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About Mesh Banners

Mesh banners have a lot of advantages, many of which involve them being built for outdoor use. The banners are made from durable, lightweight materials that are resistant to tearing and abrasion. The loose-knit of these signs makes them great for hanging outside, as wind can pass through them.These mesh banners look great hung against a chain-link fence, or you can customize your banner with pole pockets to hang on a flagpole.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Weight:  0.07 lbs per square foot

Thicknesses: 0.0120″

Details: 10 oz vinyl mesh banner, UV and water resistant ink, hemmed edges, grommets, optional pole pockets

Suggested Uses: Can be used both outdoor/indoor. Great for business and sale promotions, conventions, trade shows, fairs, events, and much more.

Printing Method: High resolution, digitally printed using UV ink

Approximate Lifespan: 3+ years with proper installation, maintenance, and storage

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 2’x4′, 3’x 5′, 3’x 6′, 3’x 8′, or any custom size

Options: Pole Pockets, Grommets, Hem

Installation of mesh banners is quick and easy. Ropes or bungee cords can attached to corner grommets to suspend the banner from posts. Zip ties may also be used to attach a mesh banner to a chain-link fence. To care for your mesh banner, simply was with a non-abrasive cloth and warm water.
After washing, allow banner before storage to avoid molding. String or rubber bands may be used to secure a rolled banner. Banners that become wrinkled can have those creases removed by simple exposure to heat or sunlight.




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