Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Turn your photos into professional wall art and celebrate all your memorable moments in style

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 Specifications of Canvas Prints

Thickness: 17mil Edge types: Mirrored, black, or white edges
Weight: 0.08lbs/sqft Installation: Command strips, hanging kit, zip ties, grommets, hanging clips, nylon ropes, pole pockets
Min. sign size: 8"x8" Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV ink
Max. sign size: 96" x 48" Grommet options: On all 4 corners
Common sizes: 12"x24",
48"x96", can be customized
Usage outdoors: Not recommended
Color: Satin white Usage indoors: 60+ years

Common canvas print sizes

Whether you are looking for a decorative art print for your home or a thematic canvas print to brand your office interior,  you need to choose the right size for the canvas print to fit the artwork. For those who are struggling to find the perfect size for their canvas print, we have selected the most popular size options for canvases. 

Below, find the most common sizes for small and large canvas prints.

Small canvas sizes

If you have limited space, 11” x 14” and 12” x 12” canvas prints will work great. You can display these small canvases on your desk or bookshelf. 

For images a bit bigger you can go with 12” x 24” and 16” x 20” canvases which still don’t require much space. 16” x 24” and 16” x 16” canvases are also common sizes for small canvas prints to decorate your personal space. All these will work great together to make a wall cluster with small, different-sized prints.

Large canvas sizes

Here are the most common sizes for large canvas prints. If you want to make a bold statement with your personal photos or artwork and immediately catch attention then 24” x 36”, 48” x 48”, and 40” x 40” canvas prints are what you need. For even larger landscape prints, 36” x 48” and 60” x 40” canvases are the most common sizes. Bigger canvases work great for collages, as there is enough space to fit in multiple images on one canvas print.

Aside from these common sizes, we also offer canvas prints in custom sizes ranging from small 8” x 8” dimensions to huge 120" x 1740" canvases.

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