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Jessica Goldsworthy November 4, 2021 • 4 min read
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Take a deep breath. Smells like Christmas, doesn’t it? Fill your holiday with the good vibes of the holiday season with our Christmas backdrop ideas. From step and repeat banners for photoshoots to stage backdrops, we have cool ideas you need to see.

Christmas Party Backdrops for Photoshoots

It’s time for pictures that seem to reek of cinnamon and oranges. Of course, your photoshoot’s success relies on a background that creates a holiday feel. Below are Christmas photo backdrop ideas for different styles and purposes․ You can also find a variety of custom banners perfect for your Christmas photoshoot.

Christmas Photoshoot Backdrops for Families

Christmas party backdrop with a funny quote and a family posing in front of it

Christmas is a family holiday. You shouldn’t miss the chance to take nice family pictures once you’re all together. Get a charming Christmas party backdrop to make those pics worth hanging on your walls. Here are a few ideas on how to make your business banners or vinyl banner backdrops pop with exceptional designs.

  • Include your family name and the year. In fact, make taking family pics a yearly tradition to build up a cool collection for your kids and grandkids to see.
  • Make it funny. Add a hilarious quote or design elements to make your family Christmas party backdrop more interesting.

Create warm, fun memories with a family Christmas photoshoot. Order your backdrop with or without a stand, depending on the mounting options you already have. In addition to indoor designs, explore our exterior banners as well. Don’t forget to check our article with even more Christmas banners to match with your backdrops.

Christmas Photo Booth Backdrops for Kids

Christmas village backdrop for a kids' indoor photoshoot

You’ve seen those cute pictures of children and want a few for your kids? You can’t go without a Christmas theme backdrop. Give your kids a chance to revisit their childhood memories when they grow up with a heart-warming photoshoot. Here’s a piece of advice on how to make your kids’ Christmas magic last a lifetime.

  • Opt for a realistic scene like a Christmas village backdrop. With the high-quality graphics we offer, your pictures will look very professional.
  • Choose the colors carefully. A kid’s photoshoot should evoke nothing but warm feelings. The winter scene may seem to be full of cold colors like white and blue, but shining stars and lights from the village houses will warm up your Christmas scene backdrop.

Make sure the kids are dressed appropriately. Look at your backdrop and imagine what they’d wear if they were in that village. That’s the look you should aim for. Choose fabric banners as a material for your Christmas photo booth backdrop. They don’t reflect light, so your pics will look flawless!

Christmas Party Backdrops for Offices

Christmas party backdrop for an office with the brand name printed on it

Throwing an office party? This one‘s for you. Regardless of the type of your business, a Christmas party should be fun… and full of selfies! That’s why you need a Christmas picture backdrop. The holiday season is a good opportunity to promote your business. The backdrop will come in handy for this purpose too. See how that works below!

  • Include your company name. All the pics your staff take in front of the Christmas photo booth backdrop will promote your business.
  • Choose the design carefully. Gnome images are cute, but they’re not exactly what you want your consulting company, for example, to be associated with. Or maybe you do? Put simply, make sure the graphics are consistent with your brand image.

We offer a range of Christmas sign templates for every taste and style. Choose the one you like most and head to our design platform to customize it to your requirements. Click on the image in this section to find the template we’ve used for the sample Christmas picture backdrop.

Christmas Backdrops for Stages and Concerts

When it comes to stage design, Christmas backdrop ideas are even more diverse. Here we’ve got Christmas backdrops for stages, concerts and church services. We also have a Collection of 19 Creative Christmas Signs you’ll want to see.

Christmas Concert Backdrops

Red Christmas concert backdrop placed on a stage with the words Merry Christmas

Christmas concert backdrop ideas should go well with your lighting, stage decors and much more. Here are a few tips for your Christmas backdrops for any stage.

  • Go for larger backdrops like pop up displays to make your design visible from afar. The material for the graphics is fabric, so your design won’t reflect the stage lights.
  • Don’t overdo the graphics. A simple Merry Christmas backdrop with a clear design should be among the best Christmas concert backdrop ideas.

If you plan on holding an outdoor concert, you may need mesh banners. They let the wind pass through the small holes all over the surface. Your backdrop will stand in place regardless of weather conditions.

Church Christmas Backdrops

Three Church Christmas backdrops with the words Christ is born on a church stage

Christmas is one of two high-church-attendance holidays in the US. And the celebration isn’t limited to a special service. You should decorate the church to create a Christmas atmosphere. Here’s how to create the best stage backdrops for your church.

  • Create a multi-sectional backdrop. Use several retractable banners that create one larger image and leave some space between them.
  • Make it look more like a background. In the case of a multi-sectional backdrop, a simpler design works best. Christmas wall backdrops are your perfect choice.

Use our user-friendly design tool to customize your backdrop graphics without a hitch. You’ll find tons of templates, design elements and much more to use for free. Read the last section of the article for a detailed guide on how to use our platform.

DIY Christmas Backdrops with Square Signs

Bring your Christmas backdrop ideas to life with our easy-to-use design tool. Follow the steps below or watch the video to learn how to make DIY Christmas backdrops with Square Signs.  Along with backdrops, check our Christmas signs for different areas. Complete your Christmas project by ordering any of the multiple options we have available. Corrugated plastic signs, custom aluminum signs and sandwich board signs are great for the exterior while acrylic photo prints, gator board printing and others are more suitable indoors.

  • Go to the design tool and choose your preferred product.
  • Specify the size you need and select other options that vary from product to product. This may include grommets, hems or accessories.
  • Design your backdrop. Choose one of our templates or create your own design with the help of our elements, backgrounds, fonts and more. You can also upload an image.
  • Add to cart and order!

With the Christmas backdrop ideas listed above, you’ll surely have a wonderful celebration this year. Order your backdrop now and have a very Merry Christmas.