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PVC Signs

PVC Signs

Waterproof - non-yellowing PVC signs to decorate and brand your Exterior and Interior Venue. Project high-quality, professional Corporate image with ease.

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PVC Sign Installation with Standoffs

Step 1: Make sure the location is level and drill the holes according to the pre-drilled holes of the PVC Sign.

Step 2: Insert the wall plug into the drilled wall.

Step 3: Screw the standoff body into the wall anchor.

Step 4: Fix the PVC Sign through the standoff cup to the standoff body.

PVC Sign direct installation with Command Strips

Step 1: Wipe the dust off the surface for the adhesive to stick to the wall.

Step 2: Make sure the surface is dry and grease-free.

Step 3: Separate the strips and press the fasteners together until they click.

Step 4: Remove one of the backing liners from the fasteners and position it on the back of the PVC frame.

Step 5: Press the fasteners firmly at all 4 or top 2 corners and remove the other backing liner.

Step 6: Position the PVC frame onto the wall and press-hold for 30 seconds.

Step 7: Remove the frame and press hold each fastener both on the wall and frame for another 30 seconds.

Step 8: Wait for 1 hour so that the strip’s adhesive bonds to the wall and frame.

Step 9: Mount back the frame to each set of fasteners.

Removal or re-position:

Step 1: Grab the bottom corners of the frame and remove the frame off the wall.

Step 2: Press the top of the adhesive strip and pull the tab until it comes off the wall.

PVC Sign installation with zip ties

Step 1: Make sure that your sign is positioned level.

Step 2: Tighten down the zip tie from all the pre-drilled corners.

Step 3: Snap so that there is no wiggle room left.

Step 4: Cut down the leftover part with scissors or any sharp object you have.

PVC Sign installation with hanging clips

Step 1: Ensure that the pre-drilled holes are parallel to the hanging mechanism.

Step 2: Connect the PVC Sign to its place with a hanging clip.

PVC sign installation with suction cup & hook

Step 1: Make sure the surface is clean and smooth.

Step 2: Measure the application surface to make sure the sign is level.

Step 3: Remove the plastic backing pieces off the Suction cup.

Step 4: Ensure the tabs are pointing out and go ahead and slightly press onto the surface.

Step 5: Pull the tab, push down the center to let the air out.

Step 6: Push down with a finger all way around to completely seal the cup.

Step 7: Hang the custom PVC Sign from the hook.

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