Roll Up Banners

Roll Up Banners

Effective type of advertising - ideal for special event and tradeshow booth promotions. Portable, easy-to-setup-and-down Fail-safe banners with built-in graphics

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Retractable Banners are easy to open and display. To set up the whole banner, you will need 1-3 minutes.


Step 1: Take out the banner from the carry bag and swing out the stabilizing feet.

Step 2: Snap together the pole parts to one still pole.

Step 3: Hook the slot of the banner to the support pole’s head, slowly pull the banner up.

Step 4: Insert the support pole into the hole in the base. Just simple as that!


Step 3: Slide the pole through the bottom hole.

Step 4: Put your feet on the legs of the banner to stabilize it.

Step 5: Take the hook at the top metal bar and pull the vinyl graphics out and hook it to the top of the still pole.


Step 1: Pull the hook out and carefully slide it back to the base.

Step 2: Take the pole out and disassemble it and put it back to its protective bag.

Step 3: Pull back the banner legs and put them both to the carry case.

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