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Custom Aluminum Signs


Aluminum Signs are highly durable types of signs perfect for exterior use. These Signs are all types-of-weather-resistant and are usually used in the public sector (safety, parking, warning, directional signs etc.)

One of the greatest features of the aluminum sign is its double-sided display which enables to print eye-catching graphics on EACH side.

Due to the versatility of this material you can have your graphics printed in ANY color on an aluminum sheet of almost any thickness, size and color.

We can cut your standard aluminum sign into all - most common sizes. Whether you choose to print a ready design you have in hand - or custom graphics created in our free design tool – you have the opportunity to choose the thickness, size and color of your sign.

The complexity of the installation of Aluminum Signs depends on the size and on the location where the Sign should be installed. The Metal Sign can be flat mounted to the wall with double-sided tapes, or can be hung on a special construction. An elegant way to install the Aluminum Sign is with the help of standoffs.

Finally, one more feature to consider regarding Aluminum Signs is the raw appearance of the material. Before Aluminum printing the sign is solid white, thus any area of the sign that isn’t printed on will have that solid white appearance. You can, however, choose a different background color for the sign if you do not want it plain white. Printing on Aluminum can be of your suggested colors and design.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Thickness: 0.032”

Weight: 0.47 for 12’’X12’’ sheets

Min. Sign size: 4”x4’

Max. sign size: 48”x96”

Common Sizes: 12”x18”, 24”x36’, can be Customized

Installation: Mounting with screws, double-sided tape, sucking cup, hanging clips, Zip ties, etc.

Printing: Digital, high resolution – full-color Printing with UV inks

Finishes: mill, matte, Glossy, brushed, reflective

Features: Smooth, sun and deformation resistant

Usage: outdoors 10+ , indoors: 15+

How to Install Aluminum Signs?

You can affix your Custom Aluminum signs on any rigid surface. There are plenty of accessories for the hassle-free installation. Usually, the Aluminum Sign is mounted with screws and other fasteners onto the building, fence, etc. We can custom predrill the signs upon your request.

For flat surfaces like wall or door, you can adhere double-sided tape.
As for hanging accessories, you can use a pole and brackets. It can be more cost efficient than sign frames.

Hanging Clips can be used for a drop ceiling signs.

For glass-like materials, we suggest using sucking cups. Make sure to place in a secure spot for people not to bump and cause damage to the sign.

Note: Avoid installing the Custom sign under a direct sunlight not to cause slight color variation. The UV inks do resistant, but we recommend considering the location for a longer lifespan.

One last thing! Make sure that the Aluminum construction is stable and won’t fall.

How to maintain Aluminum Signs? / What is the best way to clean Aluminum Signs?

Aluminum signs are easy to maintain. Washing with a liquid soap and water is sufficient to keep it clean and shiny. Wiping off the dust will preserve the aluminum sign graphic’s vivid and attractive look.

Note: do not clean aluminum signs with abrasive cloths or metal sponge to prevent possible damage.

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