About Brushed Aluminum Signs

Make an indelible impression on your customers and friends with elegant Brushed Aluminum Signs. The difference between Standard and Brushed Aluminum is that Standard Aluminum has a mill and opaque white finish, whereas brushed comes with the expected brushed effect and brushed silver finish.

These Signs are used to display the name and/or the logo of the company. Aside from business purposes Brushed Aluminum Signs can have a personal use as well.

The information you want to display can be direct printed on brushed aluminum sign. Brushed Aluminum comes with lamination, extra coating to prolong the sign’s lifespan.  We use only high-quality UV inks which are dried with LED curing system simultaneous to printing process.  This makes the inks sun-resistant and preserves the vivid colors of the sign for a long period of time. The Brushed Aluminum comes with brushed silver finish. When printing, the brushed matte appearance will remain the same if not printed on.

You can upload your own image to be printed on the Brushed Aluminum Sign… or if you don’t have a ready image… you can use our free design tool with hundreds of templates to create custom graphics.

There are several installation options you can choose from. One of the ways is – you can install a Brushed Aluminum Sign by directly mounting it to the wall with double-sided tapes. Alternatively, you can install it though the help of stand-offs. This type of installation is often used in offices to get a neater look. Brushed Aluminum Signs can be hung or fixed on special constructions as well.

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SpecificationsInstallation & Usage

Thickness: 0.040”

Weight: 0.59lbs/sqft (for 12’’X12’’ sheets)

Min. Sign size: 4”x4”

Max. sign size: 48”x96”

Common Sizes: 12”x18”, 18″x36″, 24”x36’, can be Customized

Installation: Mounting with screws, command strip, suction cup, zip ties

Printing: Digital, high resolution – full color printing with UV inks

Features: one-sided prints with brushed finish

Lamination: available – optional

Usage: outdoors 10+, indoors 15+

What are Custom Brushed Aluminum Signs?

Brushed Aluminum is a modern and elegant way to decorate and brand the office interior and exterior. It is a Standard Aluminum sheet with a brushed finish. With is unique look it gives texture to the design. A preferred material for industrial establishments – lobbies, hallways, etc.

Where to use Brushed Aluminum Signs?

Brushed Aluminum signage is ideal for Exterior and Interior branding. Brushed Aluminum signs can elevate your interior premises with a unique vibrancy and give more industrial look. These signs are a great way to make a lasting first impression, as your company name written in a beautiful custom font with a classy brushed finish is the first thing they will see. These signs are also appropriate for hallways and offices. Not only are our brushed aluminum signs high quality and aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly durable and can last for years when properly maintained.

How to Install Brushed Aluminum Signs?

Installation of Brushed Aluminum is as simple as this. The Sign can the attached to wall surfaces including drywall, brick, stone, etc. Among the accessories we suggest, standoffs are the common type. You can custom install with spacers or screws. For the step-by-step guide of how to install the sign check our installation section.

How to maintain Brushed Aluminum Signs?

The best way to clean your brushed aluminum signs is with water and a soft cloth. Mild liquid soap can be also used only when you feel the need.
The signage doesn’t require much care or regular “showers”. Remember to periodically take the dust off to restore the initial color vividness of the graphics.

Why Choose Square Signs?

You are our highest priority! For our customers, we have designed a user-friendly interface with an easy to use the designing tool. Choose from our wide range of templates at your disposal. With highest-quality assurance, we offer next day shipping services. Credit card safety guaranteed while making an online order from Square Signs! Happy Purchasing!

Top Templates For Brushed Aluminum Signs

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