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Step and repeat bannersStep and repeat banners
Telescopic banner materialTelescopic banner material
Telescopic bannersTelescopic banners
Wedding telescopic bannerWedding telescopic banner
Step and repeat banners
Step and repeat bannersStep and repeat banners

Telescopic Banners

Portable, lightweight and adjustable backdrops are there to serve your business or personal needs with large and high-quality images.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

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Installation of Step and Repeat Banners

Our constructions include fabric graphics and an aluminum frame. The product comes with accessories like screw knobs and bolts to fasten the metal base construction. Also, you get two steel bases and two sets of medium poles (which are joined together to make up the frame).

No additional tools are needed for installation.

Step 1: Adjust the aluminum poles to match the size of the display face. 

Step 2: Insert the side poles into the pole pockets on the fabric.

Step 3: Insert the top and bottom poles through the pole pockets.

Step 4: Fix the banner crossbars at the top.

Step 5: Tighten the construction with the screws provided.

Step 6: Insert the vertical poles into the sockets of the two base stands. 

To take apart the construction, just follow the same steps in reverse order. Open the travel bag and pack the parts back up as they were for safe-keeping.

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