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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Vinyl Banners

Versatile, lightweight and long-lasting vinyl displays providing bold content. Ready to be used for different events and occasions.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banner printing is a useful and effective medium that serves various marketing and personal purposes. Custom vinyl banners are convenient if you’re looking for something to use outdoors for a long time. They’re promotional and decorative displays that come in a range of dimensions. Our custom vinyl banners’ top features include:

  • Lightweight material
  • UV-cured graphics
  • Waterproof rolls
  • Tear resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy installation

Vinyl banner printing is also used as a fundamental display component of large stands such as retractable banners. We can help you order vinyl banners online and ship them to you all across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Buy More, Save More

Whenever you order products in bulk with Square Signs, you get them at discounted rates. This applies to our custom vinyl banners too. The discount rate increases as you purchase a larger number of vinyl banner printing. Take a look at the chart below. Remember that the prices listed apply to custom vinyl banners 24”x36” in size. The prices don’t include additional options and installation accessories.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price

2 pcs

7% OFF

$19.96 $23.48

$39.92 $46.96

10 pcs

17% OFF

$19.49 $23.48

$194.9 $234.8

30 pcs

24% OFF

$17.84 $23.48

$535.2 $704.4

100 pcs

29% OFF

$16.67 $23.48

$1,667 $2,348

500 pcs

36% OFF

$15.03 $23.48

$7,515 $11,740

1000 pcs

41% OFF

$13.85 $23.48

$13,850 $23,480


Vinyl Banner Printing for Different Events & Occasions

Custom vinyl banners can showcase different types of content for different events. Read on if you’re curious to find out how you can make use of this product.

Custom Vinyl Banners for Trade Exhibitions

Vinyl banner with green graphics and texts for trade shows

Setting up a vinyl banner at expos means you’ll benefit greatly from its features and advantages. Vinyl banner printing is budget-friendly and helps show off visually appealing content. Consider placing vinyl banner backdrops in your booth if you have ample space. Browse our list of trade show display templates to draw some inspiration for your designs.

Vinyl Banners for Parades

Festivals, parades and other large events will look empty without custom vinyl banners. Purchase vinyl banner printing with pole pockets to use your product as a flag during different ceremonies.

Vinyl Banners at Sports Competitions

Custom vinyl banners are a big part of all major sporting events and commercial campaigns. Get bespoke vinyl banner printing and place them around the event’s venue. Design vinyl posters that can get the fans roaring and cheering for their teams.

Vinyl Banners for Graduations

Throw a little flair into your graduation party using vinyl banner printing. Pick the necessary installation accessories to fix your products to different types of fences. Are you looking for graphics you don’t want to hang? A flush-cut vinyl banner looks amazing pinned to the front of tables and other flat surfaces. Our list of graduation display templates can aid you in creating a design.

Vinyl Banners for Birthdays

Incorporating decorative custom vinyl banners into celebrations is a smart idea. Knowing that this medium lasts long, you can store the vinyl banner printing without giving it a second thought. Do you need unique design ideas? Go to our collection of designer-made birthday sign templates.

Custom Vinyl Banners for Retail

Informative large vinyl banner for spa salons

Vinyl banner printing is superb for advertising thanks to its large dimensions, easy installation and vibrant colors. Here are some ideas for custom vinyl banners that can serve your business.

Sale Vinyl Posters

Highlight your seasonal or clearance discounts with bespoke vinyl posters in different dimensions. Set them up inside your store or out front. Create bold content on our design platform or use ready-to-go sale sign templates for your vinyl banner printing.

Informative Vinyl Banners

Custom vinyl banners are essential in helping your company rise in popularity. Highlight the list of services you provide through these commercial tools. Put up vinyl banner printing to communicate working hours as well as safety rules.

Communicative Vinyl Banners

Are you launching your brand or updating your services? Get “opening-soon” custom vinyl banners to let people stay alert to future changes. Put up vinyl banner printing near the office building. Our list of announcement display templates is at your fingertips to inspire fresh ideas for graphics.

Common Sizes for Custom Vinyl Banners

Our custom vinyl banners range in size from 12”x12” to 120”x1,680”. See the chart below and explore the most common dimensions for custom vinyl banners. Bear in mind that the pricing list doesn’t include add ons and installation tools.















Main Features of Vinyl Banner Printing

Why choose custom vinyl banners? Learn the must-knows of vinyl banner printing before you place your order. Find out if this product fits your requirements.

