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Jessica Goldsworthy January 14, 2020 • 13 min read
Jessica Goldsworthy is a content creator at Square Signs, passionate about everything related to interior design and decoration. She enjoys DIY projects, learning new things and is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Since you’re here, you likely want to learn how to make wedding signs that will impress your guests on the big day. In this article, I’ll share 4 foolproof techniques to make signs for your wedding as well as 12 inspiring ideas to help you get started.

Technique 1. How to Make Wedding Welcome Signs

Welcome to Our Wedding outdoor wedding welcome sign idea

Out of all wedding reception hall decoration ideas, welcome signs are among the most popular. There are tons of wedding welcome sign ideas to choose from. Those that are handwritten are my favorite. They create a heart-warming atmosphere and make the guests feel at home. Plus, they can be made in any style or color.  

Transfer a Printed Design

Wooden signs can make great welcome boards for your wedding. You can even place them outside as long as you use waterproof paint.

Not having calligraphy skills is not an issue. Here is an easy tip on how to make welcome signs for your wedding with nice handwriting.

I would start with a plywood deck as it’s durable, easy to work with and doesn’t cost a fortune. Then I’d make my own stencil. Here’s how to do it:


Step 1. If there are any rough spots on the desk, smooth them out with a piece of fine sandpaper rated between 100 and 180 grit.
Step 2. Then I’d advise staining the surface to get a more solid color and to preserve the wood. You can also paint the surface to get different background colors.
Step 3. Now, all you have to do is print out the welcome message you want your sign to have. Choose a font and size that feels right and fits your theme.

Welcome to the Wedding of Ann+Jack sign idea
Step 4. Take graphite transfer paper the size of your design and tape it onto the desk. Your printed design then goes on the transfer paper. Decide the right location before you start transferring the design.
Step 5. Outline the design with a pen or quality pencil - make sure it doesn’t tear the paper.
Step 6. Separate the transfer paper from the printed design once you have gone all the way around.
Step 7. If you are happy with the outline, it’s time to use your painting skills to fill in the stencil.

Step 8. Once you finish painting, leave the sign to dry for 24 hours.

That’s it! Your beautiful sign is ready in 8 easy steps!

white wedding welcome sign idea for outdoor

Materials Needed (Checklist)

  • Plywood desk
  • Sandpaper (100-180 grit)
  • Stain
  • Waterproof paint
  • Printed design on paper
  • Graphite transfer paper
  • Pen or sharp pencil
  • Adhesive tape

Tips & Suggestions

  1. You may need to break the design into several parts and print them separately for bigger signs. Remember that your guests should be able to see it from afar. 
  2. Use plastic gloves when working with transfer paper as it can stain your hands.
  3. You may need a second coat of paint if the first one doesn’t look thick enough.

Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Get inspired by these creative wedding welcome sign ideas

Idea 1. 

wedding welcome sign idea with pink lettering

Idea 2.

white wedding welcome sign idea with a family quote

Idea 3.

romantic wedding sign idea with couple photo print

Want to learn other DIY techniques and get more inspiring ideas? Scroll down, wedding board ideas are next!

Technique 2. How to Make Wedding Board Signs

These boards can come in any shape and design and there are a few ways to create them yourself.

She Said Yes wedding board design idea

Here is an easy yet clever technique:

Create a Sign With Stencils and Spray Paint

Using stencils will help you transfer the design to any material. In this case, I’m going to use a gatorboard. It’s lightweight and durable due to the foam core sandwiched between wooden veneers. Gatorboard signs work best indoors.

Getting your exact desired stencils can be a little tricky. That’s why I’ll let you know how to create them in case you can’t find what you need in craft shops. A hint: you can use cake design stencils, too.


Step 1. Gatorboard generally doesn’t require any preparation. You can use fine sandpaper to smooth it out if you feel rough patches.
Step 2. Choose the background color wisely! You may need several layers of spray paint to get a solid color.
Step 3. As long as you are happy with the initial look of your Gatorboard sign, it’s time to move ahead with the actual design. Tape the stencils carefully and inspect them from afar to make sure they’re properly positioned.
Step 4. Spray paint over them from the instructed distance to ensure the paint doesn’t drip. Again, you may need a few layers to get the best result.
Step 5. Remove the stencil before the paint dries and voila, you have the wedding sign of your dreams!
Step 6. Leave the sign to dry for 24 hours.

