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Meline Clarke April 12, 2023 • 5 min read
Meline Clarke is a content writer at Square Signs. Although writing is one of her biggest passions, she also loves spatial design and gift giving. If you want to learn how to make decorations from scratch or get inspiration for your design projects, she's here to help you out with expert tips.

Add an appealing flair to your house and office using trendy peel and stick wall decals. These mediums which are available in various styles will aid you in taking your interior decor to new heights.

Elevate your interior by incorporating sign printing into the setting design. Whether it’s custom signs with abstract art designs or motivational quote depictions, they’ll add an air of sophistication.

Large Peel And Stick Wall Decals for Offices

Working spaces need a thoughtful approach when updating the decor. Set up an interior that has a positive effect on the atmosphere using visually appealing decor elements.

Peel And Stick Wall Decal Options for Lobby

Your lobby design will look professional with mind-blowing wall decals which you can use to welcome clients. Make a great first impression with the large peel and stick wall decals listed below.

1. Geometric Modern Art Decor

Set up a stimulating environment for employees, clients and visitors alike. Incorporate wall art decals illustrating geometric forms into your office lobby design. Straight lines and right angles will make for a professional-looking statement wall.

Geometric peel and stick wall decal set up in the office lobby for interior design

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2. Company Name Wall Decor

Highlight branded peel and stick letters for walls in the lobby to build trust between you and your clients. Custom wall lettering spelling out your company name grabs the attention of anyone entering the room. Use brand colors and fonts to keep the design consistent.

Branded peel and stick wall decal with the company logo and motto placed in the lobby

Peel And Stick Wall Decal Solutions for the Workspace

The tone your office walls communicate directly impacts your staff’s attitude and efficiency. Choose these wall adornments to develop an inspirational office.

3. Motivational Quote Decor Item

A few motivational wall quotes go a long way to refresh the office. These office wall decals will emit positive vibes. Print slogans related to your company motto and let the walls speak volumes about your culture.

Motivational peel and stick wall decal with a colorful illustration set up in the office

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4. Nature-Inspired Decor Items with Birds

Usher nature into the workplace. This keeps your employees fresh. Colorful, energetic hummingbird pictures can look stunning on the wall. Showcasing the most active bird as decor will send everyone a positive message.

Office large peel and stick wall decal with a hummingbird illustration for interior design

Peel and Stick Wall Decal Options for the Break Room

Design the break room so that your employees relax and recharge during their break. Include themed decorative elements to energize the space.

5. Basketball Court Wall Embellishments

Take the concept of the sports-inspired designs further with this idea. Basketball court illustrations on the wall can set an engaging atmosphere. A full-size illustration of a hoop will create a playful vibe inside.

Office large peel and stick wall decal illustrating a basketball hoop set up in the break room

6. Coffee-themed Illustration

Invite your staff for free snacks with appealing wall decor elements. A coffee mug with steam rising from it will designate the sweet office corner. It’s a lovely alternative to a giant mural which coffee-lovers will adore.

Coffee mug peel and stick wall decal set up in the break room for decoration

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Peel and Stick Wall Decals for Home Design

Make your house cozier by redesigning the walls. Regardless if you like a modern or classic style better, adding elements to the interior scheme will enhance the overall ambiance. Read further and explore different alternatives to give you the desired effect.

Peel and Stick Wall Decals for Living Room

Establish an inviting mood in your living room by giving the walls a smooth finish. Use our sign design tool to get personalized decor elements.

7. Butterfly Graphics

Spruce up your sitting room by using eye-catching wall decorations. Instead of leaving your walls blank and dull, get a peel and stick wall decal illustrating a large detailed butterfly. Attach it over your sofa or fireplace to breathe color into the setting and create an eye-catching feature wall.

Large butterfly peel and stick wall decal for living room design placed over the sofa

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8. Floral Pattern

Add an air of sophistication to the room by incorporating flowers into the scheme. The pattern never falls out of trend and brings nature inside. Apply this decorative concept with oversized flower illustrations and create an appealing focal point.

Decorative peel and stick decal for living room with oversized flowers

Peel And Stick Wall Decals for Bedroom

Choosing wall-mounted decor for the bedroom can be daunting. Create a laid-back, stylish setting using the following design options.

9. Constellation Wall Decor Item

Set up a stylish bedroom without stuffing it with decorations. Highlight an illustration of different constellations on the large wall over your bed. Shiny stars on a black background will have a dramatic effect on the space, enhancing the overall room design.

Constellation peel and stick wall decal for bedroom design placed over the bed

10. Bohemian Arch Silhouettes

If you appreciate neutral colors and a carefree style, go for a boho-inspired design. Create a relaxed feel in the bedroom showcasing arch silhouettes in warm colors on the walls. Opt for natural hues to excel with an interesting bohemian style.

Arch peel and stick wall decal in a bohemian style for bedroom design

Peel And Stick Wall Decals for Kitchen

Set up a comfortable area in the kitchen through simple shapes and intricate designs. Give it a personalized finish with the large peel and stick wall decals presented below.

11. Fruit-Themed Wall Decoration

Turn the kitchen into a welcoming space with colorful decor items. Adorn the walls with patterns of yellow lemons to set up warm accents. These kitchen peel and stick wall decals will enliven the setting.

Yellow kitchen peel and stick wall decal with lemon illustrations for interior design

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12. Motivational Kitchen Slogan

Cooking in an inspiring setting can render your culinary experience more enjoyable. Display peel and stick letters for walls as motivation and bring out the best chef in you. Try monochrome vinyl lettering or color combinations to identify the best match.

Inspiring kitchen peel and stick wall decal displaying a quote and pastry illustrations

Peel And Stick Decals for Bathroom Walls

These decorative elements hold up well against heat and humidity. They’re often applied as decorative items in the bathroom.

13. Funny Peel and Stick Letters for Walls

Have you ever thought of adding some humorous texts in the bathroom? Write something witty on the empty walls. Apply funny peel and stick letters for walls to keep yourself entertained. A message reading “the best seat in the house” will turn your bathroom design a tad more playful.

Funny peel and stick decal for a bathroom wall displaying a text and illustration

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14. Ocean-Themed Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Do you long for coastal scenery? Your bathroom will feel different if you use some bathroom peel and stick wall decals. Marine life illustrations in different shades and hues of blue will style up and freshen up the bathroom.

Dolphin bathroom peel and stick wall decal illustrating a tail water splash

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Nursery Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Nursery room concepts nowadays offer a wider margin for creativity. Give the space a pleasant, unique touch by implementing these trendy solutions.

15. Dinosaur Pattern 

Going with only blue or pink paint is in the past. Now you can embellish the walls with different themes, including Disney characters or wildlife. If you want a fun room design, opt for dinos. Decorate the walls with colorful dinosaur illustrations to liven up the space.

Colorful nursery peel and stick wall decal illustrating dinosaurs

16. Tree Growth Chart Wall Item

Children grow really fast. Having a growth chart right on the wall is a fun and engaging element every nursery needs. This tree-shaped chart in warm hues will suit all tastes and environments.

Cartoon-style nursery peel and stick wall decal portraying a tree growth chart