Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

Refer a friend


Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Birthday Backdrops

Wrinkle-resistant and reusable product that’s popular for birthday photoshoots. It features full-color printing, easy-to-install frame and machine washable graphics.
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Birthday Backdrops

Want to turn the birthdays of your loved ones into unforgettable events? Create an exclusive photo op with our birthday backdrops to commemorate the occasion in style. 

We offer step and repeat banners as the default medium for birthdays and anniversaries. With a personalized design, they’ll create a favorite spot for photoshoots.

Order customized birthday backdrops from Square Signs and enjoy shipping all across the USA and Canada.

Disclaimer: In case you’re looking for other types of birthday backdrops, check the  related product section below.

Other Types of Birthday Backdrops

Here are other suitable backdrops for birthday gatherings. Visit the page links to learn the product details, create your own graphics and place your order with just a few clicks. 

Custom Vinyl Banners

If you have limited space, these graphics will come in handy. With different accessories available, you can fix them wherever you want. They're weather resistant and perfect for outdoor birthday gatherings.

Fabric Banners

This product doesn’t reflect light and won’t create a glare in photos, making it an excellent medium for a birthday cake photo background. Hang your graphics and get the perfect backdrop for blowing out candles.

Pop Up Displays

High resolution printing and large scale screen covers make this product popular for birthday photoshoots and filming. The frame sets the stage for any theme imaginable. It’s reusable and can be stored after the birthday for future occasions.

Tension Fabric Displays

These novelty products with a sturdy metal construction will serve as charming and vibrant backgrounds for any festivity. Get double-sided printing to showcase the name of the birthday person on one side and attractive images on the other.

Comparison of Birthday Backdrops and Similar Products 

In the table below, you can find a comparison of our birthday photo backdrops with other similar products.


Birthday Backdrops

Custom Vinyl Banners

Fabric Banners

Pop Up Displays

Tension Fabric Displays



Polyvinyl Chloride


Tension Fabric

Tension Fabric


96”x96”, 96”x108”, 96”x120”

12”x12” - 120”x1,680”


89”Wx89”Hx12"D, 118”Wx89”Hx12"D

8ft, 10ft, 20ft

Lifespan (Indoors/ Outdoors):

3+ /1+ years

5+ / 3+

10+ /2-3 years

15+ years / N/A

2+ years / NA

Buy More, Pay Less!

Get two or more of our birthday backdrops and enjoy discounted rates. The price list below applies to standard 96”x96”, 96”x108” and 96”x120” products.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price









7% OFF














11% OFF














17% OFF














20% OFF













Popular Themes for Customized Birthday Backdrops

A Sweet 16 Happy Birthday backdrop with floral design in light pink

People go the extra mile when it comes to the design of a birthday venue. Regardless of the many decoration options such as custom acrylic signs and number stands, a personalized birthday backdrop is always among the most popular decor solutions. It makes a great photo wall, providing your guests with a themed area for memorable snapshots. You can complement it with retractable banners featuring similar themes and matching designs.

Our high-quality backdrops for birthday bashes are suitable for all kinds of festive events. Read on to learn about common applications of the product for this purpose.

Milestone Birthday Backdrops

Landmark birthdays are celebrated in unforgettable ways. They’re significant festivities that call for the best in party decor and organization. Customized birthday backdrops are a must-have for themed photoshoots that highlight each milestone. 

To ensure a fun experience and quality photographs, consider getting our high resolution, wrinkle-resistant birthday photo backdrops. With the name and age of the birthday person on thematic graphics, they’ll make an awesome addition to the photoshoot experience. The top-grade material of the product lets you showcase images in high resolution. Use them to set the desired photography scene, whether it’s a 1st birthday backdrop or the photo wall for a sweet 16. 

Upload your own visuals or save time with our creative birthday sign templates. Customize a backdrop for birthday designs, restyling our ready-made images to match your theme and setting.

Simple Happy Birthday Backdrops

A customized birthday backdrop with a straightforward design is a classic element for the special day. Graphics of a simple design with “Happy Birthday” are a handy and budget-friendly solution for the festivity. Such backdrops for birthday events will be the key tools of the day and also serve as future photo backgrounds. They’re stylish additions to parties loved by kids, teens and adults alike.

