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Jessica Goldsworthy October 29, 2021 • 7 min read
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Jingle signs, jingle signs, jingle all the way (disclaimer: not all signs jingle)!

Although preparing for Christmas is fun, it’s stressful too. We know the feeling and we’re here for you. We’ve collected all the signs you’d need to decorate personal and commercial premises in one place for you to choose from.

Speaking of business, you’ll find promotional Christmas signs in a separate section at the end of the article.

You can prepare and save your designs on our sign design tool so you can order them later. We bet you’ll love receiving boxes of beautiful Christmas decor signs a few days before Christmas.

Christmas Decor Signs for Different Moods

Your feelings about Christmas may change from year to year. We’ve got Christmas sign ideas for all your moods. The product range is wide too: vinyl banners, adhesives for walls, board signs... anything you can think of.

Funny Christmas Signs

Rock your Christmas decorations this year with the funny signs we have below. They’ll make your and your guests’ day.

1. Funny Quote Christmas Signs

White funny Christmas sign made of wood with a printed quote

Do you believe in Santa? Well, we have bad news if you don’t. You’re getting socks as a gift. That’s the worst part of being an adult. This hilarious Christmas wooden sign is too good to overlook.

2. Santa “Wanted” Christmas Signs

Santa wanted Christmas sign attached to a house fence

Know someone who spotted Santa as he went down their chimney? This sign will come in handy to find him. Place it outside your house, on a fence or in your backyard to gift passers-by a good laugh.

Explore our products and choose those that suit your needs. You can find detailed information on their respective pages.

Cute Christmas Signs

Wanna hear “aww, that’s so cute” when people see your decor signs? Scroll down!

3. Gingerbread House Signs

Gingerbread Christmas sign made of wood placed on a shelf

Gingerbread houses aren't always edible. In fact, they make incredibly cute Christmas signs you just can’t ignore. Get a few to decorate your shelves or walls for a heartwarming atmosphere.

4. Red Truck Christmas Signs

Red truck Christmas sign bending with a Christmas tree in the back

Nobody knows exactly when and how the red truck with a tree in the back became related to Christmas. All we know is people love it so much it’s become a collectible. This sign with the red truck will be a good addition to your vintage Christmas signs and decors.

Looking for ideas to decorate your workplace? You have to read our article on 40+ Office Holiday Decorating Ideas To Get Into The Christmas Spirit.

Religious Christmas Signs

However commercialized this holiday is, we shouldn’t forget its roots. Christmas is a religious holiday. These signs will help you have a meaningful Christmas this year.

5. Christmas Peace Signs

Christmas peace sign mounted on a wall printed on canvas with the words Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth, it’s Christmas time! This thoughtful sign with a quote from the Bible can become the centerpiece of your Christmas decorations. There’s a lack of peace on Earth nowadays, so this sign will be relevant all year long. Canvas prints are a good product choice for the ideas you want to use after the holiday season.

6. Believe Christmas Signs

Red and white believe Christmas sign placed outside of a house

Get a family Christmas sign that shows you celebrate the birth of Jesus. This sign can be used both indoors and outdoors. For exterior applications, use weather-resistant products. Explore our custom signs and choose the one you like.

Have you already chosen your desired sign? Go ahead and order now!

Nostalgic Christmas Signs

Christmas is a time to reflect and recall the most beautiful moments of your life. These Christmas signs will surely help you do so!

7. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Signs

Buffalo plaid Christmas sign mounted on a wall that spells the word JOY

There’s one pattern you can’t go without when decorating for the holidays. Did you guess which one? Buffalo plaid Christmas signs immediately set up a warm and joyful atmosphere. Spell out “JOY” or other words on signs with this pattern as a background. Your rustic Christmas signs will be ready to rock the Eve.

8. Christmas Sign with Song Lyrics

Rocking around the Christmas tree sign on a window with red guitar graphics

Which song do you think of when recalling childhood Christmas memories? Better choose a few and use them for rustic Christmas signs. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is our favorite. What’s yours? You can easily edit the design below to create personalized Christmas signs.

We’ve got 16 Christmas Window Decoration Ideas to Rock the Eve and you need to check them.

Different Types of Christmas Decor Signs

Looking for a certain type of Christmas sign? We’ve got what you need right here. Aside from square, rectangular or round Christmas signs, we offer full shape customization through our design tool.

Back to Christmas sign ideas, take a look at the cool designs we have below.

Vertical Christmas Signs

Those vertical Christmas signs leaning against the wall are a cool addition to your outdoor and indoor holiday designs. Here’s what we offer!

9. Christmas Snowman Signs

Vertical Christmas sign looking like a snowman placed near a door

Designing a snowman with our tool is no less fun than making a real one. The advantage is, ours never melts! Get your snowman design printed on lightweight materials like plastic and place them beside your door.

