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Roll up Banners

Retractable Banners

Effective Advertising Medium - Ideal For Event And Tradeshow Booth Promotions. Portable, Easy-To-Set Up, Fail-Safe Banners With Built-In Graphics

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Retractable Banners

Retractable banners, known as pull-ups or roll-ups, are some of the best products small and large businesses may resort to. They make great promotional tools. Retractable banner signs are transportable, and thus, have proven their popularity during tradeshows and expos. Pull-up signage has many advantageous features which is why they’re in high demand. Here are a few of them:

  • Light
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Large printing surface
  • Stable, durable construction
  • Portable case

Square Signs offers retractable banners with custom graphics. We provide free shipping for orders over $80 all across the US and Canada, although some limitations may apply to specific items and sizes.

Roll-up banners are frequently confused with pop-up banners as well. If you need products larger than roll up banners, check our pop-up displays. Find more similar items in our comparison section in the last part of this page.

Types of Pull-Up Banners

Roll-up signage comes in variants which are effective during different occasions. Each variant serves a specific set of purposes. They may differ by structure but you can be certain that they’re all top quality media.

 Single-sided and double-sided types of retractable banners

Standard Retractable Banners

A regular pull-up banner stand is a signage medium that consists of a single display The visuals are imprinted on one side of that display, and the other remains blank. This version comes in three measurements: 33”x78”, 45”x78” and 57”x78”. The mentioned measurements are only for the banners and exclude the base height. The structure has stability legs to ensure that your stand won’t tip over.

This variant is perfect as a centerpiece, and it’s guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone who lays eyes on it. Set it up in front of the wall or in the storefront to effectively convey your message.

Double-Sided Retractable Banners

We also make double-sided pull-up banners to provide even more exposure. This variant consists of the mechanism and two banners set up in opposite directions. Currently, we only provide this variant with the small banner. One benefit this version presents is a wide base which can hold itself up without stability legs.

The two banners can depict a single or even different designs. Contact our support team should you need various designs shown.

Double-sided roll-up banners are ideal for advertising new products in your shop or representing your business at an expo. They occupy a small space on the ground but their two large displays convey your desired message perfectly.

Roll-Up Banners by Usage

Retractable banners are multipurpose. Due to the fact that they’re portable and simple to install, they’re a highly in-demand option for temporary usage. Their lifespan is also long enough for you to to use one construction for years both indoors and outdoors, while only replacing the vinyls. Read about the widely used applications of roll-up banners below.

Event Retractable Banners

When participating in expos, conferences, or trade shows, pull-up banners will surely enhance your booth’s professionalism. Use the double-sided version or a combination of multiple banners to benefit from increased printing surface.

Retractable pull-up banners are easy to move in their carrying bags. You can take them anywhere thanks to their portability. Put the retractable roll-up banner stand to use again and again by simply changing the prints.

Sale and Promotion Retractable Banners

Promote your range effectively during seasonal sales and all year round. Retractable banners grant you a big surface to present large, catchy images that attract prospects.

Retractable banner displays are simple to put up. Installation will take no time at all, preventing the disruption of your workflow. You can pack them in their bags until another opportunity arises to put them up again.

Informational Retractable Banners

A retractable banner stand, through its large printing surface, grants you an opportunity to communicate long messages. Be it safety guidelines or regular operations-related info, your staff and customers will certainly notice these signs.

They’re applied in hospitals, educational institutions and malls in addition to other places. You don’t need to worry about carrying your retractable banner display from one part in the venue to another since they’re easily repositioned.

Pull-Up Banner Sizes

Retractable banners are manufactured in three sets of measurements. All three options are 78” long. It’s worth mentioning that the rod may be shrunk to any length in the 34"-78" range. The alternatives we manufacture vary in width.

Here are the roll-up banner size options we offer at this time.

 Retractable banner sizes compared to a 5’9” man height

Small Roll-Up Banners

This option is 33” wide which grants you sufficient space to include images and text. This width can be ordered as a one-sided or double-sided variant. The one and double-sided variant bases have two and one stability legs respectively. The latter makes for a flawless appearance.

The products’ footprints are 34"x13.5" and 34.25"x22.5" for the single-sided and the double-sided variants.

Medium Roll-Up Banners

45” wide, medium-sized roll-up banners provide even more space to convey your message and reach your objectives. These measurements can only be applied to regular displays. It has stability legs to ensure better positioning. The structure’s footprint is 48"x13.5".

Large Roll-Up Banners

The widest retractable banners in our line-up span a width 57”. This gives you plenty of space to showcase large images, long texts and captivating visuals. With stability legs deployed, you can be confident that your display won’t fall over. Our large pull-up banner’s footprint measures 59"x13.5".

