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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36”.

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Window Decals

Highly adhesive window graphics for promotional and decorative purposes. Choose the type that best satisfies your needs.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Window Decals

Reach a larger audience by displaying superb custom window decals with sophisticated designs. Pick your choice from the wide array of our window decal signs that work great for business and personal needs. Thanks to its versatility and premium quality, this medium serves a number of promotional and decorative purposes. Explore the advantageous features of our glass decals below:

Durable Material

Easy Application

Residue-Free Removal

UV-Cured Graphics

Long Lifespan

Easy to Maintain

Custom window decals are vinyl decals which come in four subtypes, each with its unique look and set of purposes. Create small to large window decals on our website with the exact design you envisioned applied on them.  Wherever you reside in the US or Canada, we’ll deliver your vinyl window signs to your doorstep. We also offer free ground shipping within the contiguous US for qualified orders.

Types of Custom Window Decals

Four types of window decals with colorful imagery for kids stores

Custom window decals are elegant and durable adhesives. Our four types of versatile glass decals that can be put to use as decor, promotions, branding and even providing privacy.

Transparent Window Decals

Clear window decals allow light to travel through the transparent material. The printed areas on custom window decals are opaque with vibrant and catchy graphics. Transparent vinyl window decals create captivating decorative and business window graphics. They’re commonly applied indoors and outdoors as they don’t obstruct the view from either side.

White Vinyl Window Decals

Opaque window decals originally come in white. They don’t let any light through. They also have a glossy finish with matte, UV-cured graphics applied on them. White vinyl window decals are fully customizable when it comes to size, shape and design like all the other adhesive graphics we have. It’s suitable for interior and exterior use.

Etched-Effect Window Decals

Frosted window decals transform ordinary glass into catchy displays with their beautiful sandblasted effect. This type of glass decals looks crisp and professional. That’s why it’s an ideal choice when creating business window graphics. Etched-effect custom window decals allow light to pass through, while providing privacy by obscuring vision from both sides.

One-Way Window Decals

Perforated window decals are durable media with a 70/30 opacity ratio. A one-way custom window decal has a white frontside and a black backside. This effect ensures one-way visibility, showing vibrant graphics from the outside while still letting people see what’s happening outside. These glass decals are set up outside, featuring large advertisements and announcements.

Buy More, Save More on Vinyl Window Decals

Square Signs offers discounts on custom window decals as well as most other products when you purchase them in bulk. Please bear in mind that the prices below correspond to opaque custom window graphics 24”x30” in size without extra options and add-ons.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price 

2 pcs

7% OFF

$35.76 $38.45

$58.74 $76.90

10 pcs

17% OFF

$31.91 $38.45

$262.10 $384.50

30 pcs

24% OFF

$29.22 $38.45

$720.00 $1,153.5

100 pcs

29% OFF

$27.30 $38.45

$2,242 $3,845

500 pcs

36% OFF

$24.61 $38.45

$10,105 $19,225

1000 pcs

41% OFF

$22.69 $38.45

$18,630 $38,450

Personal and Business Window Decals

Wondering where and how you can use custom window decals? Read on to find common ways to put a vinyl window decal to use.

Vinyl Window Decals for Workplace

Frosted window adhesives for workplace with city landscapes

Customizable window decals are a great way to capture attention and direct passersby eyes to your office. Show off your company name and logo on office window decals to create a more professional atmosphere. Order some vinyl lettering to show your working hours and safety guidelines. This will look much more attractive than having them printed on a simple white piece of paper. Small to large window decals can serve as a decoration too. Make pattern graphics and use them with transparent, opaque or etched-effect glass decals. When good taste is combined with a high-quality product, the result is breathtaking and long-lasting.

Custom Window Decals for Stores

One-way store adhesives with vibrant visuals for sales

Custom window decals for business can speak loud about your enterprise if you use a type of adhesive that suits your environment. Design the empty glass areas with customizable store window decals in bespoke shapes or get one-way adhesive graphics for mass advertisements. It covers large areas providing both privacy and vibrant promotional content from different sides. Business window decals for stores can serve various purposes such as displaying new products, special offers, seasonal discounts as well as instructions and decorations.

Window Graphics for Salons

Custom-shaped decorative window adhesives for beauty salons

Salon window decals may transform the plain glass areas of your beauty salon into a lively space. Take advantage of their versatility, which allows you to personalize business and decorative window decals in sophisticated forms and graphics. Use transparent window and glass door decals if you don’t want a heavy-looking design for your salon. Sandblasted glass decals, on the other hand, create ideal promotional or logo decals for windows with multiple uses such as showing off engaging content and providing privacy. Also, use one-way business window decals for important announcements and special offers.

