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Vinyl Banners

Versatile, lightweight and long-lasting vinyl displays providing bold content. Ready to be used for different events and occasions.

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Installation Of Custom Vinyl Banners

Installing a vinyl banner outdoors is quite simple with the proper accessories. Our vinyl banners come either with grommets and hems or with pole pockets.


Installation of a vinyl banner through grommets with hems:

If you have grommets on your vinyl banner, you can use nylon ropes, zip ties, hanging clips or bungees to fix it in place. The hems give the display extra strength and wind resistance.

Step 1: Pass the bungees or ropes through the grommets.

Step 2: Tie the vinyl banner to the attachment location.

Step 3: Ensure the display is firmly fixed in place.


Installation of a vinyl banner with zip ties:

Step 1: Decide where you want to install the vinyl banner and make sure the construction is sturdy enough to hold it.

Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the grommets but don't fix them yet.

Step 3: Fix the top central grommets to the applicable area.

Step 4: Fix the top corner grommets to the installation area.

Step 5: Fix the bottom central grommets. 

Step 6: Fix the bottom corner grommets.

Step 7: Cut the extra parts of the zip ties for a neater look.


Installation of a vinyl banner with hanging clips:

Step 1: Adjust the clips to attach to the grommets.

Step 2: Hang the vinyl banner from the attachment points.


Installation of a vinyl banner with pole pockets:

Step 1: Insert the pole through the pockets on the vinyl banner.

Step 2: Fix the poles into the installation location.

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