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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.

Party Banners

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Party banners will embellish any party with vibrant and eye-catching graphics. They’re durable, lightweight and come in versatile designs.
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About Product
Specification And Usage

Party Banners

Spruce up your gathering with our personalized party banners and create an awesome experience with eye-catching designs. You can use vinyl banners for different occasions including personal and corporate celebrations.

Celebration banners are decorative items that come in a wide range of sizes. Here are the top benefits of this product:




Easy Assembly

HD Graphics

Square Signs manufactures personalized party banners for interior and exterior use. We ship our products all across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Other Types of Custom Party Banners

We offer multiple products that can be utilized for celebration banners.

Fabric Banners

This product will add a touch of elegance to any event. Lasting and low-cost, it can be used as a novel decoration piece and hung on any accent wall. It’s great for decoration, photoshoots, promotions and providing information.

Step and Repeat Banners

These world-class design items will highlight any message during your party. Featuring gorgeous, high-resolution illustrations, they’ll capture attention from afar and enrich your party with style.

Tension Fabric Displays

You’ll love this medium thanks to its versatile usage options and sophisticated look. Ideal for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions, you can share creative texts or images on them.

Pop Up Displays

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event or a family gathering, these large-scale products are a perfect solution. They’re portable and easy to assemble despite their impressive look and size.

Create your own party banner with our sign design tool by choosing from a wide variety of party sign templates.

Comparison of Party Banners With Similar Products


Party Banners

Tension Fabric Displays

Pop Up Displays

Step and Repeat Banners

Fabric Banners



11”x12” - 120”x1,680”

8ft, 10ft, 20ft

96”x96”, 120”x96” 

96”x96”, 120”x96”

12”x12” -




$8 - $2,007.34

$735.65, $910.50, $1,358.76

$785.93, $871.49

$311.93, $375.49

$24.99 - $4,981.99

Lifespan (Indoors/


5+ / 3+ years

2+ years / N/A

15+ / 7+ years

15+ / 7+ years

10+ / 3+ years

Buy More, Save More 

Make your custom party banners online in a matter of minutes using our party banner maker. Sketch them from scratch or explore our sign templates for ready-made designs you can customize to your taste.

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$421.5 $507.80

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$1,157.7 $1,523.40

100 pcs

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$36.05 $50.78

$3,605 $5,078

500 pcs

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$32.5 $50.78

$16,250 $25,390

1000 pcs

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$29.96 $50.78

$29,960 $50,780


Popular Uses of Celebration Banners

The purposes of a party banner are quite numerous. Install these products for all types of celebrations at home or work. They make a fantastic sporting party banner stand, work as graduation banners and much more. Read on for details.

kevin's baptism party banner

Family Party Banners

Share positive vibes through banners for a party during family gatherings. Put a personal message or a family photo on them for a touching effect. Your custom party banners will work whether you need birthday banners for the cake table or anniversary decorations for a photoshoot. Use them for special occasions and holidays such as family reunions or Mother's Day to express gratitude for your loved ones. Retractable banners can complement the overall party mood. Choose from our collection of thematic templates and personalize them to achieve your favorite look.

Personal Celebration Banners

Celebrate any private occasion with gorgeous party banner printing. Great for decorations, banners for a party will make a lasting impression on all your guests. Make your own party banners to match your celebration’s overall theme. All the features in our online design tool are modifiable, including texts and elements.

Holiday Party Banners

Make your holiday celebration special with our personalized party banners. We produce a wide range of party backdrops for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. They’re fully customizable to satisfy your needs. You can also choose any design you like from our party banner template collection and restyle it to add your own touch with just a few clicks.

Corporate Party Banners

Our celebration banners are a great way to adorn and promote business events. Use them to decorate corporate parties, to celebrate company achievements, showcase campaigns, milestones and beyond. Our custom party banners are printed with high-quality UV inks that are well-suited for outdoor use as well.

Sport Party Banners

Show your support with a custom party banner during any sporting event. Order a massive celebration banner and write an energy boosting message on it. Thanks to their massive scale, the graphics will capture the crowd and your favorite athletes’ attention. You’re free to add or remove texts, illustrations or other elements to create the graphics you want.

Main Features of Party Banners

Custom party banners can really get the party going. Banners for a party can be the focal point of any event as they do it all: they set the mood, extend a warm greeting and establish the right theme.

Whether it's a birthday party, an engagement or an anniversary, a custom party banner will add a nice touch. We specialize in creating celebration banners for every kind of party.

Now let’s check out the technical specifications of this product.

 party banner material and printing

Printing and Material of Party Banners

A party banner is a top industry product thanks to its versatility of material and designs. Party banner printing is processed through high-end UV-curing machines to produce long lasting graphics. The resulting images are striking and preserve their vibrancy for many years.

The material for our standard product is a 13 mil thick polyvinyl chloride that’s white on both faces. A celebration banner is lightweight yet can come in large sizes designed to exhibit captivating graphics. This material is abrasion-resistant and waterproof to extend its lifespan.

Our banners for a party can be designed with flush-cut or hemmed trims. The first variant has standard, one-layer edges whereas a custom party banner with hemmed edges is double-layered. The sewn hems reinforce the corners of the product, making it resistant to tearing and giving it a greater lifespan.

Common Sizes of Party Banners

Our custom party banners range from 11”x12” to 120”x1,680” in size. See the chart below and explore the most popular dimensions for celebration banners. The pricing list doesn’t include extra features and installation tools.
















Mounting of Party Banners

We offer pole pockets or hemmed edges with grommets with four mounting accessories to choose from depending on your needs. 

  1. Nylon ropes offer a safe and simple way to install a party banner.
  2. Zip ties fix a custom party banner and hold it in place even in windy conditions.
  3. Reusable hanging clips are a reusable accessory for large celebration banners.
  4. One or two pole pockets can be used to prop up a party banner on poles.

See our party banner installation guide for step-by-step mounting instructions. 

Party Banner FAQ

How to make party banners?

Use our online design tool to create your celebration banner. Choose from a variety of templates and customization features to get unique designs. 

Is it possible to use this product outside?

Celebration banners are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They’re lightweight, weather-resistant and easy to hang. We use UV-cured inks to make the graphics retain their vibrancy for a long time even under sunlight.

What types of mounting do you offer for a celebration banner?

We offer grommets or pole pockets as features for a celebration banner. If you choose grommets, you’ll get hemmed edges and metal eyelets on each corner of the material for hanging accessories such as clips, ropes or zip ties. If you choose the installation with pole pockets, you can showcase your celebration banners on ropes or poles.

Do you provide custom sizes?

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes for personalized party banners. You can use our online design platform to personalize your product and choose whatever size you want within the size range available. The minimum size of vinyl party banners is 11”x12” and the maximum size is 120”x1,680”.

What’s the lifespan of a celebration banner?

The lifespan of this product is 3+ years outside and 5+ years inside with proper care. The material is weather-resistant and with hemmed edges, you won’t have to worry about it being torn or damaged.

What’s the thickness of the material of custom party banners?

The thickness of the material of vinyl party banners is 13 mil. It comes in rolls of standard white on both sides. The graphics on it are single-sided with UV-cured inks that allow it to preserve its vibrant colors for a long time.

Where do you deliver your personalized party banners?

We provide party banner shipping across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.