Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Car Magnets

Reusable and customizable, car magnets are the perfect tool for the branding and personalization of your vehicle.
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Specification And Usage

Custom Car Magnets

Magnetic car signs are a highly effective medium for fleet advertising. You can order car magnets in any shape, size and design. Theyre the perfect asset for business promotions, temporary sales, seasonal specials, political campaigns and more.

Business car magnets are an effective advertising tool that requires no effort on your part other than sticking the sign to the vehicle. Your magnetic graphics and car door magnets will do all the extra work for you while you drive as usual. 

The main advantage of these products is their reusability. They don’t damage the car paint and are super easy to apply and remove. You can even use them on rented cars or remove the graphics after working hours and use the car for personal needs. 

Design car magnets online with our easy-to-use sign-making platform, customize them to perfection and order right away at Square Signs. We ship our custom car magnet signs across the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Business Car Magnets by Usage

different types of business car magnets on both doors

This signage medium is the go-to method of street advertising for small and medium businesses. They’re easy to apply, remove and store. They display your desired information to thousands of prospects daily with a one-time investment. You can reuse magnetic car signs for a number of years, making them even more cost-effective.

Custom car magnets for business have a variety of usages. While you can get them printed with any kind of text or image, here are a few popular uses to benefit your business. 

Car Logo Magnets

Brand your car by sticking your business logo on flat and vertical areas like its bumper or side doors. Choose a contrasting background color for your logo print to make it attention-grabbing. Get an outline-cut car logo magnet for an even more unique and personalized appearance. 

Car Advertising Magnets 

Have a special product or service you want to promote? Car advertising graphics are an ideal tool for the job. Print promotional designs on the material and advertise on the go. Get large car magnets with full-color graphics and represent your brand in the best light. With business car magnets, you can promote seasonal sales without having to worry about the application and removal of stickers that leave air bubbles and residue.

Informative Car Magnets

Showcase your contact information on your vehicle along with your logo and advertising graphics. Add your business phone number, website, email and any other relevant information to your promotional business car magnets. Use the empty surface area of your vehicle to boost your business.

Personalized Car Magnets

The above-mentioned categories of custom car magnets for business are must-haves. Still, every business type has its own specific needs. You can get this medium printed and cut with any design to meet your unique business requirements. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for intricate shapes and exceptional print quality so you’re always guaranteed exceptional results. 

Magnets for Different Vehicle Types

Custom car magnet signs are used for all types of vehicles as long as their body is made of a material that’s attracted to magnets. Take a look at the most popular ones below and get inspired to make your own car magnet with the help of our sign design platform.

Magnetic Truck Signs

Looking for solutions to brand or personalize your truck? Truck magnets are your best choice. They’re easy to apply to the body of your vehicle and may be stored for later reuse. Take advantage of the empty surface of your vehicle with eye-catching business truck magnets. Advertise your brand while parked or on your cross-country drive. Magnetic truck signs don’t require any effort or maintenance other than sticking them to the vehicle. 

Magnetic Bus Signs

Large car magnets are an effective way to brand and personalize buses. Since most of them have large, flat surface areas, sticking these items onto them is a no-brainer. Whether you need to put the school logo on the bus or advertise your company headquarters, bus magnets are an obvious choice. Create a unique design with our online sign-making tool and we’ll take care of the car magnet printing for you. 

Magnetic Van Signs

Do your business vans and minivans frequently drive around your target business locations? Your vehicles most likely park in places where your prospective customers can see them. This is your chance to spread the word about your business without much investment. No other advertising medium will drive around the city for you at the unbeatable price of business car magnets.  

Magnetic Sedan Signs

With business car magnets, you are your own advertising agency. All you need to do is go about your business drives as usual but now with the added benefit of ad graphics constantly marketing your work on your vehicle. Add your contact info on the print along with your logo and a top list of products and services you offer. That’s all your prospects will need in order to find your website or give you a call. 

Custom Car Magnets by Shape

Our intuitive tool allows users to create designs in custom shapes. Whether you opt to have the magnets cut into the shape of your design or in a standard square, we can make it happen. Just be sure to choose your desired shape before placing your order. 

We use state-of-the-art cutting machines for all our products. Rest assured that your car and truck magnets will be cut into the exact shape you desire. Your final product will have precisely cut edges with a neat and professional appearance. 

  • Rounded Cut

The default option we offer for car and truck magnets is a rounded cut. Here the 90° corners of square or rectangle shape are rounded at a 1/4"-1/2" radius, depending on the size you choose. We recommend going with this option so that your sign will have a more aerodynamic design and stick better to your car’s body. You can rest assured that your magnetic car prints will stay put even during windy weather and high speeds.

