Pop up Displays

Pop up Displays

Boost your performance and reel in visitors to your trade show booth with portable, easy-to-setup and impossible-to-miss pop up displays

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Installation of Pop-up Displays

Pop up Displays arrive in a hard carry case with all the necessary accessories available for the installation. You can find the base construction, the graphics and illumination set (optional). The construction: sturdy and durable, is in fact very light due to the strong but lightweight high-grade Aluminum structure. It has Velcro-compatible panels with 8’X8’ and 10’X10’ graphic size with 3x3 frame. The construction is folded with or without the printings.

Graphics: The Display comes already with the custom printed fabric graphics fixed to the display stand.


Step 1. Take out the Pop Up Display from the carry case.

Step 2. Determine the front - facial part of the display.

Step 3. Expand the construction like an accordion.

Step 4. Fix the plastic connectors or locks at each and every corners, also connect the magnetic locks.

Step 5. Enjoy the view!


1. Unfold the plastic locks.

2. Lay the Aluminum construction on the level ground.

3. Pack the graphics really nicely to avoid possible wrinkles in the future or remove the graphics and fold for storage.

4. Put it back inside the carry case until the next usage.

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