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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

Regardless of the weather, get your message across with wind and fade-resistant mesh banners designed for large scale outdoor advertising

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Installation of Mesh Banners

Mesh banner installation with grommets and supporting hardware

The grommets all work perfectly for mesh banner installation; they are durable and meant to carry banners of different sizes and weights. For extra strength, we add hems in the corners. We fix the grommets starting from every 6”. You can custom order any number of grommets according to the length of the mesh banner and preferred distance between the grommets.

Step 1: Take the mesh banner with the hardware you ordered - grommets (holes) with either zip ties, bungees, nylon ropes or hanging clips.

Step 2: Pass the hardware you chose (zip tie, bungee, nylon rope, hanging clip) through each grommet.

Step 3: Having passed the hardware through the grommet now pass them through the chain link fence or another location you have ready for your mesh banner. Fix it the way the hardware requires. Make sure the knot is taut to prevent the banner from damaging. Enjoy your wind and rainproof mesh banner and deliver your message with confidence.

Mesh banner installation with pole pockets

Step 1: Take the mesh banner with pole pockets.

Step 2: Pass the poles or ropes through the pockets.

Step 3: Install the banner in the place you meant for it.

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