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Car decals
Car decalsCar decals

Car Decals

Affordable -yet highly effective- way to advertise your business - turn your car into a moving ad and make an unforgettable impression on your prospects and clients

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Installation of Car Decals

Dry mounting

This method is for quick installation but messing up during dry mounting is possible if you aren’t careful. Once the decal is attached, you can’t reposition it, so make sure you follow these directions!

Step 1: Choose the area of application and clean the surface thoroughly.

Step 2: Peel off the transfer paper from the decal and position it in the correct place.

Step 3: Carefully start applying the decal from one side by flattening it out with your hand.

Step 4: Use a squeegee to flatten the decal and get rid of all the air trapped underneath the surface. As an alternative for smaller-sized stickers, you can use a plastic card as well.

Wet mounting

The wet-mounting method may take longer but it provides the most accurate results.

Step 1: Clean the area of application.

Step 2: Spray the surface with soapy water to help you reposition the decal if needed.

Step 3: Take the backing paper off of the decal and spray soapy water onto the sticky side of the decal.

Step 4: Apply the sticker to the vehicle. You can easily reposition it if needed.

Step 5: Flatten it out with a squeegee or a plastic card to get rid of air bubbles.

Step 6: Start from the middle and work your way out towards the edges.

Step 7: Once you’re satisfied with the application, use a dry cloth to get rid of excess water.


To remove the decal, simply peel it off from one side and clean it to get rid of any light residue.

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