  • Square/Rectangle Cut

With this option, your business car magnets will have 90° corners with pointed edges. This cutting option will give your magnets for trucks, vans and other types of vehicles a sharp and bold appearance. They’ll be sure to capture the attention of other drivers and passengers. Although the rounded cutting option is recommended for this medium, the choice mainly depends on the look you want to achieve.

  • Circle/Oval Cut

Oval or round car magnets also stick well to the car body and have a unique appearance. They make for the perfect car logo magnetas the shape creates a focal point. When you create or restyle your design with our tool, make sure no important design elements or other details will be left out when we cut the magnet in a circle or oval shape. You can request digital proofs prior to production to avoid any potential mistakes with the final product. 

  • Outline Cut

Do you want your car or truck magnets to have a custom shape? Get them outline-cut with elaborate forms by selecting the option in our tool. Keep in mind, however, that too many inward pointed corners will make the magnetic pull weaker when driving at high speeds. Most car logo magnets should hold up fine as long as their shape is not too elaborate. Whatever you decide, we’ll ensure that your car magnet is cut in the precise shape of your design with no details being left out.

  • Overline Cut

Add a matte white border of 1/4" - 1/2" around your design and get it cut into your desired shape with the overline cutting option. Keep in mind that the size of the border will be included in the size you choose for your magnet. In case you want a border in any other color, you’ll need to include it in your design and choose the outline cutting option. 

Material for Custom Car Magnets 

As you may already know, magnets don’t stick to all materials or even all metals. We won’t go into any scientific details but the main metal that attracts them and is used in car body manufacturing is steel. The second most widely used material for cars is aluminum, which doesn’t have magnetic properties. Please verify that this product is the right choice for your vehicle before placing an order. 

The material we use for the product is a 30mil thick magnet which is durable but thin enough to be used for car graphics. It has an impressive magnetic pull of 90lbs/sq ft or 439kg/sq m. It has an additional printable vinyl sheet of around 2mil thickness on the front surface. The vinyl is white and has a matte finish. 

Printing for Custom Car Magnets

Your design is directly printed onto the vinyl sheeting that covers the front-facing surface of vehicle magnets. We use premium UV-resistant inks and machines for car magnet printing. Our machinery allows for full-color printing to ensure your business car magnets have deep graphics that are attention grabbing for your prospects.

Inks are UV-cured to ensure a long lifespan of up to five years for your graphics even when they’re exposed to sunlight and the elements. Design car magnets online with our sign-making platform. We’ll take on all the hassle of manufacturing and have them quickly shipped to your doorsteps. 

Design for Custom Car Magnets 

We’ve created a user-friendly design tool so you can design and order this and other products online. It gives you the freedom to choose custom sizes, shape options and other specifications. You’re free to make your own car magnet design with a variety of elements, backgrounds, texts and other features available on the tool. You can also upload your own design file and edit it to meet your requirements. 

Making your own sign has never been easier. We offer thousands of templates you can use to get started, available free of charge. They’re fully customizable so you can find the best fit and restyle it to perfection. Check all the options to ensure that the final product looks exactly like you want it and place your order with just a few clicks. 

We’ll send you a digital proof upon request or in case we have any questions to make sure that the final product will meet our quality standards.

Popular Sizes of Custom Car Magnets

car magnet chart with popular sizes in reference to a small SUV

The minimum size for this product is 4”x4” while the maximum is 96”x48”. We can make your custom car magnet in any size between this range. However, there are a few popular sizes that get the most requests. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of the most used sizes for this medium along with their prices. Please note that the price will vary depending on the cutting option you choose.

Standard Sizes












Graphics for Non-Magnetic Car Bodies

Although steel is the most used metal for vehicle frames, there are a few non-magnetic options in the market as well. Aluminum is the most popular one. Since you can’t stick these products to aluminum, we do have another solution for you.

Custom car decals are a popular choice with an adhesive backing. With this product, you don’t have to consider speed restrictions or surface curves and can display graphics of any size. The downside is that this product is not reusable.

If you’re unsure of the magnetism of your vehicle’s body surface, you can test it with a simple magnetic item like fridge decor in a few seconds. If the product sticks to the application area, you can rest assured that our vehicle magnets will also work. 

Care for Custom Car Magnets 

The application, removal and storage for this product are very simple. If you want to extend its lifespan, you can follow the instructions below to ensure proper care. 

Make sure both the product and application surfaces are clean and dust-free before every application. Washing the back of the product with mild detergent and warm water is recommended. However, make sure both surfaces are completely dry before application. 

