Perforated Window Decals

Perforated Window Decals

Advertise your store, products, services on the window without blocking the view from the inside - make your message visible to passersby without sacrificing your privacy

Standard Size:
Custom Size

Price Total:

Specifications of Perforated Window Decals



Common Sizes:

12” x 6”, 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, can be customized




Wet or dry mounting with a Squeegee

Min. Sign size:

6" x 6"


Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Max. Sign size:

52" x 1680"

Usage outdoors:

5+ years depending on weather conditions

Where to use Perforated Window Decals?

Perforated Decals are the most popular decals used for car window business promotions. Perforated Decals work perfect on glass materials so they are an ideal advertising tool for all the businesses that have windows or glass doors ֊ stores, beauty salons, agencies, different kinds of offices and of course cars. They can even substitute car window tints at the same time advertising your business.

What material are Perforated Decals made of?

Perforated Decals are made of adhesive vinyl material. Unlike clear (link) and Frosted Decals these decals have tiny holes that provide one-way visibility. So if you want to cover your windows so that you still could see outside, this option is what you need. These see-through decals can be equally used both inside and outside without being harmed from different weather conditions.

Will my Perforated Window Decal damage my window where it is applied?

No. Our Perforated Window Decals are highly adhesive yet when peeled off may leave residue behind them. Keeping the decals on a heat, will cause hassle-free removal and no damage to the window surface.

Can I remove and reapply my Perforated Window Decals?

Perforated Decals stick well to the surface and lose their high adhesive power after removing. They are mostly used for permanent applications, and once removed there is certainly no use of them.  

How can I remove my Perforated Window Decals?

You can remove your see-through decal by peeling a little part off of the decal from edge with a sharp object that won’t harm the window. The rest you can heat up with hair blower and something else, and it will easily peel off. Clean the remains of the residue with a soapy water or an alcohol for a faster and better results.

What is the lifespan of Perforated Window Decals?

For indoor usages 5+ and for outdoor usages up to 5 years is the lifespan of our Perforated Decals. This depends mainly on the weather conditions where the decals are applied and also the care taken. Frequent washings and touches may become a reason for early damage of the decals. With proper maintenance be sure to have your Decals years to go.

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