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Acrylic photo printsAcrylic photo prints
Acrylic photo print shape alternativesAcrylic photo print shape alternatives
Just married acrylic photo printsJust married acrylic photo prints
Multiple home acrylic photo printsMultiple home acrylic photo prints
Nature themed acrylic wall artNature themed acrylic wall art
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Acrylic photo prints
Acrylic photo printsAcrylic photo prints

Acrylic Photo Prints

Photo printing on plexiglass for exhibitions is widely used for the artistic qualities of this material.

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Installation Guide For Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic printing can be installed in several ways such as direct-mounting, hanging or free-standing. We offer the following installation accessories for mounting your displays.

Acrylic photo print installation with standoffs

Your acrylic photo prints, especially large-scale ones, may be mounted using standoffs for an extra secure installation. Acrylic prints mounted this way can be applied to both interior and exterior walls. For installation, you will need a screwdriver, drill, anchors and the standoffs with all included parts.

Step 1: Choose a level surface and mark the areas for drilling the holes.

Step 2: Drill holes into the surface of installation and insert the anchors. 

Step 3: Screw the barrels of the standoffs onto the anchors.

Step 4: Align the pre-drilled holes of the acrylic photo print with the barrels on the wall.

Step 5: Screw in the caps of the standoffs to sandwich the print between the barrels and the caps.


Acrylic photo print installation with command strips

Command strips are the best option for directly mounting your print to a wall.

Step 1: Make sure the application surface is clean.

Step 2: Peel off the strip backing from one side and adhere it to the decor.

Step 3: Ensure strips are solidly attached to the acrylic.

Step 4: Peel off the second protective backing and apply the print to the wall.

Step 5: Hold the print from the bottom and detach it from the back strip. 

Step 6: Wait for at least an hour to allow the strips to adhere firmly to the wall.

Step 7: Apply the decor back to the wall by reattaching the strips.


Acrylic photo print installation with easel backs

Easel backs can be used to display small-scale custom acrylic prints on flat surfaces like tables and countertops.

Step 1: Take the easel backs and fold the wings to open the pre-dotted areas.

Step 2: Fold down the circular easel stabilizers and secure easel wings into their slots.

Step 3: Remove the tapes from the adhesive parts of the easel backs.

Step 4: Attach the easel backs onto both sides of the print.

Step 5: Press for a few seconds to make sure they are secure.

Step 6: Set them up on any flat surface for display.

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