The More You Buy, The More You Save

We offer discounts when you order more than one piece of a certain product, and this applies to retractable banners just as well. Take advantage of bulk order sales starting from 7% up to 29%. Here’s a list which contains the discount rates, total, and price per item.

Keep in mind that the prices are for regular pull-up banners. Prices for two-sided variants vary immensely.

Number of Pieces


Price of Each

Total Price







2 pcs

7% OFF







7 pcs

11% OFF





$1053.50 $1183.70

$1523.13 $1711.36

20 pcs

17% OFF




$2022.60 $2436.80


$4058.40 $4889.60

50 pcs

22% OFF







100 pcs

26% OFF







500 pcs

29% OFF



$173.58 $244.48




Retractable Banner Printing and Material

We use printers with a UV curing system. During the roll-up banner printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays, rendering them UV resistant.

The base is a robust, corrosion and abrasion-resistant anodized aluminum.

The banner is top quality 0.02” thick vinyl. It comes in white, however, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted in your pull-up banner printing.

Pull-Up Banner Design

Bring the designs for your retractable banners to life through our design tool. Create your graphics from scratch using our design elements, add texts in several fonts and use the backgrounds we offer to create the perfect roll-up banner design.

You can upload your own image to our tool as well and place your order right away. You can also use one of our sign templates free of charge and customize it to your liking.

Design options for customizable roll-up banners

Retractable Banners’ Assembly

You can assemble yourroll-up banners in a matter of just minutes. Find a flat surface to minimize the risk of your display being knocked down. For a smooth setup, please abide by following instructions.

  • Attach the vertical rod to the base and adjust the length.
  • Stabilize the construction by deploying the supporting feet.
  • Pull the banner upwards from the base and fix it to the top of the rod.

Replaceable Graphics for Roll-Up Banner Stand

Retractable banners are pocket-friendly since you have the chance to benefit from the construction repeatedly and switch out the visuals when necessary. The replacement process is fairly simple, but you should still follow certain guidelines. Find detailed steps on this product’s installation page.

Order replacement visuals for this product through its page so we send them with double tape for easier installation. The process will be quick given that you needn’t do much besides choose a size from those available and deselect the roll up stand option. This will lead to prices changing for all three measurements.

Comparison of Similar Products

See which products are similar to retractable banners and decide which one meets your needs better. Kindly keep in mind that the prices stated are those of the default options only. Extra features may increase the prices.


Retractable banners

Telescopic Banners

X-Stand Banners

Vinyl Banners

Fabric Banners


33”x78”, 45”x78”, 57”x78”

96"x96", 120”x96"

24"x63", 32"x72”

Custom, 12”x12” - 120"x1680”

Custom, 12”x12” - 115"x1680”


$121.84, $169.10, $244.48

$311.93, $375.49

$83.18, $99.51

$13.42 - $3088.21

$ 24.99 - $ 4981.99

Banner Material






Banner Thickness







What is a retractable banner?

Retractable banners are self-supportive displays. Their graphics are placed inside an anodized aluminum base consisting of a spring-loaded mechanism. They’re easy to set up and attract traffic thanks to how massive they are. The visuals are stored in the structure to prevent damage. Its light weight and portability make it desirable for presentations and other similar events.

How are retractable banners typically used?

Retractable stands are multipurpose; used in corporate settings, educational institutions, galas, shopping malls, reception areas, and for promotions. They’re suitable for businesses, individuals, media or charity events. Institutions such as museums, restaurants and many other establishments can easily utilize these easy-to-transport products for their business needs as well.

Can your pull-up banners be placed outdoors?

Yes! The vinyl graphics are digitally and full-color printed using top-quality UV inks. After UV curing, the print becomes sun-resistant. We offer long-lasting retractable banners that will withstand any weather phenomena. However, we advise you to avoid placing roll-up signs outdoors under windy conditions.

How to set up retractable banners?

Assembling free-standing displays is pretty straightforward. First, remove the components from the bag. Next, assemble them and extract the display from the structure. For more detailed instructions, follow our step-by-step installation guide in our installation section.

How to maintain retractable banners?

Pull-up banners are pretty low-maintenance. Wiping dust off the face with a smooth cloth is sufficient. In dirtier locations, use a damp cloth to remove stains.

If I already own a roll-up banner, can I only purchase a display and replace it?

Yes. Reusability is a top feature of custom roll-up banners. Keep the old structure and replace the vinyl. This will save you money and let you reuse the same frame on multiple occasions.

Do you provide shipping?

We ship across the USA and Canada. It’s free of charge for orders exceeding $80, but certain restrictions may apply based on product and size.

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