PVC Signs

PVC Signs

Waterproof - non-yellowing PVC signs to decorate and brand your Exterior and Interior Venue. Project high-quality, professional Corporate image with ease.

Standard Size:
Custom Size

Price Total:

Specifications of PVC Signs


1/8"/0.125", 1/4"/0.25", 1/2"/0.5" Shape, Size, style: Templates are available, can be customized
Weight: 0.4 lbs, 0.8 lbs, 1.6 lbs according to the thickness


Digital printing with instant curing system, direct printing with UV fade-resistant inks, double-sided printing is available
Min. size: 4" x 4"


Standoffs, command strips, suction cup & hook, hanging clips
Max. size: 48" x 96"

Cutting options:

Standard, overline or outline, rounded
Common sizes: 24" x 24", 24" x 36", 24" x 48", 36" x 36", 36" x 54", can be customized

Lifespan outdoors:

3+ years
Colors available: White, black

Lifespan indoors:

10+ years

Where to use PVC Signs?

PVC Signs are highly used as a point of purchase display. It’s a cost-effective material for menu boards, nameplates and tags. Business establishments also utilize it as directional and informational signs. For its glare-free and fingerprint resistant nature, it is the preferred material for trade show booth signage.

PVC is also used as a decorative stand. Any occasion, wedding anniversary, birthday celebration and promotional events PVC standee signs may be an ideal solution for you.

Where can PVC Signs be installed?

You can fix your custom PVC Signs on any rigid surface. There are plenty of accessories to ensure the smooth installation of the sign. Usually, the PVC Sign is mounted with screws and other fasteners onto the building, fence, etc. We can drill holes on the signs per your request.

For flat surfaces like wall or door, you can adhere the sign with command strips.

As for hanging accessories, you can use poles and brackets.

Hanging Clips can be used for a drop ceiling signs. For glass-like materials, we suggest using suction cups and hooks. Make sure to place it in a secure spot for people not to bump and cause damage to the sign and themselves.

Note: Avoid installing the Custom Sign under a direct sunlight for it not to warp and deform or discolor.

How to maintain PVC Signs? / What is the best way to clean PVC Signs?

Generally, PVC Signs are easy to take care of. Washing with a liquid soap and water is sufficient enough. Wiping off the dust will preserve the Aluminum Signs Graphics attractive and vivid look. Note: Avoid using abrasive cloths or metal sponge for possible damage.

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