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Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners

Eye-grabbing banners for birthday celebrations, interior decorations and event announcements

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Installation of Fabric Banners

Fabric banner installation process with a bungee cord

Step 1: Make sure you have sturdy hanging hardware.

Step 2: Adjust in place from top cornerer with the bungee.

Step 3: Connect the bottom grommets to the hardware with the bungee.

Fabric banner installation process with nylon ropes

Step 1: Run the rope through the grommets.

Step 2: Connect the top corners of the fabric banner to the attachment point.

Step 3: Make sure it is level and fix the bottom corners.

Step 4: Cut the unnecessary parts of the rope.

Fabric banner installation process with zip ties

Step 1: Wrap the zip tie with clips looking outwards and through the grommets.

Step 2: Check if its level and snap the zip ties firmly to the construction.

Step 3: Cut all extra parts of the zip tie for a clean look and finish.

Fabric banner installation process with pole pockets

Step 1: Open up  pole pockets using your fingers.

Step 2: Insert the fabric banner through the top bar of the hanging hardware.

Step 3: Put the pole through the bottom pocket and fix it to the construction.

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