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Grace Brown August 18, 2020 • 8 min read
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Having extra space is a special treat for modern homeowners. With houses and apartments getting smaller, having a guest room or a home office is a luxury deserving of care.

To make optimal use of your spare room, you’ll need to get savvy. You can have the best of both worlds by merging the designs for a guest room with that of a home office.

These 10 brilliant home office spare room decorating ideas will help you set up a welcoming guest room and a functional workspace.

Your versatile room is just a few home office guest room decorating ideas away.

Try these home office guest room decorating ideas!

Tip #1: Decorate your shelves with art

minimalist canvas art decor for home office guest room

The generic hotel room aesthetic is definitely not what we’re aiming for here. Add a touch of character to the decor by adorning your shelves with canvas prints.

Printing your own photographs on canvas is a personable way to make your space even more distinctive. This will encourage interesting conversations with your guests. You’ll even get to brag about your photography skills a little. Make sure to add this tip to your list of spare bedroom office decorating ideas.

Tip #2: Make your WiFi password part of the room decor

WiFi Password sign home office guest room decor

Not everyone feels comfortable asking their host for the WiFi password. Relieve your guests of this burden by printing the password and network name on a wooden sign. Insert greeting texts with whimsical fonts as headers to make them feel wanted. Place one sign in the living room and the other in the guest room.

Tip #3: Print a motivational quote on the wall

inspirational quote decor for home office guest room wall

Home office spare room decorating ideas can be inspirational. Print vinyl lettering that reads a meaningful quote on the wall to start your work day on a positive note. Cheerful words and sayings can give you a boost of inspiration with every glance.

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Tip #4: Make your guests feel welcome

Be Our Guest welcoming home office guest room wall decor idea

You want your decor ideas to exude style. Hang acrylic signs that read heartwarming messages to make your guests feel at home. This will be another reason for them to remember you as a generous and inviting host. Use our design tool to customize welcome signs.

Here’s how to decorate a home office guest bedroom!

Tip #5: Separate the guestroom and the working area with a bookshelf

Grant your guests a sense of privacy by separating the guest room and the office area with a bookshelf. It’s important for your guests to enjoy a peace of mind even when you may have to pull an all-nighter for a project.

Using a bookshelf as a divider is an elegant way to section off the room. These decorating ideas for a study guest room will elevate the mood and functionality of your space.

Tip #6: Keep the guest room clean

home office guestroom space

Leave a nice impression and keep your mind clear for work with a well-kept guest room office space. Get a wastebasket that matches the overall interior decor. Place it under the desk for a tidy look. This home office guest room decorating idea will maintain the pleasant atmosphere of your spare room so that you can put it to excellent use.

Tip #7: Provide a basket of toiletries and candy

You want your guests to feel welcome and taken care of. Offer them a basket of toiletries containing essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, body gel, razor - you get the idea.

Add a candy jar near the bed as a nice gesture. That way, they’ll always remember you as the friendly host who pampered them with goodies. These are among the most heart-warming decorating ideas for a home office guest room.

Tip #8: Get a daybed to save space

home office guest room space daybed

It’s okay if your guest room isn’t large enough to accommodate a full-sized bed along with an office nook. Get a daybed to maximize the space with comfort and pragmatism.

This way, your guests can get a good night's sleep on the daybed when they come over. Then, you can use it as a lounge area when you’re not hosting anyone.

Add a few colorful throw pillows to turn the bed into a couch and tie the other elements together. You get bonus points if the daybed has drawers in which you can store fresh blankets and linens.

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Tip #9: Hide your clutter in drawers and cabinets

You don’t need to move your files out of your guest room every time you’re hosting someone. Keep them secured in drawers that lock. This way, it’s easier to prepare the room before your guests show up.

Tip #10: Use your desk as a nightstand to save space

home office guest room desk next to bed

Here’s how to decorate a home office guest bedroom if you’re working with a limited area. Get space-savvy and double your desk as a nightstand with strategic placement.

Position the desk next to the bed and place a lamp on it that your guests can use for bedtime reading. Check out these related traditional home office decor ideas for further inspiration.

Combining a guest room with a home office requires an open mind and an eye for design. Now that you know the trendiest decorating ideas for a home office guest room, you’re ready to work some magic. Try coming up with spare bedroom office decorating ideas on your own, too. Check out these decoration templates for further inspiration. It’s your turn to try these genius decorating ideas for a study guest room.