About Mesh Banners

If you are looking for a Banner to display outdoors, especially in a windy location, then Mesh Banners are perfect choice for you. Mesh Banner is known for having small holes all over it to let the wind pass through it. These holes prevent the banner from being blown away by the wind.
Mesh banners are light weight and are very easy to use. These banners are waterproof, wind, sun and fade resistant.

You can order customized outdoor Mesh Banners for your brand’s advertising. Mesh Banners can be used in various locations, such as concerts, trade shows or just on a building for marketing purposes.

Mesh Banners usually have bigger fonts and graphics to attract passers-by or drivers from a distance. Short messaging, company brand name is more than enough to display on a mesh banner. Unlike Vinyl banner, mesh banner is not meant for detailed information.


We use high-quality LED curing printers to display any graphics on Mesh Banners.
Hang your Banner from the attachment points with the help of custom ordered grommets or pole pockets. We offer the following hanging accessories that can be used with grommets to hang the Banner: Hanging clips, Zip ties, Nylon ropes and Bungee cords.

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SpecificationsInstallation & CareQ & A

Thickness: 0.016″

Weight: 9 oz/yd2

Min. size: 12″x12″

Max. size: 120″x1740″

Common Sizes: 24”x36”, 36”x54”, 48″x72″, 60”x90”, can be customized

Installation: Through grommets with zip ties, nylon ropes, bungees, hanging clips or pole pockets

Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Printing options: One-sided printing

Edges: Hemmed

Usage: Outdoors 3-4 years, depending on weather conditions,. Indoors: 10+ years

How to Install Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners come with grommets or pole pockets. Depending on the banner size different numbers of grommets can be punched on it. We offer different hanging mechanisms and installation options, please, read them in the installation section below.

How to maintain Mesh Banners?

You can forget about your sign once installed. Being an outdoor sign, mesh banners are good-to-go right after installation.

Mesh Banner installation with Grommets and supporting hardware

The grommets all work perfectly for Mesh Banner installation; they are durable and meant to carry Banners of different sizes and weights. For extra strength, we add hems in the corners.

We punch the grommets starting from every 6”. You can custom order any number of the grommets according to the length of the Mesh Banner and preferred distance among the grommets.

Step 1
Take the Mesh Banner with the hardware you ordered – grommets (holes) with either zip ties, bungees, nylon ropes or hanging clips.

Step 2
Pass the hardware you chose (zip tie, bungee, nylon rope, hanging clip) through each grommet.

Step 3
Having the hardware passed through the grommet now pass them through the chain link fence or another location you have ready for your Mesh Banner. Fix it the way the hardware requires. Make sure the tie is taut to prevent the Banner from damaging.

Enjoy your windproof and rainproof Mesh Banner and deliver your message with confidence.

Mesh Banner installation with pole pockets

Step 1

Take the Mesh Banner with pole pockets.

Step 2

Pass the poles or ropes through the pockets.

Step 3

Install the Banner in the place you meant for it.

What is a Mesh Banner?

Mesh banners are weather-resistant material, generally used for outdoor advertising. Mesh Banners have large messaging and graphics to draw the attention of the target audience from great distance. Highly used during open venue events and product and service promotions. The material itself is wind and sun resistant.

Where to use Mesh Banners?

Being an outdoor advertisement tool, Mesh Banners perfectly suit for outdoor concerts, street advertising, outdoor festivals, celebrations and events.
Meant for outdoor usage, Mesh Banners are recommended to have large fonts and vivid visual graphics to direct the customer from a long distances towards your venue. Choose attractive visuals and short texts and make sure your customers get your message in the most creative way!

What are the advantages of Mesh Banners?

  • Wind and rain resistant. Do not shatter. Hence, tear resistant
  • Transmits 70% of sunlight. Ideal for storefront promotions
  • Sound resistant. Can be displayed in front of speakers and not damage the technology
  • Good for theatrical decorations or TV backdrops

Why Choose Square Signs?

You are our highest priority! For our customers, we have designed a user-friendly interface with an easy to use the designing tool. Choose from our wide range of templates at your disposal. With highest-quality assurance, we offer next day shipping services. Credit card safety guaranteed while making an online order from Square Signs! Happy Purchasing!

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