Styrene Signs

Styrene Signs

Extremely flexible - most often used for Trade Show POP displays and print industry. These signs are eye catching and vibrant, but best of all, they are affordable.

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Installation of Styrene Signs

Styrene Sign Installation with Command Strips

Step 1: To apply the command strips to the application surface separate them and peel it from one side.

Step 2: Stick the strip to the back side of the sign and make sure the positioning is level.

Step 3: Remove the second protective backing off the adhesive and stick the sign to the wall.

Step 4: Press the sign frame for 30 seconds, make sure the adhesive is firmly stuck to the wall and check the stability in an hour.

Styrene Sign Installation with Suction Cup & Hook

Step 1: Make sure the glass surface is smooth, dry and level.

Step 2: Position the suction cup onto the surface and burp it.

Step 3: Hang the sign from the hook.

Styrene Sign Installation with Hanging Clips

Step 1: Insert the hanging clips onto the hanging hardware.

Step 2: Connect the top corners of the sign with the clips.

Styrene Sign Installation with Standoffs

Step 1: Prepare the template (if there is any), measure the drill and make sure that the future sign is level.

Step 2: Pencil in the Standoff holes to mark the wall for drilling.

Step 3: Drill the wall, insert the wall plugs and screw the Standoff body onto the wall.

Step 4: Fix the Styrene Sign through the standoff cup and check for stability.

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