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Wooden Signs

Add a touch of warmth to your branding with these made to last Wooden signs. Perfect for a shabby chic or vintage styling, outdoor and indoor business branding.

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Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are the perfect medium for creative branding and custom interior decor. Square Signs offers the highest quality wooden signs with shipping all across the USA and Canada. We also offer free ground shipping on orders over $70 and under 36" within the contiguous US.

Wooden signs are distinguished for creating natural and eco-friendly displays. Personalized wooden signs can be put to various uses from indoor and outdoor branding to gifts and decorative elements. 

Our online design platform allows you to make your own custom wood signs and to get them printed with just a few clicks. Create custom wooden sign designs from scratch by using our free backgrounds, elements and templates made by professionals. You can use these as they come or further customize them to reflect a unique style. You’re also welcome to upload your own ready-made designs and order them right away. 

Our wooden signs are made of highly durable plywood material and with proper care, they can last for about 10 years indoors. Personalized outdoor wooden signs have a couple year lifespan depending on the climate. To reinforce your wooden sign and make it last longer outdoors, we offer lamination services. Lamination makes the material more durable to resistant moisture and weathering.

Wooden signs can be made in custom shapes and sizes to fit all your requirements. You can also choose the installation hardware based on where the sign will be displayed.

Everything at Square Signs is made for the convenience of our customers. All you have to do is use our online designer tool to customize your sign and click the checkout button to get it delivered to your doorstep. If you have any questions, our customer support specialists are happy to assist you throughout the entire process.



  • Unique appearance
  • Organic and eco-friendly
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • High-density natural material
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Double-sided printing option
  • Lamination for extra durability


Wood is a natural material that’s widely used in the sign-making industry. It’s a wonderful medium for indoor signs, lasting around 10 years with proper care. Wooden signs can be used outdoors with a lifespan of a year or more depending on weather conditions and lamination. 

Our personalized wooden signs are made of rigid plywood with a thickness of 0.5 inches. Plywood is a more durable substitute for wood. It consists of multiple cross-bonded plies that provide remarkable density to the material. Our plywood sheets come with a white coat of paint that can be printed on in any color while the sides have a natural wooden finish.


Custom Design

If you don’t have a ready-made design for your sign and you don’t want to spend a fortune on commissioning one, we can help you without any additional fees. We offer thousands of free designs made by professionals which you can personalize and use at no extra cost. 

Our design platform has all the tools and elements needed to enable our customers to create unique designs from scratch. You can even save your designs for later use. If you’d like to have personal images on wooden signs, you can upload them and have them printed right away as well as save them for future orders.

Business Wooden Signs

Charm your clients with appealing wooden signs that provide an organic feel. Personalized wooden signs are an excellent choice for interior branding. With proper care, business wooden name signs can be used for outdoor branding as well. Display business wooden name signs on your office walls, entrance doors or lobby areas and leave a professional impression on visitors. No matter how large you want your wooden business signs to be, we can make them according to all your requirements. 

Decorative Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are not limited to business purposes. They can serve as a superb decorative medium as well. Be it office, beauty salon or home decor, personalized wooden signs work well for creating unique interior design elements. You can get custom wooden signs with your family photos and display them in different corners of your home to create a warm atmosphere. Personalized wooden signs are also great for showcasing famous sayings in your home or on your porch. Get creative with an accent wall of collage wooden signs or exhibit wood decor signs of varying sizes to create an original art piece.

Directional Wooden Signs

Custom wooden signs are often used to guide people outdoors or inside large buildings like museums, schools, business centers or elsewhere. You can get arrows or pointing hands printed on custom wooden signs to show direction. Wooden signs can be used in supermarkets to designate aisles and departments as well. Directional wooden signs can be fixed onto walls, doors or special stands with various hardware that you can pick upon placing your order.

Informative Wooden Signs

Museums, famous landscapes, business fairs and trade shows often have informative boards displayed throughout the venue. Custom wooden signs are often used for this purpose. Informative wooden signs can be displayed on walls or special stands to provide visitors with all the information they need. 

Wooden Name Signs

Wooden plaques are commonly used as nameplates in offices, schools and other establishments. You can get personalized wooden name signs printed with or without decorative features by choosing from the list of fonts and elements we offer. Wooden name signs can be directly mounted on walls and doors. You can also get table-top wooden name signs which are displayed on easel backs. For an even more elegant look, you can install wooden name signs with metallic or gold standoffs.

Wooden Address Signs

One of the most popular uses of custom wooden signs is for showcasing the street number of an address. You can display wood address plaques on your front porch, door or mailbox. Available in custom sizes, wood address signs will be sure to capture the gaze of visitors from any distance. In addition to address signs, you can get matching wooden welcome signs to use around your property.

Wooden Signs as Gifts

Another unique benefit of wooden signs is making memorable gifts for your loved ones. You can get small table-top wood signs or big ones with quotes for interior decor. Wooden signs with personal images printed on them are another gift option that will melt the heart of any recipient. If you’re looking for an original, memorable and long-lasting gift then custom wooden signs are the right choice.

