Roll up Banners - Pull Up Retractable Banners

Retractable banner, also known as roll-up or pull up banner is great for trade shows, events, expos, and retail stores. These high-quality retractable banners are a good suit for almost any type of event. Roll up banner stands are ideal solutions for malls and other open venues to draw the attention of the visitors towards your place of business.
Banner Stands are used for promotions, directions, and advertising. They are also often used at schools, colleges, universities as well as other educational and industrial institutions.
We use high-quality, sun-resistant UV inks and 13oz. vinyl for printing roll-up banners. This gives single or double sided vinyl graphics an elegant, matte finish.
One of the advantages of this lightweight banner is it’s easy to transport and takes almost no effort to set up. Retractable banner comes in standard sizes: 33″x78″, 47″x78″, 57″x78″
The Roll-up display has a roller device, which keeps the Vinyl banner under tension when setup. The base also serves as a storing and damage resistant unit for the Vinyl Graphics.

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SpecificationsInstallation & Usage

Weight: 17 pounds (weight includes travel carrying case)

Thickness: 13 oz. Vinyl Banner

Details: Sturdy metal stand and components, carrying case (included), the banner can be made from vinyl material.

Suggested Uses: Great for events, conferences, the point of sale signage, trade shows, and presentations

Printing Method: Full-color printing, UV printing

Approximate Lifespan: 5+ years with proper installation, maintenance, and storage

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 33″x78″, 47″x78″, 57″x78″

What are Retractable Banners?
Retractable Banner is a self-supportive freestanding banner, with a printed Vinyl Graphics placed inside an Aluminum base construction with a spring-loaded mechanism. The Vinyl Graphics is rolled back into the base, is protected from damage and lightweight to transport. It’s quick to assemble and big enough to draw foot traffic. Retractable banner is also famous as Roller or Roll/ Pull up the banner.

Where to use Retractable Banners?
Retractable Roll up banners has versatile usage at exhibitions, tradeshows, Schools, universities, Gala openings, shopping malls, reception areas, product and service promotions. It’s an ideal solution for Company or Individual presentations, media and charity events. Cultural institutions like museums, restaurants and many other establishments can easily utilize these portable banner stand for their needs.

Can I use your pull up banners outdoors?
Yes! The Vinyl Graphics are digitally printed in full color using quality UV inks. After the Curing process, the Vinyl banner becomes fade and sun resistant.
However, we do not recommend using the retractable banner outdoors as it is not able to withstand windy conditions.

How to Set up Retractable Banners?
Retractable banners are easy to open and display. Firstly, take out the banner from the carry bag, swing out the stabilizing feet. Hook the slot of the banner to the support pole’s head, slowly pull the banner up and insert the support pole into the hole in the base. Simple as that!

How to maintain Retractable Banners? 
Retractable banners do not require much care. Wiping the dust off the vinyl graphics with a piece of cloth is more than enough.
However, let the banner dry after you use a damp cloth to clean the banner. Plain water is enough to take any dirt off the surface and upgrade the Graphics to its initial vividness.

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