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Marianne Bard April 28, 2023 • 3 min read
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Memorial Day is a major federal holiday. We commemorate this day to honor the soldiers who laid down their lives for their country. Public offices, individual businesses and retail stores shut their doors in observance of Memorial Day.

Find a list of creative ideas for Memorial Day closed signs in this blog. We’ll guide you on what mediums you can use to announce that you won’t be working on this day to honor the fallen servicemen and women.

Delve into these Memorial Day closed sign ideas and liven them up with professional sign printing. Select your favorite product from our custom signs list.

Public Office Memorial Day Closed Signs

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. Governmental and educational institutions are almost certain to be closed on the day. Inform people of the three-day weekend with attention-grabbing Memorial Day closed sign options. Take advantage of these ideas while making personalized closed for Memorial Day signs.

1. “Closed in Observance of Memorial Day” Sign

Foam board printing and gator board printing sheets are popular media for “Closed for Memorial Day” signs. If you’re looking for a simple yet tasteful office “Closed for Memorial Day” sign, you can draw inspiration from the template below.

White Memorial Day closed sign mounted on a window

Need another design solution? Our closed for Memorial Day sign template collection will help you out there. Choose an adjustable template and customize it with a few clicks.

2. “In Honor of Memorial Day” Closed Sign

Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to notify everyone about what your working routine is going to be. Similar large stands are ideal for this purpose. If the establishment is taking a day-off on Memorial Day, use retractable banners as closed for Memorial Day signs. Put them up outside the building to capture everyone’s attention.

Free-standing Memorial Day closed sign with the US flag placed at the building entrance

Did you know that the first Memorial Day was observed on May 30, 1868?

“Office Closed for Memorial Day” Sign Options

Memorial Day is a national and federal holiday. It means that public institutions and some private companies won’t be working on this day. Let your clients know about the non-working day by showcasing Memorial Day closed signs for businesses. Complement the exterior branding at your premises with any kind of rigid media or space-saving window decals. Here are some of the most widespread examples of “Business Closed for Memorial Day” signs.

3. “Office Will Be Closed for Memorial Day” Sign

Create a catchy “Office Closed for Memorial Day” sign on some office window decals. Choose clear or opaque window decals or any other option. Why opt for these products? Your “Office Closed for Memorial Day” sign will save up space, look elegant and be easy to remove.

Large rectangular Memorial Day closed sign applied to office door

Redesign the illustration above or create your own unique imagery from scratch with our easy-to-use sign design tool. Let your creativity loose and get the Memorial Day closed signs for businesses you desire on this platform.

4. “We Will Be Closed for Memorial Day” Sign

Here’s another widely-used design example for business closed for Memorial Day signs. Display it with vinyl lettering to have a simple but beautiful “We Will Be Closed for Memorial Day” sign. Look through our office closed for Memorial Day sign template collection to get some more ideas and inspiration.

Memorial Day closed sign with the US flag adhered to office window

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Printable “Closed for Memorial Day” Sign Options for Stores

Memorial Day is celebrated countrywide, so no wonder some stores close too. Just attach a “Closed on Memorial Day” sign to the door of your store and celebrate Memorial Day with your kids. Choose from the range of store window decals to get bespoke Memorial Day closed signs.

5. “Happy Memorial Day” Closed Sign

Customize happy Memorial Day closed signs for your store by using long-lasting window clings. This type of static clings are unique because of their glue-free sticky backsides.

Middle-sized, square Memorial Day closed sign for retail stores

The template in the picture is a sample you can use to make a personal “Closed on Memorial Day” sign. For more options, browse through our rich collection of sign templates.

6. “Sorry, We’re Closed on Memorial Day” Sign

Your printable closed for Memorial Day sign illustrations will look absolutely amazing as PVC signs. This versatile product is easy to hang, take down or flip in order to show off the visuals on its other face.

Large Memorial Day closed sign with the US flag mounted on a wall

We also provide various types of restaurant window decals and salon window decals as a heads-up to your clients that you’re taking Monday off. Choose the design that fits your “Closed for Memorial Day” signs to get the most out of the medium.