be shy about using these in your home, either. Here is an example!

patriotic decorative retail food display decorations

Bonus Idea. Decorate Your Car

Many large celebrations and gatherings have been canceled this year. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show your solidarity with the nation and celebrate shared values in other ways. Use car decals with unifying quotes, the flag or any other design you envision. Celebrate the 4th of July this year while being mindful of COVID-19 restrictions.

4th of July celebration car decor idea

Independence Day is around the corner. Hurry up to get the most jubilant and unique 4th of July decorations. Use our free design tool to create your custom signs. Make them from scratch, use one of our templates or upload your own ready-made images. Personalize them to perfection and order right away.