Due to the wrinkle-resistant feature of the material, you can save your personalized birthday backdrops for later without a second thought. Use the carry bags for hassle-free storage. With a frame that’s easy-to-assemble and deconstruct, you’ll be able to store and set them up later as party backdrops in a matter of minutes.

Personalized Birthday Backdrops 

Customized birthday backdrops are the most popular photoshoot backgrounds available. Designed with texts and images suited for the birthday person, these media will showcase the thoughtfulness and effort you put into the day. Add a personal touch and set the right tone with lightweight birthday photo backdrops. Specially chosen imagery or even specific color combinations like black and gold will turn this medium into the top decor element of the day. 

Take into account the individual preferences of the birthday person and integrate it with a design that matches the overall decor style of the venue. Print birthday backdrop designs that are engaging and invite guests over to the area for memorable pictures. Explore our intuitive sign design tool and pick from various backgrounds, illustrations and icons to create alluring images. Check out our designer-made sign templates for inspiration. You’ll find a variety of backdrop design templates that are fully modifiable to suit any style.

Main Features of Birthday Photo Backdrops

Birthday backdrop frame components and the fabric

Our step and repeat birthday backdrop has many favorable features that stand out, making it the best medium for any birthday bash. Explore the technical specifications below to get a better understanding of the product.

Materials and Printing for Birthday Backdrops 

A birthday photo backdrop consists of graphics made of fabric and a lightweight metal frame. The three-layered woven polyester material of the face is wrinkle-resistant and the metal construction is non-corrosive. 

Our backdrop for birthday celebrations is printed with dye-sublimation technology to ensure vibrant images and a glare-free finish. The colors are embedded into the woven material by penetrating deep into the threads. This method also guarantees our backdrops for birthday gatherings preserve their rich look even after washing.

Popular Sizes for a Birthday Photo Backdrop

Our backdrops for birthday get-togethers are available in three sizes and with adjustable frames. The face of the product can be 96”x96”, 96”x108” and 96”x120”. In spite of their large size, our products are lightweight and easy to transport. All you have to do is pack them into a carry bag before storage and transportation. 

Assembly of a Backdrop for Birthday Events

Our birthday backdrop is an easy-to-assemble and reusable product that can be applied in different settings. The installation takes up only a couple of minutes. No additional tools are required other than what you get in the transportation bag. It includes the frame poles, base mechanism and woven face with its pole pockets. 

Assemble the frame by attaching the poles together and adjusting them to the desired dimensions. Then, slip the pockets of the step and repeat birthday backdrop fabric over the poles. 

Take a look at our step-by-step installation guide for a hassle-free assembly. 

Birthday Backdrop FAQ

What is a customized birthday backdrop?

Our backdrops for birthday events are large but lightweight products. They’re composed of an anti-wrinkle woven polyester fabric and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Lightweight and easy-to-assemble, these products can be stored and reused for other festive occasions in the future.

How are birthday backdrops printed? 

We use dye sublimation technology for durable printing. This embeds inks into the woven material of customized birthday backdrops. The heat pressure makes inks penetrate deep into the threads, giving the product graphics a vibrant look that preserve their colors even after washing.

How do I maintain a backdrop for birthday celebrations? 

Wash the fabric of your birthday photo backdrops with cold water without the use of any harsh chemicals. Wait for the graphics to dry completely before storing the product. Use a steam dryer to get rid of any folds or wrinkles. Roll the polyester instead of folding during storage to prevent creasing.

What’s the lifespan of a personalized birthday backdrop?

Our customized birthday backdrop has wrinkle-resistant graphics and an anti-corrosive aluminum frame. It’ll serve for more than three years indoors and about a year outdoors. With proper care and moderate weather conditions, you can extend its lifespan even longer.

Where do you ship your customized birthday backdrops? 

We offer shipping all over the US and Canada for all our products. Purchase our customized birthday backdrops in larger quantities and get bigger discounts. See the discount chart on the product page for details.