About Clear Car Decals

Clear Car Decals are a great tool to personalize your vehicle or advertise your company. Car decals can have different sizes, color and design to best deliver your message. Just customize your decal design online with our free design tool or templates and advertise your company while driving in the city or delivering your product.
Clear car stickers are made of transparent vinyl material and can be applied to different parts of the car: car hood, door, mirror, tailgate, rear window and windshield decals.
Custom vinyl auto decals will have people admiring your vehicle be it a car, truck, van, ship or a motorbike.

These decorative or advertising graphics will give you the opportunity to transform your vehicle into an appealing and eye-catchy advertisement on wheels.

Our custom vehicle stickers are humidity and moisture resistant, have a long lifespan and preserve vivid color density. Bright colors and attractive car stickers with well-designed graphics won’t escape from the notice of drivers and passers-by.

You can reach thousands of people with this type of advertising and gain more customers than from online promotions. Car branding decals travel around and are on the direct view of the potential customers. Besides, Clear Car Decals there are other kinds of decals such as frosted, perforated, opaque decals. Choose the one according to your taste, needs and requirements.

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SpecificationsInstallationUsage & Care

Thickness: 3mil

Weight: 0.065/sqft

Min. size: 6″x6″

Max size: 77″x1740″

Common sizes: 12″x6″, 12″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x24″, 24″x36″, 36″x54″, 48″x72″, 48″x96″, can be customized

Material: Clear Vinyl

Printing: Digital full-color printing with UV inks

Printing options: Inside glass, mirror

Cutting options: Standard

Lifespan: 3+ years

Car Decal installation is not as hard as it may seem but follow the steps carefully to get the best result.


Step 1
Clean the car surface for dust-free installation. Dust can cause the Decal to lose its stickiness and ruin your Decal. Clean the area with soapy water for 100% clean surface.
Step 2

Dry the surface. Make sure that the Decal applying area is completely dry and flat.

Step 3

Take the backing paper off the Decal.

Step 4

Put the Decal where you’re going to have it applied. Start from the top and move slowly down along the Decal.

Step 5

Now, fix the Decal onto the car with the help of a squeegee. If you don’t have a squeegee, business or bank cards can be a great substitute. Move the squeegee along the Decal and make sure that all parts of the Decal underwent it.


Step 1: Peel off the decal from one corner at a sharp angle. You can use Hair drier to soften the adhesive, and thus take the decal off comparatively easier.

Step 2: If the Vinyl graphics are of a larger size, peel off the decal from on corner with an extra pair of hands.

Step 3: Clean the residue with a warm soapy water or an alcohol.

What are Clear Car Decals?

Clear Car decals are transparent vinyl with custom printed stickers, which are applied to the car for personal and business purposes. They can depict company logos, names, contacts and other important message or information. Personalized attractive graphics show your support to sport clubs, love to movies or just the level of creativity

What are clear car decals made of?

Clear decals are made of 3 mil clear adhesive vinyl. These decals are safely applied to the surface and provide a delicate look. They have backing tape for keeping the adhesiveness till the application of the decal. When applied the decals stay there till you need them removed and don’t leave residues when peeled off.

Where can car decals be used?

Car decals can be applied on every kinds of vehicles: trucks, vans, boats, motorbikes and what not. The only necessary condition for decal applying is the smooth and clean surface and the decal will stay there as long as you need it to be. You can apply the decal onto the vehicle hood, windows (clear window decals link), side doors, tailgate, mirrors, etc.

How long can car decals be used?

Car decals are a perfect tool for permanent car advertising. With proper care and conditions, car decals can stay on the surface for more than 3 years.

Will car decals damage my car surface?

Decals adhere perfectly to the car surface and stay there until you remove it. However, this doesn’t mean that they will damage your car surface. Decals are removed with ease and don’t let residues after them. Be sure that they will not remove your car paint as well.

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