Custom Backlit decals

Backlit decals are the perfect solution if you need a 24/7 visibility for your sign. These high quality of our backlit decals are used both indoors as well as outdoors. They are weather resistant and can last for years. They provide wide range of rich colors creating attractive and eye catching signs.

These are translucent decals that permeate the light pass through them. This means that the material to which the decal is applied to must be transparent itself to let the light pass through it. Therefore the main materials used as base for backlit decal signs are Acrylic or Lexan.

Backlit decals are mainly used for making Light Boxes, decorating shop windows, cinema stands, displays and more.

Backlit transparent vinyl are highly effective because they are

  • Easily removable
  • Self-adhesive, without any additional adhesives
  • Provide day and night visibility
  • Can depict literally any image or text

For printing, we use UV inks that provide vivid colors for the sign.
Design your backlit decal with our free design tool or use ready-made templates customizing to your liking. Create your personalized sign now!

The estimated lifespan of backlit decals is 3+ years with proper placement and care.

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SpecificationsInstallationUsage & More

Thickness: 3mil

Weight: 0.9oz/sqft

Color: White

Min. size: 8″x8″

Max. size: 57″x1740″

Common Sizes: 12″x24″, 24″x48″, 48″x96″, can be customized

Material: Vinyl

Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Installation: With squeegee

Cutting Options: Standard, overline, outline

Usage: Outdoor 3+ years with proper care, Indoor  7+ years with proper care

Options: Cut


Backlit decals are ideal for Light Box Signs and any other illuminated signage project. Transparent materials like Acrylic and Lexan work in perfect combination with Backlit Decals.
For application you will need to follow the following instructions.

Step 1
Clean the surface you’re going to apply the Decal to. Use glass cleaner to provide the most possible clearance of the surface.

Step 2
The surface is ready. Now we deal with the Decal. For Decal application start from the top. Take the Decal and peel some of the backing tape off.

Step 3
Apply the tape-free part to the surface.

Step 4
Press the Decal to the surface with the squeegee or a strong ruler.
The first step is taken.

Step 5
Remove the backing tape little by little simultaneously fixing the Decal to the window with the squeegee till there’s no backing tape left and all the Decal is where it was supposed to be.


Any kind of decal, once removed cannot be used again. It loses its adhesiveness and become loose if not cracked and creased.

A hassle-free installation depends on the location, the period of application and of course quality of decals.

The corners of the decals may leave a residue, so you can clean it with a soapy water or rubbing alcohol for a quicker result.

In case the decal comes off really hard, use a streamer or a hair drier to melt the adhesive and clean the undesired residue with a soapy water or an alcohol.

Prior to installation, clean the surface area. Apply a liberal coat of soapy water to the installation surface and the adhesive side of the decal.

What are backlit decals?

Backlit decals are made of transparent vinyl. This means that they are translucent so can let the light pass through them. For this reason they need to be illuminated from back to best deliver the message they carry in the dark. That’s why backlit decals are usually applied on transparent materials such as acrylic and lexan. Together with these materials backlit stickers provide high visibility for signs and displays.

Where Can I use backlit decals?

Backlit decals are highly used in illuminated signs. These are Lightboxes, Backlit posters and displays. You have your message printed on decals and apply it on a transparent material – acrylic, lexan, glass. When not illuminated, backlit decals are like an ordinary vinyl decal. Once illuminated from back, the decals let the light pass through them providing vividness of colors.
Backlit work fine with windows as well. Either you own a store, a beauty salon or a nice building with glass windows, you can use them for advertising. Just apply the backlit decals with catchy visuals on the windows and illuminate them from behind. Your ad will be within eye day and night bringing traffic and brand awareness to you.
Exit signs, storefront signs, directional signs and promotional displays are some other usages of this popular decal.

Can you remove and reuse backlit decals?

No, once removed, the adhesiveness of backlit decals will decrease and so these decals don’t support reuse. So be careful when applying the decal and think well before it.

Can backlit Decals be Custom Shaped?

Yes! We use modern vinyl plotter machine that can bring any shape and design of a decal into reality. Though the lion’s share of our backlit sign orders belongs to the standard shapes and sizes starting from 8″x12″ to 48″x96″, we also custom cut the decals to your liking. You can customize your decal design with our free design tool or use our free templates.

What is the lifespan of the backlit decals?

The average lifespan of backlit decals is 3+ years with proper care. However backlit decals do not require special care. The only thing you should take care of is keeping the sign away from sharp objects.

Will my backlit sign damage or ruin my window/surface where it is applied?

No. Our Backlit decals are high-quality decals with high adhesiveness to stick to your material and provide the excellence of your sign. This, however, doesn’t mean that it will stay on the surface or ruin it. It is removed quite easily. If applied for quite a long time, it may be a bit harder to remove the decal but here you can use a hairdryer. If any residues, just wash the surface with some soap water, window cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

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