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Custom Printed PVC Signs

PVC Signs

Waterproof - non-yellowing PVC signs to decorate and brand your Exterior and Interior Venue. Project high-quality, professional Corporate image with ease.

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Take one of the easel backs and fold the wing inward to cut open the dotted area.

Installation of PVC Signs

PVC sign Installation with Standoffs

Step 1: Drill the holes according to the pre-drilled marks on the PVC sign.

Step 2: Insert the wall plug into the drilled wall.

Step 3: Screw the standoff body into the wall anchor.

Step 4: Fix the PVC sign through the standoff cup to the standoff body.

PVC Sign direct installation with command strips

Step 1: Wipe the dust off the surface for the adhesive to stick to the wall.

Step 2: Make sure the surface is dry as well as grime and grease-free.

Step 3: Separate the strips and press the fasteners together until they click.

Step 4: Remove a backing liner from the fasteners and position it on the back of the PVC frame.

Step 5: Press the fasteners at the top two or all four corners and remove the backing liner.

Step 6: Position the PVC frame onto the wall and press for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Remove the frame and press each fastener for another 30 seconds.

Step 8: Wait for 1 hour so that the adhesive of the strips bonds to the wall and frame.

Step 9: Mount the frame back onto each set of fasteners.


Step 1: Grab the bottom corners of the frame and pull the frame off the wall.

Step 2: Press the top of the adhesive strip and pull the tab until it comes off the wall.

PVC Sign installation with Easel Backs

Easel backs are lightweight cardboard stands for displaying small PVC signs on tables, countertops or other surfaces.

Step 1: Take one of the easel backs and fold the wing inward to cut open the pre-dotted area. Repeat the same action on the other easel back.

Step 2: Repeat the same action on the other easel back.

Step 3: Fold down the circular easel stabilizer.

Step 4: Secure easel wings into the slots on both easel backs.

Step 5: Peel the tapes off the adhesive bands on both easel backs.

Step 6: Position them on both sides of the sign and press for a few seconds to secure.

That’s it. Now you can display your small PVC sign on any flat surface.

PVC Sign installation with hanging clips

Step 1: Ensure that the pre-drilled holes are parallel to the hanging mechanism.

Step 2: Connect the PVC sign to its place with a hanging clip.

PVC sign installation with suction cup & hook

Step 1: Make sure the surface is clean and smooth.

Step 2: Measure the application surface to make sure the sign is level.

Step 3: Remove the plastic backing pieces from the suction cup.

Step 4: Make sure the tabs are pointing out and press softly onto the surface.

Step 5: Pull the tab, push down the center to let the air out.

Step 6: Push down all around with a finger to completely seal the cup.

Step 7: Hang the custom PVC sign from the hook.

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