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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

Refer a friend


Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Wooden Signs

This product is great for branding and decorating any space with a charming effect. Create your own design on our online tool.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Wooden Signs

We take pride in producing the best wooden signs here at Square Signs. Our personalized wooden signs are great for any occasion from a bar grand opening to a small wedding. We offer a wide range of designs for your wooden sign. Use wood prints to provide a practical service or create a memorable experience. Browse our impressive collection of customizable templates to find the perfect look.

Customizable wood signs help you create a natural and eco-friendly image. They can serve as distinguished branding tools, unique personal gifts and stunning decorative elements.


Charming Appearance

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Eco-Friendly Material

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Double-Sided Printing 


Buy More, Pay Less

Purchase wood signs at a discounted rate when you order them in bulk. We deliver across the USA and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.The prices in the chart below correspond to products 18”x36” in size.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price

2 pcs






7 pcs






20 pcs






50 pcs






100 pcs






500 pcs






Applications of Custom Wooden Signs

Use customizable wood signs to promote your business or decorate your home. Custom wooden signs will give any space a sense of charm and coziness. 

Personalized Wooden Signs for Business Use

Welcome your clients with customizable wood signs that provide an organic feel. Install business related design solutions on your office walls, entrance doors or within the lobby to leave a professional impression. We offer small to large custom wood signs ranging between 6”x6” and 48”x96” to match your requirements.

 Interior stand-alone wooden sign with decorative elements

Branding Wooden Signs

Personalized wooden signs make an excellent medium for interior branding. With proper maintenance, the product will also work for outdoor branding. In addition to functionality, branded design items made of wood also provide decorative charm. Customize wood signs in any style and mount them using different accessories.

Directional Wooden Signs

Custom wooden signs are used to guide people at open air events or inside stores, malls and business centers. You can get arrows or boards shaped like pointing hands painted on custom wooden signs to show people which way to go. Customizable wood signs and aluminum signs can be used to designate aisles and departments. Our directional solutions can be fixed onto walls and doors with various hardware you can pick upon placing your order.

Informative Wooden Signs

Custom wooden signs can be used for informative purposes, providing a more elegant alternative to the functional corrugated plastic signs. Make business fairs and trade shows easy to follow with informative custom wooden signs displayed throughout the venue. Whether you’re looking for a way to make a wooden sign online from scratch or you’re looking for sign templates to complete your illustration, head to our sign design tool to personalize your product.

Wooden Menu Signs

Wooden menus are a beautiful way to display your dishes and their prices. Along with mouth-watering images, custom wood signs for menus can simultaneously convey a welcome message. Add your logo on wooden menu boards to boost your venue branding efforts. Like acrylic signs, wooden menus will provide a trendy update for your diner.

Customizable Wooden Signs for Personal Use

Personalized wooden signs will add charm to your home. If you want to amaze your guests, spruce up your room with a painted wood sign. From graduation parties to family gatherings, custom wood signs are a good solution. We have a great tool that allows you to customize wood signs according to your needs.

wedding wooden sign featuring the bride and groom names

Wooden Signs for Personal Celebrations

Do you want to create appealing solutions to celebrate personal events? Customizable wood signs are a valued solution for upgrading the aesthetics of any space. They’re perfect for decorating your porch during Christmas time or to set it up at the entrance of a wedding venue to convey a welcome message to your guests. Design a wooden sign online with our user-friendly tool and get custom styles that meet your needs whether it’s for highlighting patriotic or Christian messages.

Wooden Signs for Home Decorations

Like canvas prints and acrylic photo prints, custom wood signs also work well as home decorations. Add a rustic feel throughout your home by displaying them in your kitchen, bedroom or living room. You can even have customizable wood signs in the same style to maintain the overall atmosphere with customized messages for special occasions. Make your own wooden sign online by displaying heart-warming quotes such as “Happiness is Homemade” or “Bless This Home.”

Features to Customize Wood Signs 

Learn main characteristics and customization options to pick the design item made of wood that’s best for you. Customize wood signs by creating your own design from scratch or personalizing one of our modifiable templates.

All gender restroom wooden sign for toilets

Printing and Material of Wooden Signs

We use top-quality UV inks for custom wooden signs as well as many other products, including styrene signs. During the process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that make the material sun and fade-resistant.

With our full-color printing technique, the colors on your product will match the design proof we send you before printing. UV-printed images will retain their vivid colors for a long time. We produce wooden signs made to order with two printing options: single-sided or double-sided.

Single-sided printing

This is the standard option for custom wood signs. With this option, the graphics you choose will be printed on only one face of the product.

Double-sided printing

With double-sided printing, you’ll get graphics on both faces of your product. If you want the illustrations to be visible on two sides, choose this option.

Wood is a popular material in the sign-making industry. It’s a wonderful medium for indoor solutions, lasting around 7 years with good maintenance. With proper care in moderate weather conditions, the product is suitable for outdoor use as well, with a minimum lifespan of a year.

Our personalized wooden signs are made of rigid plywood with a half inch thickness. Plywood is more durable than regular wood. It consists of multiple cross-bonded plies that provide remarkable density to the material. Our plywood sheets are covered with a white paint coat that can take on any color. The sides have a natural wooden finish.

Size Range for Wooden Signs

Check the minimum and maximum sizes of our custom wood signs with their corresponding prices in the chart below.











Set up your wood signs wherever you want, including on doors, walls, tables or open spaces. Learn more about the process and installation accessories by visiting our wood sign installation page.

Kindly note that this product is suitable for several types of installation. One method is with the use of standoffs. This is one of the classiest mounting methods. It gives your product a 3D look by leaving it raised off the wall. The standoff bolts go through holes drilled in your product and their bases are attached to the wall.

*Please note that we can send your product with pre-drilled holes. Just select the drilled holes and standoff options from the design tool before finalizing your order.

Cutting Options

We offer high-precision cutting services for custom wooden signs. Our state-of-the-art cutting equipment helps us create custom shapes and sizes. This way, your product can exhibit elaborate design features.

The CNC cutting machine we use is ideal for an array of rigid materials including wood. It provides detailed and accurate cuts, allowing us to make custom wooden signs with complex designs.

Square/Rectangle Cut 

With this option, you can get a standard square or rectangle shape with sharp 90-degree corners.

Rounded Cut

This is not a round wood sign but rather a square or rectangle product that’s cut with rounded corners.

Outline Cut

Your product will be cut into the exact outline of your design whether it’s a round wood sign cut or a more intricate shape.

Overline Cut

This method will cut your item into the outline shape of your design with a thin border going around it.

Wooden Sign Comparison With Similar Products


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Max. Size

















Printing Options











Custom Wooden Sign FAQ

How to hang a wooden sign?

Drill evenly spaced holes into the product using proper drill bits intended for wood. Use a rope, string, chains, zip ties or a bungee cord to hang your item. You may order your product with drilled holes and accessories including standoffs, selecting them from our design tool.

Where can I get a wooden sign made?

We offer a wooden sign maker online where you can create your design from scratch. You can also customize wood signs by using ready-made templates from our collection. We deliver everywhere within the US and Canada.

How long will your custom wooden signs last?

With proper maintenance, our customizable wood signs will last well over five years indoors. The anticipated lifespan of customizable wood signs used outdoors will be impacted by factors like extreme weather, the size of the product and so on.