10. Christmas Welcome Signs

Christmas welcome signs hanging on both sides of a door made of banner material

Welcome your guests with vertical fabric banners hanging on both sides of your front door. They can spell out “Welcome,” “Merry Christmas,” or anything else.

We have many more Christmas banners you can use for a joyful celebration.

Round Christmas Signs

Is round your favorite shape for cute or funny Christmas signs? Take a look at the designs below!

11. Merry Christmas Signs

Round Merry Christmas sign made of foamboard material hanging on a door

An oversized round sign is a perfect decoration item for your doors. It’ll replace the traditional wreath and present your design in a unique style. Foam board signs or pvc signs are both good options as they’re lightweight. They won’t damage your door and won’t break even if they drop.

Use our printable Christmas sign templates for your designs. They can be customized and ordered through our design tool.

12. “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” Signs

Circular Believe in the Magic of Christmas sign adhered to an interior wall

Decorate your interior with wall decals that can take any shape. These graphics are affordable, easy-to-use options for your Christmas design project. Take a look at this one below! You can use any of your favorite phrases for this idea.

Use our printable Christmas signs for your designs. Check our Christmas sign templates, choose the ones you like most and order via our design tool.

Christmas Board Signs

Christmas presents a huge opportunity to decorate and we’re thrilled about it. What about these Christmas board signs?

13. Christmas Countdown Signs

Christmas countdown sign that can be written on in white, green and red

Acrylic signs, when dry-erase laminated, make the perfect “x days till Christmas” decor. Use a temporary marker to write and erase effortlessly. Easily turn the design below into an “x sleeps till Christmas” sign with the help of our intuitive design tool.

14. Christmas Coffee Signs

I'm a Greench before coffee funny Christmas sign placed on a shelf

Coffeeholic? So are we. This Christmas board is what we both need. Hang it on your kitchen wall or place it on a shelf as we did in our office. You have many options including gator board printing, acrylic photo prints and more!

Not sure what to choose for each part of your house or for other premises? We’ve got Christmas signs for different areas to help.

Personalized Christmas Signs

The more creative you get with your Christmas signs and decors, the better! Our design platform allows getting your signage cut in custom shapes for a personalized look.

15. Christmas Gnome Signs

Christmas gnome signs standing on H stakes placed in the front yard

Celebrating Christmas without gnomes? Is that even possible? Get your gnome yard signs and place them in your front or back yard. Who knows, maybe real ones will come over to hand-deliver your presents.

16. Christmas Tree Signs

Red and white Christmas tree sign made of plastic material placed on a desk

Here’s the most iconic holiday symbol. You simply can’t do without a Christmas tree. Get an outline-cut Christmas tree sign as an alternative to a traditional one.

Throwing a party? You need Christmas backdrops for a cool photoshoot.

Christmas Promotional Signs

You can hardly find a business that doesn’t benefit from the holiday season. Take a look at these promotional Christmas signs to make the most out of this opportunity.

17. Christmas Sale Signs

Oversized Christmas sale sign adhered to a storefront window for promotion

Offering sales? Hardly any retail business isn’t. Let your storefront stand out with this oversized window decal for Christmas. Click on the image below and customize the template to meet your requirements.

18. Christmas Business Hours Signs

Christmas sign displaying the holiday business hours adhered to a storefront window

Your business hours may change during the holidays. Make sure your customers are aware with a thematic storefront sign. Get inspired by the example below.

Check out our collection of Christmas closed signs on the blog.

19. Christmas Arrow Signs

Christmas arrow sign hanging on a tree directing to a Christmas tree shop

An arrow sign directing people to your venue is great when paired with the ideas above. Place it near your venue in a highly visible area for maximum exposure. Aluminum signs are your go-to product. They’re perfect for outdoor use.

Create your own Christmas signs with our help. It’s as easy as pie. Check the next section for a detailed guide.

DIY Christmas Signs with Square Signs

Your DIY Christmas sign ideas will come to life with just a few clicks with Square Signs. Follow these steps or watch the video below to find out how to use our platform.

  1. Go to the design tool and start by choosing your preferred product.
  2. Choose the size you need. We’ve included a comparison to an average 67-inch height to facilitate size choice. 
  3. Specify the options. They may vary from product to product, but usually include material thickness, shape, print sides, accessories, lamination and more. 
  4. Choose one of the thousands of templates available free of charge. 
  5. Add elements to ready-made templates or create new designs. A bunch of background and text font options are available too. 
  6. Upload images if you want. Make sure you have the right to use them. 
  7. Add your designs to the cart and order them!

See how easy that is? With us, you can design your own Christmas signs like a pro. Check our sign design tool now and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!