About Floor Decals

Guide customers to your establishment with the help of easily noticeable Floor Decals.

Floor Decals or Floor Graphics are a new developing but already a very popular way of product promotion. These are attractive Stickers that are applied to the floor, be it for indoors or outdoors.

Floor Decals are commonly used for discount announcements, mall advertisements, directional signs and many more. The most popular use of Floor Decals is for wedding venues, gym and dance floor decorations as well as for 3D Floor graphics.

We use high-quality UV inks that are dried with LED curing system synchronous to the printing process. You can choose one of our templates or you can use our Free Designing Tool to create your own design. The only limit is your imagination.

We offer high-quality Custom Decals, the material of which is durable Vinyl that can last quite long. That is one of the reasons why vinyl Floor Decals are getting so popular nowadays, as they can withstand any weather conditions.

The installation of Floor Decals is very simple, you just need to take off the back paper and fix it to the floor. Make sure the surface is clean, in order to get a smooth finish.

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Thickness: 4.25mil

Weight: 0.07/sqft

Color: White

Min. size: 4″x4″

Max. size: 52″x1740″

Common Sizes: 12″x24″, 24″x48″, 48″x96″, can be customized

Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color Printing with UV inks

Cutting options: Standard, overline, outline

Installation: With a squeegee or a plastic card

Lifespan: 1+ years

Step 1

Prepare the floor for the installation. Clean it with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

Step 2

After making sure that the floor is dry pass on to the Decal. You will see that the Decal has a backing paper on it. You will need to remove it. But don’t hurry. Start removing a little part from a corner.

Step 3

Apply the exposed adhesive Decal to the floor and move the squeegee along that part of the Decal.

Step 4

Keep removing the backing paper of the Decal and apply the backing-free part to the floor, by squeegeeing it.

Step 5

Keep repeating the same action till the entire floor Decal is fixed on the floor.
Once more move the squeegee from the center to the corners of the Decal for 100% perfect installation.

What material are Floor Decals made of?

Floor decals are made of thin, adhesive vinyl – durable, yet eye-pleasing material. We cover it with laminate to make them slip and scuff-resistant. This makes the floor decals resistant to high amounts of food traffic without fading in color or wearing. Thus, no matter how many people will happen to walk over your floor decal it will retain its initial look for an extended period of time.

Floor Decals VS  Floor Stickers?

Outside of the signage industry, Floor Decals are often referred to as floor stickers or floor graphics. Floor decal are similar to stickers in that they have adhesive backing. But like any other type of a decal, floor decals are also not intended to be removed and repositioned. Doing so will damage the floor decal and probably make it unusable.

Where Can I use Floor Decals?

Floor decals are often used in stores, basketball and other sports fields, special events such as weddings, parties, etc. Assuming you are applying the decal on a flat surface there are very few places where the floor decal cannot be installed – not recommended in dusty areas. No matter the occasion or the event we are able to provide you the best, most eye-catching floor decal you could desire in cut in the shape you require.

Can Floor Decals be Custom Shaped?

Absolutely. The UV inkjet printing surface allows us to print custom graphics in high resolution. Depending on your Advertising campaign, we can custom print and cut the Floor-decal-to-be Graphics in any design, shape and quantity.

With our extensive experience, we create visual strategies of all sizes and shapes to attract your target audience.

What is the lifespan of the decals?

Depending on the amount of foot traffic, floor decals can have a lifespan anywhere from one month to five years. The laminated finish we apply on the floor decals supplies it with an ultra-thin, yet a highly-durable layer of scratch, scuff and foot-traffic-resistance. However, generally, we would recommend you remove/replace the floor graphics in one year after installation.

Will the graphics printed on the decal fade?

No – laminate-coverage of the decal, coupled with abrasion-resistant ink we use in printing your graphics – prevents the fade-out of colors and ensures your decal’s new, shiny look.

Will the decal ruin the surface of the floor or the flooring itself?

Our floor decals do not damage the surface they’re applied on. However, some precautions should be taken into consideration: After an extended period of time (exceeding one year) decals might become somewhat difficult to remove.

Yet, these simple steps will help you remove the decal from the floor without leaving marks indicating anything adhesive was applied on the floor before.

When removing the decal simply use some sharp-edge tool which won’t cause any damage to your floor and carefully peel the decal off the floor.  If necessary mildly rub the surface with a dump sponge to remove the remainders of the decal.

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