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Real estate posts
Real estate postsReal estate posts

Real Estate Posts

Easy-to-use real estate posts will display your messages elegantly and promote your property listings around the clock.

Standard Size:
Custom Size:

Price Total:

Installation of Real Estate Sign Posts

Step 1: Open the carry box and take out the construction, display and accessories.

Step 2: Press the stake into the ground using a hammer until half its length is firmly rooted in the soil.

Step 3: Slide the plastic post over the stake with the arm holes at the top until it reaches the ground.

Step 4: Install the plastic arm onto the post by sliding it through the holes.

Step 5: Place the key into the slots of the arm for final fixation.

Step 6: Place the end cap onto the top of the construction.

Step 7: Screw the eye bolts into the arm grommets and attach hanging clips to them.

Step 8: Hang the plaque from the construction by passing the hanging tools through pre-drilled holes on the display.


Note: Place a rider atop the mounting arm. You can buy them separately.

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