Love romantic purple toned wedding board design idea for indoor space

This technique can be used to create any kind of signs.

Materials Needed (Checklist)

  • Gatorboard
  • Sandpaper (100-180 grit)
  • Spray paint
  • Stencils (ready-made or printed)
  • Adhesive tape

Tips & Suggestions

  1. If you couldn’t find the stencil you wanted, print the design out on paper and cut it out with a craft knife. Remember, you need the outer part of the design, not the interior shape.
  2. Make sure the paint doesn’t trickle beneath the stencil.
  3. You can also do multi-layer stencils to have more than one color outline or overlapping shapes. In addition to the steps described above, you need to be more attentive and have exact matches of each layer, such as from big to smaller in size.
  4. You can use sandwich board frames so that the sign stands on the ground freely and safely.

Wedding Board Sign Ideas

Here are some wedding board ideas of quotes to get inspired! 

Idea 4.

love quote wedding signboard idea with flower detail

Idea 5. 

wedding signboard idea with cute bears and a love quote

Idea 6. 

romantic wedding signboard idea in light blue color

These can also turn into great printable wedding sign ideas. Check our wedding templates and order your sign online now!

Bonus Technique: How to Make Wedding Signs with Square Signs

DIYing can be online, too! Square Signs offers a free design tool that will allow you to create your event signage yourself. It has an easy-to-use interface and powerful features that are sure to address all your needs. Here is how to use the design tool to create cute signs online:


Step 1. Choose the right material for your sign. Remember that some materials are not weather resistant while others will work perfectly under most conditions. If you are not sure about the materials, read the product descriptions and find the best match for the occasion. I advise using wood, acrylic or gatorboard.

Step 2. Create the design. Our online tool gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of designer-made wedding templates. You can further personalize them to your liking. If you have an image you want to get printed, simply upload it and customize it with the tool. Want to create the design from scratch? Start from a plain sign, add backgrounds, elements and text. In a word, DIY!

image showcasing wedding sign making process on Squaresign's design tool

Step 3. Order your sign with a few clicks and get it delivered to the needed location.

Tips & Suggestions

Keep your design simple and don’t add too many overlapping words or images. Bride and groom names, a favorite quote and the date of the wedding should be just perfect. Make sure to also add a few nice design elements as we did in our templates.

If you need a thorough, step-by-step guide for navigating our awesome design tool, read our article on  Design Tool 101: A to Z Guide on How to Use Our Free Design Tool. You can also watch the tutorial video below.

Technique 3. How to Make Wedding Gift Table Signs

People love getting gifts so treat your guests with a nice gift table sign. There are plenty of wedding gift table sign ideas out there. This time I’m going for an acrylic, see-through sign that’s modern and elegant.

Trace a Design on Acrylic

The transparency of this material allows for the tracing of any design onto it. You may need nominal painting skills for complicated pictures. However, you can create handwritten quotes and simple illustrations without a hitch.

As simple as it may sound, creating acrylic signs can be a bit tricky at first. Don’t let this discourage you - all you need is a little practice to become a master in no time!!


Step 1. Print out the design for the sign you want on appropriately sized paper.

wedding guest sign board design idea printed on a paper
Step 2. Tape the paper on the backside of the acrylic sheet so that it stays in place. Make sure to position it carefully.
Step 3. Put your acrylic on a smooth, hard surface. Trace the design onto the acrylic with a whiteboard or chalk ink marker. I like those because they can be easily wiped off in case you make a mistake.
Step 4. Remove the paper from the backside once you’re done with tracing.
Step 5. Check the acrylic sheet to ensure you got every part of the design.

Step 6. You can trace it with paint, permanent marker or other medium of choice at this point.

Step 7. Leave the sign to dry for 24 hours.

Step 8. Put it inside a frame so that it stands on the table firmly and safely. (Optional)

That’s it! Now you’ve got your sign on acrylic

beautiful transparent wedding guest sign board idea for outdoor space

Materials Needed (checklist)

  • Acrylic Sheet (also called Plexiglass)
  • Design printed on paper
  • Chalk ink/whiteboard marker
  • Adhesive tape

Tips & Suggestions

  1. Spread out different portions of the design on multiple sheets of paper and tape them separately. This helps with correct placement and is necessary for larger signs.
  2. Make sure to use the right thickness of markers or other painting medium. Also, note that you may need several for a single design.
  3. Using brushes and paint is another option for an extra fancy look. You may need to be handy with a brush and have a good eye for painting depending on the complexity of your design.
  4. Choose eye-catching colors while taking the transparency of your sign’s background into account.