Window Graphics for Cafés and Restaurants

Restaurant menu made of transparent window adhesives

A few creative touch-ups can turn your restaurant into a crowd favorite. Direct your menu and upgrade your special offers with innovative restaurant window decals. Use the diversity of our business window decals. Design a list of special dishes in subtle colors that will have people drooling in anticipation. You can attach the displays on mirrors and indoor glass panels. Opaque custom window graphics work well on small, bespoke-shaped graphics. These removable window decals will have a lifespan of about six years.

Decorative Window Decals for Home

Christmas characters on a custom-shaped home window decal

Create an inviting home atmosphere with window and glass door decals. The diversity of our customizable window decals allows you to choose the type that best suits your space. Make your own window decals on our design platform choosing the material you need. In your bedroom or bathroom, sandblasted decorative window decals will provide privacy whether they’re in your bedroom or bathroom. Opaque and transparent custom window graphics can work well for family holidays and home decor. You can use your home window decals for days, weeks or years, and they will maintain their fresh look and keep their vibrant colors for a long time.

Window Graphics for Vehicles

One-way adhesive graphics applied on the vehicle's windshield

Boost your business on the go with custom car window decals. Transform your vehicle into a mobile advertising box by covering it with business window wraps. Use opaque or transparent printed window decals if you want to create small displays. Large graphics are presented on one-way business window decals that exhibit vibrant content for people looking from the outside while ensuring clear visibility for safe driving. Order decorative and business window decals of different sizes and shapes. Wrap them entirely or partially around your vehicle. First and foremost, remember that each state has its own regulations regarding the usage of customizable window decals on vehicles.

Custom Window Decals Design

Make window decals online with our user-friendly design tool. It allows you to set the product dimensions, select necessary accessories and customize vinyl window decal graphics. You can design a window decal content from scratch by adding ready-made illustrations, icons, texts as well as uploading your personal photos.

Also don’t forget to browse our decorative and business window decals’ templates if you’re searching for inspiring ideas. Our templates are modifiable, so you can pick your favorite one and entirely restyle it by reviewing its elements. Design it with full graphics or a few patterns to your liking. After you’re done with the design, save it and order your personalized window decal immediately.

Common Sizes for Vinyl Window Decals

The chart below shows the most popular sizes for custom window decals. Please keep in mind that the list presents opaque vinyl window decals that come with default options without add-ons and accessories.















Main Features of Window Graphics

Different materials of window decals with food image prints

Learn all the features and benefits of our custom window decals. Make sure if this product satisfies your needs and requirements.

Materials of Custom Window Decals

We manufacture four types of customizable window decals which are both similar to each other and different from one another. All of them come with a glossy, non-printed finish with matte graphics.

Transparent / Opaque

Transparent and opaque vinyl window decals are made of durable, adhesive vinyl which is 4 mil thick. The former is entirely clear and doesn’t block the view from either side. This feature allows the medium to be used for large graphics. Opaque custom window decals, on the other hand, are white by default which doesn’t let light through. The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Sandblasted adhesives are an elegant type of custom vinyl window decals. They’re 4.7 mil thick. They give glass an etched look, obscuring the view from the opposite side and providing privacy. This type of custom window decals also has a translucent effect which allows light to pass through. The medium is ideal to make window decals for business.


Use one-way custom window decals to present large promotional content. They’re 6.3 mil thick and have evenly-pierced holes with 70/30 opacity to perforation ratio. The non-printed frontside of one-way custom vinyl window decals is white which reflects the sunrays, whereas the black backside allows the viewer to see through the other side. Usually one-way adhesives create large window signs for businesses.

All these products are removable and they’re applicable for indoor and outdoor uses. They can serve for up to six years in case of proper care under moderate weather conditions. The adhesives can be removed easily without leaving any glue or residue on the surface on which they were applied.

Window Decal Printing and Application Options

We offer full-color window decal printing using CMYK-based printers. During this process, the inks are applied onto the material and dried with ultraviolet rays creating fade and sun-resistant graphics. This process prolongs the graphics’ lifespan and helps keep the colors vibrant for an extended period.


The design is applied on the displays, creating a matte finish. The areas without a design preserve their natural product look. This option is applicable for all types of custom window decals.


