Static Clings

Static Clings

Reusable - no-residue window Sticker Clings - Ideal for vehicle and shop window temporary Advertising.

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Installation of Static Clings

Opaque Static Cling can easily be reapplied if attached in the wrong place. So when using dry installation method don’t worry about damaging the Static Cling.

Step 1: Remove the dust and dirt from the window surface where you’re going to have the Clear Static Cling installed. Use a window cleaner and a soft cloth to have a smooth and dust-free surface.

Step 2: Dry the surface. Static Cling Signs need a dry surface for perfect installation.

Step 3: Remove the protective layer of the Clear Static Cling.

Step 4: Apply your Static Cling on the window and fix it with a squeegee or if you don’t have any, you can use a plastic card.

Step 5: Move the squeegee from the center to the edges of the Cling to get rid of all air bubbles. And you’re done.

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