Frosted Window Decals

Frosted Window Decals

Classy and professional-looking frosted decals are designed to be transparent enough to allow sunlight in yet also opaque enough to ensure your privacy

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Installation of Frosted Window Decals

Step 1: Wipe clean the target area where the Decal is going to be applied, using a soapy water or a non-abrasive cleanser.

Step 2: Dry the surface using a lint-free towel.

Step 3: Spray the surface with a soapy water.

Step 4: Remove the protective tape from the adhesive, spray soapy water on the sticky side of the Decal and lightly adjust it to the glass surface.

Step 5: Squeegee away all the water and air bubbles from the top part of the Decal to bottom, and work your way from the center to corners or outwards. Make sure the Decal is completely fixed to the window, after which the installation is done.

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