Vinyl Banner Printing and Materials

Vinyl banner roll with blue and pink printing

Custom vinyl banners are some of the top industry products thanks to their versatility and handiness. The product is generally made of a soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) layer that’s 13 mil thick and white on both faces. The good news about custom vinyl banners is that they’re designed to exhibit large graphics despite their light weight and thinness.

We rely on our UV-curing machines to produce one-sided vinyl banner printing. The images look great on custom vinyl banners which hold up well in the sun and preserve their vibrancy for years. Our vinyl banner printing lasts up to five years if you clean and care for it appropriately. The material is waterproof and abrasion-resistant. This makes it more durable and well-suited for outdoor use, similar to pvc signs and sandwich board signs.

We offer custom vinyl banners with flush-cut and hemmed finishing. With the first option, vinyl banner printing comes with standard, one-layer edges. Custom vinyl banners with hemmed edges last longer. The folded, sewn sections strengthen the corners of the vinyl banner printing, rendering it wind-resistant.

Mounting of Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banner printings with grommets and pole pockets

Consider how you’ll put up your vinyl banner printing before sending in your order. The graphics have several installation methods. Continue reading to find which method is best for you.

  • Custom Vinyl Banners with Grommets

A vinyl banner with grommets is the best choice for installation. The custom vinyl banners come with hemmed edges and have metal grommets at each corner or every 2-3 feet along the borders. You can also select the necessary accessories, such as nylon ropes, zip ties and hanging clips. These work perfectly with grommeted custom vinyl banners.

Nylon ropes are the best hanging tools for lightweight vinyl banner printing because they’re safe and simple to install.

Large vinyl banner printing needs something that can carry its weight. In this case, zip ties are the most suitable accessories that are dead-fixed and can hold items even in windy weather.

Another useful accessory for large custom vinyl banners is hanging clips. These metal clips are reusable and made to support big graphics.

  • Custom Vinyl Banners with Pole Pockets

You’ll need vinyl banner printing with sewn pockets where you can insert poles or other similar items and use the graphics like a flag. Order your custom vinyl banners with one or two pockets.

Create Your Own Vinyl Banner With Us

Custom vinyl banner design with product accessories and templates

Personalize your own vinyl banner printing with our design tool. Begin the vinyl banner design by selecting background colors, adding designer-made images, texts and shapes. Or upload photos to create graphics for custom vinyl banners from scratch. Place your order once you’ve made all the adjustments for your vinyl banner printing.

Do you need inspiration to create unique custom vinyl banners? Take a look at our collection of professionally designed templates. Choose your favorite, change the colors, texts and icons to make original vinyl banner printing. You can also use the template as it is instead of creating an image from scratch.

Comparison Chart of Custom Vinyl Banners and Similar Products

Look over the chart below and find some specifications for custom vinyl banners and similar products. Keep in mind that the pricing refers to the products with default options excluding additional options and installation tools.


Vinyl Banners

X-Stand Banners

Pop-up Displays

Step and Repeat Banners

Fabric Banners

Mesh Banners

Paper Poster Printing

Size Range

12”x12” - 120”x1,680”

24”x63”, 32”x72”

96”x96”, 120”x96” 

96”x96”, 120”x96”

12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

12”x12” - 115”x1,680”

4”x4” - 58”x1,740”

Price Range

$13.42 - $3,088.21

$83.18, $99.51

$785.93, $871.49

$311.93, $375.49

$24.99 - $4,981.99

$18.22 - $3,426.07 

$5.29 - $1,892.25

Lifespan (indoors/outdoors)

5+ / 3+

10+ / 3+

15+ / 7+

15+ / 7+

10+ /3+

10+ / 4+

3+ / N/A

Custom Vinyl Banners FAQ

What’s the material of a vinyl banner?

A custom vinyl banner is a soft and durable sheet of polyvinyl chloride. The vinyl banner printing is available in rolls and can be trimmed into bespoke dimensions. Browse our vinyl banners specification page to learn more product details. 

How to hang a vinyl banner outside?

If you get grommeted custom vinyl banners, you’ll be able to set them up easily using the hanging accessories available for vinyl banner printing. You can also order custom vinyl banners with pole pockets and use them as flags by inserting a pole into the pockets. Learn about the process step by step by checking out our vinyl banners installation page.

How to pack a vinyl banner before using it?

Roll up your custom vinyl banner and store it in a cool dry place. Keep the vinyl banner printing far from sharp objects. Unroll the custom vinyl banner and let it flatten before using it.

Do you provide shipping for custom vinyl banners?

We ship all products, including our custom vinyl banners, across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.