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About Retractable Banners

The ideal signage for trade shows and other major events, these retractable banners feature the highest-quality prints available and can stand almost anywhere. They can expand and retract with the adjustable pole, and then break down into a small padded carrying tube. Setting up the banner takes little to no installation at all, and both set-up and take down can be done in seconds. The material can be either vinyl or fabric, whichever you feel suits your needs best, and the metal stand comes included. These retractable banners are best suited for indoor use and can last well over five years when cared for properly.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Weight: 17 pounds (weight includes travel carrying case)

Thickness: 9 oz. Fabric or 13 oz. Vinyl Banner

Details: Sturdy metal stand and components, carrying case (included), banner can be made from fabric and vinyl material, LED display light (optional),

Suggested Uses: Great for events, conferences, point of sale signage, trade shows, and presentations


Printing Method: Full-color printing, dye-sublimation (fabric) and UV (vinyl)

Approximate Lifespan: 5+ years with proper installation, maintenance, and storage

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 36″x88″, 48″x88″, 60″x88″

Options: Fabric, Vinyl, LED Light

To set up a retractable banner, simply remove it from its carrying case, lock the pole into place, and pull the banner out of the bottom stand, attaching it to the pole. To take down, simply unhook, and retract the banner into the base. Unlock the pole and replace everything into your carrying case.
Care and maintenance of this type of banner is no nonsense. The bottom stand will protect the retracted banner as will the carrying case. You can clean any stains with a damp cloth and a light cleaning solution.




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