Acrylic Signs (Plexiglas Signs), Acrylic Printing

Acrylic is the perfect material when you want a sophisticated and high-tech signage. Acrylic Signs are the ideal solution for office or home Interior and Exterior signage.

Custom Acrylic Signs have versatile usage and diverse colors to fit into any signage project. Acrylic comes with Clear, back, white, frosted sheets.

Acrylic sheets can be used to create Logo signs, non-illuminated 3D letter signs, Directional Signs and what not! Furthermore, Cast Acrylic can be used as home décor. Acrylic is also used to create Home numbers and office nameplates.

Acrylic prints are the perfect decoration for home and office premises. The vivid color density and vividness are fade resistant and serve their purpose for a long time.

The smooth edges give neat, professional look and feel to any establishment. Due to its glass-like appearance, it is the preferred material for retail stores, business institutions and different industry representatives. We recommend to brand hotel entranced, main lobbies, office premises with Acrylic as it’s a shatter proof, long lasting and non-yellowing material.

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Thickness: 1/8″/0.125″, 1/4″/0.25″

Weight: 0.750lbs/sqft, 1.500lbs/sqft  accordingly

Min. size: 4″x4″

Max. size: 96″x48″

Common sizes: 18″X18″, 18″X24″, 18″X36″, 24″X24″, 24″X36″, 24″X48″, 36″X36″

Shape: Rectangle, circle, square, any custom shape

Material: Cast Acrylic

Material color: Clear, white

Features: Higher impact resistance than of Glass, the most durable thermoplastic

Finishes: Glossy or matte

Drilled hole options: 4 corners, Top and bottom center, Top corners only, 4 Corners and Top and Bottom Center

Installation: Standoffs, screws, suction cup, command strips

Printing: Full color digital printing with fade resistant inks

Printing options: In case of Clear Acrylic, printing is available either from front side or back. In case of white Acrylic only one side printing is available.

Cutting options: Standard, overline or outline, rounded

Lifespan: Outdoors 5+ years, Indoors: 15+ years

How to Install Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic Sign installation depends on the location and the actual size of the sign.

We offer a wide range of accessories for Acrylic signage installation.

Acrylic Nameplate signs can be mounted directly on the wall with screws, bolts or standoffs – later for a more aesthetic look. Depending on the surface – Opaque Acrylic can be also affixed to the wall with command strips. For hanging mechanisms, we offer chains and suction cup, zip ties, etc.
For a detailed tutorial, please read our installation section.

How to Maintain Acrylic Signs?

To preserve the neat look of your signage we recommend periodically wipe the dust off. For a dirtier surface, you can use a mixture of a water and a liquid soap. To clean the sign use only a soft piece of cloth. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia base or other chemicals.

Acrylic Sign installation with Standoffs

To enhance the visual appearance of your Acrylic Sign, we offer using standoffs. Acrylic Sign can be attached on the interior or exterior walls, brick wall or concrete.
For the installation, you will need a screwdriver, wall plug, screw, standoff body and head.
Step 1: Choose a level surface – free of dust and grease
Step 2: Mark the holes onto the surface, one more time check if it’s level, drill and notch holes
Step 3: Screw through the wall plug and insert the Standoff body
Step 4: Insert the Acrylic Sign through the standoff head and fix it in place with the standoff cup

Acrylic Sign installation with Command Strips

Step 1: Make sure the application surface is clean
Step 2: Peel off the strip from one side and adhere it to the sign. Make sure you don’t place the adhesive on clear parts but behind letters or prints of the sign.
Step 3: Ensure strips are nicely adhered to the sign frame and only then peel off the second protective backing and stick it onto the wall.
Step 4: Press the Sign slightly onto the wall to make sure the adhesive strips firmly hold the Sign frame.

Acrylic Sign installation with Suction Cup & Hook

In some cases, you’d like to hang your custom Acrylic Sign. Among the accessories, we offer a suction cup with a hook as a perfect hanging mechanism.
Step 1: Ensure the glass surface is clean and level
Step 2: Stick the suction cups onto the desired area and one more time check if its level or not
Step 3: Burp the air out for a better durability and using the hook hang the sign from it.

What is Acrylic Sign?

The acrylic sign is versatile in terms of colors, styles, design solution and industrial usage.
Acrylic is a plastic material – tradename and known as Plexiglas®, which allows to custom create signs, engravings that meet all kinds of requirements!
Acrylic Plastic is used for architectural and point-of-purchase signage. A popular material for illuminated and interior branding solutions.

What are the advantages of the Acrylic Sign?

  • is available in clear, white or opaque and black sheets, can have also frosted effect
    • Comes with UV protection
    • Non-yellowing after 10 years of constant usage
    • Can be polished to restore its initial clarity
    • Comes from a natural gas and is inert (in its solid form)
    • Transmits 92% of light
    • is 17 more impact resistant and lighter in weight than Glass
    • easy to fabricate and form

Where to use Acrylic signs?

Acrylic signage is ideal for company and home interior and exterior branding and decorations.
Acrylic plastic signs are used to give an exclusive and professional look and feel.
Among office interior branding solutions, Acrylic can be found as Door sign, Restroom and directional sign. For more impact on the visitors, Acrylic creates magnificent 3D signs and wall photo Artworks.
You can emphasize your creativity and personality through Acrylic home signage – artworks, Photo prints, House number plates or Established signs with vivid prints and graphics.

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