Custom Wooden Signs

Apart from the above-mentioned types of wooden signs, you can order personalized wooden signs as well. Personalized wooden signs are not limited in purpose and can be put to any use according to your requirements. Whatever you can imagine, we can create with custom wooden signs. Simply select the size, shape, design and printing options for your wooden sign. Once it suits all your needs, we will ship it to any location within the USA and Canada. We'll even ship qualified orders by ground for free within the contiguous US.


For printing on custom wooden signs, we use top-quality UV inks. During the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that make the material sun-resistant. With a full-color printing technique, the colors on your sign will match the exact design proof we send you before printing. UV-printed wooden signs will retain their vivid colors for a long period of time. We offer two printing options: single or double-sided.

Single-sided printing

This is the standard printing option for custom wooden signs. With this option, your chosen graphics will be printed on only one side of your sign.

Double-sided printing

Double-sided printing provides graphics on both sides of your wooden sign. If you want your wooden sign to be visible from both sides, choose this printing option. 


We offer high-precision cutting services for your custom wooden signs. Our bleeding-edge cutting equipment helps us make wooden signs in custom shapes and sizes. This way, your sign can retain its delicate and exclusive design features. We use a CNC cutting machine, the ideal instrument for a wide array of rigid materials including wood. It provides detailed and accurate cutting, allowing us to make custom wooden signs with all kinds of intricacies.

Square or Rectangle Cut

With this option, you can get standard square or rectangle wooden signs with 90 degree edges.

Rounded Cut

If you want to provide your signs with a neater look, this option makes square or rectangle wooden signs with rounded corners.

Outline Cut

With this option, your wooden sign will be outlined and cut into the exact shape of your design.

Overline Cut

To cut your sign into the shape of your design with a slim border surrounding it, choose the overline cutting option.


For custom wooden signs, we offer lamination services. Lamination is a special coating that protects the surface of the sign from scratches and water damage. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your wooden sign, especially for outdoor use, you can select one of the lamination options available on our design platform. We offer the following types of lamination: matte, glossy and dry-erase.


Matte lamination provides a glare-free, high contrast look to custom wooden signs. In addition, your sign will have a more durable, scratch-resistant surface.


Signs with this type of lamination have a glossy finish, making the wood and print colors look more saturated. It also makes your sign more durable and scratch-resistant. 


Dry-erase lamination turns the surface into a whiteboard-like layer so you can write on it with a temporary marker. The extra coat provides a more durable and scratch-free finish.

Comparison Chart


Wooden Signs

Acrylic Signs

Aluminum Signs

PVC Signs

Min. size

6" x 6"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

Max. size

48" x 96"

48" x 96"

48” x 96”

48” x 96”











Printing Options

Single-sided print

Double-sided print


Second surface print

Double-sided print

Single-sided print

Double-sided print

Single-sided print

Double-sided print


What is the price of a wooden sign?

There is no fixed price for a wooden sign. It all depends on the dimensions and features of your project. You can check the price with your desired specifications in our design tool. Just select all the options regarding size, shape and installation hardware and the cost will be displayed at the top right corner of the interface.

What type of wood do you use for your signs?

Our wooden plaques are made of highly durable plywood. The material consists of multiple plie layers pressed together, making it more durable than regular wood. This type of wood is terrific for long-term indoor use though the lifespan is shorter for outdoor wooden plaques.

Where to buy wooden plaques?

If you’re looking for a platform to order custom cut wood online, then you’re in the right place. We offer top-quality wooden plaques with custom designs. Select your desired options, upload or create your unique design and get it printed right away. It will take just a few minutes to make your very own wooden plaque. We ship wooden plaques all across the USA and Canada. We also provide free ground shipping on orders under 36" in size and over $70 within the contiguous US.

Can I get a large wooden sign?

You can order wooden signs in custom sizes. The maximum dimensions of a wooden plaque are 48” x 96”. If you want an even larger sign, you can order it in multiple parts that will be compiled into a large, one-piece design. In case of difficulties with the size of your sign, contact our customer specialists to get immediate assistance.

How to maintain wooden signs?

Custom wooden signs have a charming rustic appearance. If you want your custom wooden sign to stand the test of time, you need to keep it away from humidity. For interior wooden signs, we recommend to regularly wipe off any dust and dew that may collect. Also, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your wooden name sign, you can choose to get it laminated. This provides a special coating to turn the surface of the sign water and scratch-resistant, making it more durable. You can choose from matte, glossy or dry erase lamination options.

Can I get a photo printed on wood?

Yes, absolutely! You can upload your custom photos for home and office decoration, branding or any other purpose you can imagine. We use full color UV inks to digitally print your desired artwork and match it perfectly with the original photo.

What is plywood?

All our custom wooden signs are made of top-quality plywood. It’s a highly durable material, made of multiple plies bonded together to make it denser than naturally-occuring wood. Visually, it is no different from regular wood but it’s considerably more sturdy and long-lasting. 

How to maintain wooden plaques?

To retain the initial look of your custom wooden sign for a longer period, we recommend installing it in a dry area. Wood is a natural material that should be kept away from water and humidity. You can use a damp cloth to regularly clean the surface of the sign but do make sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards. To make your sign last longer, you can choose to get it laminated when placing the order. The process of lamination covers the sign with a thin protective coating that makes any personalized wooden sign more durable.

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