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Marianne Bard June 14, 2023 • 4 min read
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The 4th of July or Independence Day is a cherished holiday for all Americans. Every year, people commemorate the historic day of independence with fireworks, barbeques, parades, parties and endless celebrations. Almost all public offices, private enterprises and retail stores close in honor of Independence Day. If you’re a business owner, remember that “closed for 4th of July” signs are a must for keeping your customers informed.

Browse through these “closed for 4th of July” signs that come with modifiable templates. Choose your favorite idea and bring it to life with the help of professional sign printing. Our list of custom signs includes all the products that you’ll need for personalizing your posts.

Top Products for a “Business Closed for 4th of July” Sign

The 4th of July observes the birth of independent America. It’s a special day for businesses to lock their doors and join the celebratory crowds. Don’t forget to notify your customers that you’re taking a day-off to honor the holiday. Keep on reading and find a “Business Closed for 4th of July” sign collection with trending designs.

1. “Office Closed for 4th of July” Sign

Are you seeking an easy-to-apply closure notice for your entrance door? You can go with foam board printing and gator board printing. They’ll be perfect for making vibrant “Closed for 4th of July” signs to hang from your door. Prepare different illustrations to print on both sides of the medium. Display both visuals for added visibility.

Hanging closed on 4th of July sign with a white background and colored texts

You can use the template of the image above or create your own with our free sign design tool. Get creative and make an original closed on 4th of July sign.

2. “Happy 4th of July” Closed Signs

Independence days are a big triumph in the history of every country. People get together with their friends and families to have a happy celebration. Don’t forget to wish everyone a happy 4th of July before announcing that you’re closed. If you’re looking for a suitable product for the task, office window decals will come in handy. Clear and opaque window decals are great for making striking illustrations for a “Business Closed for 4th of July” sign.

White fourth of July closed sign with blue and red illustrations adhered to the window

Use the template in the image or choose another one from our modifiable business closed for 4th of July sign template collection. Personalize them to match your ”Closed on 4th of July” sign designs.

3. “Have an Awesome 4th of July” Closed Signs

Wish passersby an awesome Independence Day with “We are closed on July 4th” graphics for the front door. Take advantage of our reusable static clings. As opposed to regular adhesives, this medium is glue-free. You can reposition your “Office closed for 4th of July” sign as many times as you like after applying it. Window clings don’t lose their adhesive strength or stain glass upon removal.

Transparent closed for 4th of July sign with texts and American flag illustration

Did you know that approximately 155 million hot dogs are consumed on Independence Day every year?

“Public Office Closed for Independence Day” Sign Choices

Even federal organizations and offices take a day-off on the 4th of July to celebrate the birth of independent America. Before leaving for barbecues, fireworks and parties, they shut the doors and leave a We are closed on July 4th” notice. Below you’ll find ideas for “Closed for 4th of July” signs. Pick one that best compliments your establishment.

4. “Celebrating Fourth of July” Closed Sign

Independence Day is celebrated nationwide which means that almost all public offices will be closed for the holiday. Get a “Closed for Independence Day” sign printed on sandwich boards. These sizable products are handy displaying illustrations on both sides for outdoor use. They can easily get your message across to people walking along the street.

Free-standing closed on 4th of July sign post installed near the entrance

Browse our printable closed for 4th of July sign template collection to find new illustrations for your “Closed for 4th of July” signs. Redesign them or use them as they are.

5. “We Are Closed” 4th of July Printable Sign

Here’s another product suitable for making appealing “Closed for 4th of July” signs. Display a business hours sign with vinyl lettering if your establishment is going to be open for a few hours on Independence Day. You can use the red, white and blue national colors to stay thematic with your “We will be closed for 4th of July” sign.

Glass-attached fourth of July closed sign with red, blue and white texts

Read our blog on 4th of July yard signs for innovative design solutions for your lawn or outdoor setting.

6. “In Honor of Fourth of July” Closed Sign

Create a “Closed for 4th of July” printable sign on various types of plastic. PVC signs are durable enough to withstand most weather conditions. Additional benefits of this medium include space economy and double sided printing. Customize two different visuals and get them printed on both or either face of your product. Hang it to show both sides or flip it to show another message on the other side.

Blue fourth of July closed sign with white texts mounted on the exterior wall

Select your favorite of these popular ideas and create a distinct ”Closed for Independence Day” sign to suit your needs. Position your post in a visible area and join the most festive celebration in America!