It allows the graphics to be mirror-printed onto the back side of the adhesives facing forward. It’s worth mentioning that we add two layers of printing when you opt for mirror printing. First, we apply the design and then add a second white layer. The latter is done to make the actual design’s colors look more vivid. The option is only available for transparent media for inside-glass applications.

Custom Window Decals by Shape

Create window decals in square, rectangle, rounded or bespoke outline and overline shapes. The process is handled by our bleeding-edge plotter cutters. This machine ensures pinpoint accuracy while cutting, thanks to its computer-controlled sensor system which enables us to trim the adhesives in shapes and sizes of any complexity.


It’s a standard cutting option that creates square or rectangle-shaped displays. In this case, the products come with sharp, pointed edges.


The products are formed into square or rectangle shapes with rounded corners. It gives them a soft look creating elegant decorative and business window decals.


You can order business and decorative adhesives in the shape of your graphics. Please keep in mind that we don’t make cut-out designs.


These adhesives are cut around the design with an extra border going around it. The border won’t be printed and it will have the material’s default look.

Applying Vinyl Window Decals

It’s easy to install a custom window decal. All you need to do is peel off the backing paper and adhere the sticky face to the glass. You can mount this product in two ways:

Dry Mounting

This option lets you safely apply removable window decals of various sizes without professional assistance. Apply the adhesive to its place and smooth it out with a squeegee or a plastic card.

Wet Mounting

Wet mounting can help you apply small to large window decals more easily than expected. It allows you to reposition adhesives during the application process. Visit our custom window decals installation page for detailed instructions. Please note that wet mounting is only applicable for clear products.

Comparison Chart of Window Graphics and Similar Products

Explore the chart below and find vinyl window decals and similar products. The prices are for standard products that come with default dimensions without additional accessories and add-ons.

Window Decals

Wall Decals

Floor Decals

Backlit Decals

Car Decals

Size Range:

6”x6” - 58”x1,680”

6”x6” - 52”x1,680”

4”x4” - 52”x1,740”

6”x6” - 58”x1,680”

6”x6” - 52”x1680”

Price Range:

$22.99 - $2225,39

$15.00 - $3,414.28

$8.49 - $4,882.09

$30.22 - $3,730.59

$7.97 - $3,022.02


4 mil

6 mil

4.25 mil

3 mil

4 mil

Application Options:

Standard, inside-glass




Standard, inside-glass

Lifespan (Indoors/Outdoors):

6+ / 3 + years

6+ / 3+ years

1+ years outdoors

3+ years outdoors

1+ years outdoors

Custom Window Decals FAQ

What is a custom window decal and what types of it do you offer?

A custom window decal is a durable adhesive used to create graphics for advertisements and decorations. The material lasts long and doesn’t lose its adhesiveness with time. We offer four types of adhesives with four different appearances: clear, opaque, sandblasted and micro-punctured. Check our custom window decals specifications page to find more technical details.

How to apply window decals?

Clean the area where the graphics will be applied. Peel off the backing paper and stick the adhesive to the application area. Then use a squeegee to remove the air bubbles trapped under it. The medium can be installed with dry or wet mounting options. Check our guide on the installation page of this product for step-by-step instructions.

How to remove window decals?

Spray window cleaner on the material and use a razor blade to chip away at the adhesive. Then slowly pull the medium upwards and peel it off. Removable window decals don’t leave any glue or residue on the glass. Clean the area with a glass cleaner or lukewarm water once you’ve removed the graphics. Now you’re done.

How can I clean my custom window decal?

Clear off your vinyl window decal regularly with a feather duster. Then spray glass cleaner on the adhesive that doesn’t contain ammonia, alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Wipe it with a soft, cotton towel. Dry around the edges of the medium carefully to prevent excess moisture. Excess moisture can cause the corners of the product to peel off with time.

Where can I store my custom window decal?

Roll up your adhesive graphics with the protective backing paper on them to avoid spoiling the glue on the backside. Keep them in a dry, dark place. Don’t store other items on your adhesives.

Is a custom window decal reusable?

Vinyl window decals are made for one-time uses. They’ll serve for more than three years preserving the graphics’ vibrancy and fresh look. However, you won't be able to reuse the adhesives once you've removed them. Use static clings instead. They’re both reusable and can withstand for more than three years.

How to make a personalized window decal?

Go to our online design platform and start creating your graphics from scratch. Add designer-made illustrations from the list as well as background colors, texts and icons. You can also upload your personal photos and design them to get personalized graphics for your custom window decal.

Where do you ship your products?

We ship all our products anywhere you want within the US and Canada. Get free ground shipping for orders over $85 and under 36” in size within the contiguous US.