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Mesh bannersMesh banners

Mesh Banners

Windproof and highly visible graphics, popular for different outdoor uses. Full color printing and custom sizes available.

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Custom Size:

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Installation of Mesh Banners

Installation With Pole Pockets

With this option, you can hang larger graphics from poles or nylon ropes.

Step 1: Open the pole pockets with your hands.

Step 2: Pass the poles or ropes through the pockets.

Step 3: Install the graphics in the desired location.


Installation With Grommets

You can use nylon ropes, zip ties, hanging clips or bungees for hanging displays that have grommets. You can select them along with hems from our design menu. 

Step 1: Pass the hanging hardware through the grommet holes.

Step 2: Tie the graphics firmly to the attachment point.

Step 3: Ensure the display is level and firmly fixed into place.

Step 4: Cut off any excess ties for a clean look.


Installation With Hanging Clips

This installation option is available for graphics with grommets. You can select them as an option from our design menu.

Step 1: Pass the hanging clips through the grommet holes on your graphics.

Step 2: Attach the clips to your desired installation point to hang your graphics.


Installation With Nylon Ropes

This installation option can be applied to graphics that have grommets or pole-pockets. 

Step 1: Pass the ropes through the grommets or pole-pockets.

Step 2: Tie the graphics to the desired application point.

Step 3: Make sure the ropes are pulled tight to secure the graphics.

Step 4: Cut off any excess rope material for a neat look.


Installation With Zip Ties

This accessory is ideal for a hanging installation with grommets. 

Step 1: Pass the zip ties through the grommet holes.

Step 2: Fix the zip ties to the application point.

Step 3: Tighten all the zip ties for a firm grip.

Step 4: Cut off any extra ends for a neat look.

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