Wedding Gift Table Sign Ideas

It’s not always easy to make the right choice between all the various wedding gift table sign ideas. Especially if you need to instruct guests with a sign, you don’t want to sound inappropriate or demanding so the text must be carefully thought out? A few words of appreciation or a kindly phrased reminder to sign the guestbook will definitely support the cause better than any dry command. Mindfully selected fonts and inviting designs can also help. Here are some ideas:

Idea 7. 

Cards and Gifts wedding gift table sign idea with an arrow

Idea 8. 

Thank You wedding gift table sign idea

Idea 9. 

elegant acrylic wedding sign idea

Idea 10.

small acrylic wedding gift table sign idea

Technique 4. How to Make Wedding Signposts

Signposts are important for any event and weddings are no exception. They provide useful information your guests will appreciate. Wedding signpost ideas vary from wooden pointers to chalkboard signs. This time I’m going to help you create a chalkboard sign. They are a great option as they can be easily customized in case of last-minute changes or program updates throughout the course of the day.

Make a Chalkboard Sign

wedding outdoor chalkboard sign idea

This project is a great one because you can get as creative as you want. Here, little mistakes are acceptable and you don’t have to be a master of calligraphy or art school graduate.

Different materials can be used to create a chalkboard. I suggest plywood due to its charming and sustainable qualities.


Step 1. Take your desired size and shape of plywood and sand it down until you get a super-smooth surface.
Step 2. Clean it carefully and apply the first layer of chalkboard paint with a roller.
Step 3. Make sure to read the label of your paint to know how long you should wait for it to dry before applying the next layer. In most cases, it won’t be longer than 2 hours.
Step 4. Sand the now dry painted surface carefully with a fine-grit sandpaper. Make sure to smooth it out carefully so as not to damage the paint layer.
Step 5. Repeat the process up to 5 times. You should get a thick and even chalkboard surface.
Step 6. Leave it to dry for 72 hours.
Step 7. Now it’s time to draw and write on your chalkboard! 

wedding chalkboard sign design idea with a custom quote

This technique is also great for just married sign ideas. What about the groom and bride writing a note on a chalkboard just after the wedding ceremony? This is one of the most memorable wedding room decoration ideas, ushering in a fun and creative start to married life!

Materials Needed (checklist)

  • Plywood 
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint roller
  • Chalk

Notices and Tips

  1. A 100 to 180 fine-grit sandpaper should be adequate to sand both the original plywood and the painted surface between each layer. You can use 60 to 80 medium grit sandpaper if there are still rough spots.
  2. Make sure not to leave the chalkboard paint too long after each layer dries. It will settle completely and you won’t be able to smooth it out any further. The manufacturer’s label should contain all the necessary instructions.
  3. Chalk the whole surface of the ready-made chalkboard then wipe it off with a cloth. It will help preserve the sign longer.
  4. You can make a chalkboard sign in any shape, including directional arrows. Just make sure to form the right shape of plywood ahead of time. Don’t try to cut it after the chalkboard is created as you may damage the surface.

Wedding Signpost Ideas

Get creative with wedding signpost ideas. Create multiple small chalkboard signs to hang on trees or use as yard signs to show directions. Here are some directional chalkboard ideas I love:

Idea 11. 

outdoor wedding signpost idea

Idea 12. 

wedding signpost idea in chalkboard style

Now you know how to make wedding signs yourself using these simple ideas and techniques. You may need a little practice in the beginning so I recommend starting a few weeks before your wedding.

You can also create your sign with our free sign design tool and have it delivered right to your wedding venue. Your signs can be tailor-made by professional designers with all the extra benefits that come with that. Here is what we offer!

- Plenty of ready-made wedding sign templates to choose from․ 
- Custom collaborations with the help of our graphic designers.
- Next day shipping! We’ll make sure your sign gets delivered safely and on time.

- 24/7 professional support to help you through the entire process of creating the best signs.