Clean and reapply your vehicle magnets every time after rain and snowfall or in case of humid weather conditions. This will prevent moisture from getting stored between the graphics and your car body. Even if the weather is dry, remove and wipe the dust off often to prevent scratching the car surface. Once or twice a week is optimal. 

Always remove the graphics before entering a car wash. Although car advertising magnets are waterproof, the chemicals used during washing may damage the printed graphics. 

It’s highly recommended to store the product completely flat. However, if you do need to roll it, the printed surface should face outward to avoid wrinkles.

Please be advised that without following these simple care instructions, there is a minor risk of damage to the car paint and product graphics.    

How to Prevent Magnetic Car Signs from Falling Off

The pulling power of car magnets is relatively strong. It’s tested for up to 80mph speeds under normal weather conditions. To reach the maximum bond between this product and the application area, make sure that the print lays flat on the vehicle. Choose a completely flat surface and clean as described above to avoid the chance of moisture, dust or air bubbles from developing underneath the graphics.

We recommend a rounded cut for this product as it reduces wind resistance and allows for better adhesion. We don’t recommend the use of this non-adhesive medium on the hood, roof or other horizontal surfaces of the vehicle. These areas have higher exposure to high wind resistance, increasing the possibility of the product coming off. 

Comparison of Similar Signs

We have a wide range of products on our website. Find a comparison chart of similar signs below along with their minimum and maximum sizes, standard prices, average lifespans and printing options. You can explore each product in detail on their respective pages. 

Prices will change with additional features.


Custom Car Magnets

Car Decals

Car Window Decals

Magnetic Signs

Size (min/max)

4"x4" - 48"x96"

6"x6" - 58"x1680"

6"x6" - 52"x1680"

4"x4" - 48"x96"

Price (min/max)

$14.17 - $371.26

$22.99 - $2,225.39

$22.99 - $1,997.47

$14.17 - $371.26

Lifespan outdoors

3+ years

3+ years

3+ years

3+ years

Printing options







Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your business on-the-go with custom car magnets. The product comes with a range of advantages and is affordable even for small businesses. Use our design platform and order your graphics with just a few clicks. We ship all over the US and Canada. We also ship for free within the contiguous US whenever your products are under 36" in size and your order costs more than $70.


What’s the best cutting option for car magnets?

We recommend choosing the rounded cut option for custom car magnets to achieve the best bond between the print and the body of the car. This is a more aerodynamic design which will ensure that the wind won’t blow your car magnet off at high speeds.

What’s the maximum speed I can drive my car without the car magnets falling off?

The maximum speed we guarantee for this product to stay put is 80mph (128.74 kph) under normal weather conditions. Keep in mind that this doesn’t take into account high winds blowing in the opposite of your driving direction. Avoid placing the product on horizontal car surfaces like the hood and roof to minimize wind resistance.

Do you offer vehicle magnets in custom shapes?

Yes, we can cut your vehicle magnet in practically any shape you like. Keep in mind that the more inward pointed corners your car magnet has, the easier it will get blown off due to reduced aerodynamics. We recommend getting the default cut with rounded corners to ensure optimal durability for your magnetic vehicle signs. 

Will car magnets damage the paint on my vehicle?

This non-adhesive product itself is harmless for your car paint, whether it’s new or old. To reduce any risk of damage to the body of your car from improper usage, you should take care of the product by following instructions for how to install, remove and clean it properly. 

How can I install my car magnets properly?

Make sure both the application surface and the product are clean and dust-free. Choose the flattest area since the magnet won’t stick well to curved surfaces. Place the product onto the area of application and check if the whole surface has securely adhered to the vehicle body. Change the position if any edges stick out to prevent the risk of your magnet being blown off by wind resistance.

How can I care for my car magnet signs?

Make sure to remove the sign and clean it along with the application area once or twice a week. Remove and dry both surfaces after rain and snowfall. Don’t slide the car magnet when removing it to prevent any dust stored underneath from scratching the surface of your car. Read more details above in the “Care for Custom Car Magnets” section. 

How should I store car magnets?

Place the magnet on a smooth surface and cover it with a soft cloth. Don’t roll or fold it in order to avoid wrinkles on the printed side. If you must roll the graphics for transportation or storage, make sure you do so gently and evenly with the printed side facing outwards. 

Should I remove the car magnets when washing the car?

Yes, you should remove them before you enter a car wash. Otherwise, you risk moisture being stored between the car and the product as well as having the graphics damaged by abrasive brushes and chemicals. 

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping all across the USA and Canada for all of our products. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts. The prices will vary depending on the size of the product and other factors. You can see the exact cost and estimated delivery date by placing your product in the shopping cart and selecting a shipping method prior to placing your order.